Monday, June 28, 2010

Schools out for Summer!!!

(or they’re aint no cure for the summertime blues!!)


I’m rockin a bit of a white trash look today..since I don’t feel the need to be all dressed up like..


And if I’m a tad annoyed it prolly because I DO NOT GET ANY SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!!


Credits: Skin by L.Fauna Lapine pale1 Morphine, Hair by Exile Kinsey (harlow) {R}, Gingham Dress by BP (dark blue), Yummy Floral Dangle Earrings (silver),Tight by Rotton Toe Plain Moth Stocking(tinted), Shoes by Sand and surf Co.Nantucket Spectators (navy), Tattoo by Dreams* Become {R},All Poses Everglow, pics shot at Pando.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Because it’s Kyoot!!


Whenever life takes a turn to something new, I find myself changing many things in my day to day routines and this tends to affect my SL as well. In my part of the world, people move this time of the year, as soon as the kids are out of school, the moving trucks pull up and large numbers of people are going from one part of the country to another. And so again I have moved in SL. Unlike RL, moving in SL tends to be pretty easy, you need to inform your landlord or estate owner (or sell your property), get all your stuff from the original location, place it in your inventory, make your move, buy your new land….in my case I moved into larger digs on the estate, and voila!


The fun begins when you start decorating. I live in a post apocalyptic sim, which surprisingly gives a lot of leeway with the designs, the only thing you can’t have is a place too neat and tidy or trendy. This kind of sim invites a lot of creativity, there are a lot of bunkers, towers, ramshackle buildings, pretty well anything that would survive a disaster or exist in a desert environment will do. I have been putting together a collection of rustic dwellings, bone piles, windmill and water storage, weird trees etc.which is appropriate to an area called the Fissure!


I bought many of my stuffs, at Botanical Straylight, buildings (windmills etc.) from an interesting builder specializing in rustica…called Never You Mind. (interesting and versatile) bones on XStreet, LC Sculpts,and other items out and about at various stores specializing in all things dystopian. People might wonder why a fashion blogger would pick this sort of place as the inhabitants tend towards the odd and malformed variety but I have found it a perfect contrariness to always trying to get things right. Mainly because the opposite is true here… I tend to build my skyboxes myself and am looking forward to moving on to a texture search…


I have been dressing fairly casual of late and my looks today reflect that. Clothing from the sale at Kyoot, hair Lamb and fashionably dead, skin the gorgeous and beautiful new skin from Tuli Asturias (I love the make ups and eyes), boots shiny things and UBU (some of my most worn shoes are from here). New Tatts from HUZ and earrings from LC, Dreams belly rings. I have to say that I am missing blogging a great deal but know that as I adjust, I will find my way back here as well.

Credits: 1&2 – Skin by Tuli Jade Tone 2 10c glow eyes {R}, Outfit Kyoot Tiny Collar cropped Jacket, Zipper Cords (dark gray), Belt (on all) CoCo group gift, (fd) Messy Bessy (salt), Shoes UBU pornstars low-tops, Dreams Gothic Cross belly rings {R},  Huz Tatts Kanji reborn (black). 2&3 - Skin by Tuli Jade Tone 2 4C eyes honey {R}, Outfit Kyoot Laced Top Knit, Nonsensical Pants (argyle or something), Shiny Things Ginger Boots (oil) {R}, Hair Lamb Lost (powder)LC pierced Heart Earring {R}, Sanu Sticky Notes {R}.Poses by Everglow. If you need help finding any of these stores, send me an IM or note and I’ll do my best to steer you in the right direction.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Knock, Knock!!

A knock sounds at the front door and the kettle is boiling….

I wrote my first post in this blog September 24th, 2008. At the time I blogged solely for myself. Through the next year and a half I  honed my skills, learned a great deal about shooting pics on location, reviewing for designers, attending sales and so many things I could never mention them all. I have gone to fashion shows, multiple fairs and had the privilege to meet and talk to a whole host of talented people. I have seen my share of drama but rarely commented on it and generally gotten more out of blogging than I have put into it. I have learned about editing my work, writing and even the fact that you don’t need very expensive programs to be creative within SL.

I started to learn the process which designers use to create clothes, skins and other items for sale within this virtual world. Second Life can be an all consuming passion, and while I blogged I realized that the demands of this world cannot supersede real life concerns.  I knew one day, real life might come calling and I wondered how I would respond to it. I have seen many farewell posts from people too busy to blog, design or be in SL any more. I have always felt sad about this but hopeful as well, as one chapter ends, a new and exciting chapter can begin.

Therefore this is not a farewell post. I am not going anywhere but it is with some regret that I must set aside the review side of blogging, at least for a while. This is not for any reasons of discontent or dislike for the process. On the contrary, if my skills as a blogger have improved I hold reviewing in large part responsible. This type of blogging requires one to be self disciplined, organized and creative. I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging skins, reviewing fairs and trying new looks which maybe aren’t my style but challenge my views. A very wise designer once said to me “ Don’t ever feel you have to blog an item or apologize for being late..” That’s not me I’m afraid. I value the relationships I have built in SL, with our designers too much,to continue to receive items gratis if I cannot promise that I will be able to blog them. Now that I am working full time and spending the rest of my time taking care of my family, I do not have the energy to put in the hours that my style of blogging requires.

I love blogging too much to say goodbye and for me it is something totally mine, a little bit of sanity in a sometimes insane world. I don’t know what the future will bring, I like to think that there is always something new to learn and that moving out of one’s comfort zone can be a very good thing. At the same time …SL and blogging is my cup of tea.

A knock sounds at the front door and the kettle is boiling….