Monday, November 22, 2010

Don’t Look Back..


Because of time restrictions, I have been to a large part absent from the Blogging community for the last couple of months. I have shopped on the run, blogged on the run, and basically taken only a passing notice of thing that have been happening. I have noticed a number of changes; some wonderful new bloggers and reviewers, economy making it difficult on our creators with many closing up shop, viewers to a large part 2.2 (viewer drama I did take notice..), A number of alternate virtual worlds garnering notice, INWORLDZ and Blue Mars, just to name a few (I did check out BM at the beginning..), both of which I am planning on making a trip to see. Also a number of creators are opening shops in some of these worlds… Now that I have more time again, I am going to be responding where the winds blow me….


I do miss interacting with many of the creators, builders and bloggers whose work I admire. I still find myself a big fan of the people whose blogs sparked my interest in the first place. I haven’t had time for challenges, or skin reviews (I really miss those!) but I will continue to seek out great builds, and try my hand at learning to make more stuffs!!


One of the Bloggers whose work pulled me into the blogging community is Casja Lillihook. Teamed with Gidge Uriza, their blog, It’s only fashion has always offered a human face to the fashion world. Casja is a smart classy lady who has always managed to speak with intelligence, restraint and grace. I may not have a Mad doctor to send you but I am offering all the best vibes, and prayers for your speedy recovery!


Credits: Skin Ugly Duck Lai Gothic, [Gos] Platform Pump, Orinthia Puro Earrings, necklace, Miamai Never Hair Steelgray + Head jewel, wool skirt mini black, Plastik Tayla Souless Eyes {R}, soul Ink – Compendium master Face Tattoo {R}.

Shot @ Selenium Pulse, Second Dream. Poses a mix of Canydoll, >A&A<, and Dieselworks.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks GIMP!!!!


I have been a GIMP user since May 6th 2009. To say that it took quite a while before the program became fairly intuitive would be an understatement. I am glad I stuck with it because I can say that this little program, for all that it is open source and free is almost as good as photoshop. I can say this also because I finally am using photoshop and my transition into using it has been eased by what I learned from the GIMP program. I switched because GIMP doesn’t have quite as many features (no liquify…) I also wanted to learn Illustrator and InDesign which is part of the CS5 Design Suite. And I got tired of trying to translate the PS tutorials into GIMPspeak. I never learned how to expand the GIMP brushes but I did access a huge array of PS style plugins and scripts which have been translated for GIMP.


GIMP was designed initially because there were no powerful Photo editing programs like PS available which worked on LINEX operating systems. It also works on MAC and Windows. Many of the features are the same in GIMP and PS, like the use of layering, ability to use many file formats, colour RGB, Filters etc. (You can even put PS files into GIMP, .XCF is the layered format for GIMPers). It is rather funny because I am still at the point where I am figuring out where everything is in PS and playing with the features. If you have hesitated buying PS because of the price or because you aren’t sure it would work for you, then I highly recommend GIMP. I also can say that you can use it for more than just photo editing and pictures. You can use GIMP to make stuff for SL.The eyes I have been wearing for the last 6 months were made in GIMP by myself. So while I’m still in the whatthehell whereisthatfeature in PS, I thought I’d take a moment and say Thanks GIMP!!!

Credits: Flower Dress by Oyakin Narcissis, Skin Fashionably Dead Essential, Hair Surf Couture Del Mar. Shot in skybox from Nordari, min poegin, Wine and Roses Floral wall Decal set {R}.

You can find GIMP for Download here.