Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years! - Week 16

I took a quiet moment between all the parties in SL, the Rockin' NYE, and Family attend Cypress Rosewood's Concert in Shae Cognitum, his lovely Ambient stylings left me thinking of all the amazing Talents, Musical, Artistic, and Creative people in SL, we are truly blessed....... Well I'm off to partay!!! See y'all tomorrow!

Credits;Pimp Stick-Purple Diamond with Chrome, Mika Elegant Cigarette, Mika Feather Hat with Veil, Hair, Analog Dog-Mia Sepia, I gems-Vintage Beads Black Satin, CK Lolly Toe Heel, Redgrave - Moon Skin, Gracia Eyes, AE - A taste of Adam & Eve Plum nails, Dress - Bijou;Moonlight Amethyst.


May peace fill all the empty spaces around you And in you, may contentment answer all your wishes. May comfort be yours, warm and soft like a sigh. And may the coming year show you that every day is really a first day, a new year. Let abundance be your constant companion, so that you have much to share. May mirth be near you always, like a lamp shining brightly on the many paths you travel. May you be true love.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Week 15 - Happy Holidays!

May You Walk Among the Stars of Morning

ay you walk among the stars of morning,

Eden waiting silent for the dawn,
Ready to unravel without warning,
Restless with the urge to be reborn.
Years of longing pale into beauty;

Christmas is a never-realized dream.
However much devoted to your duty,
Remember that the flow is not the stream.
In my heart you wear a crown of glory
So radiant that time must turn away.
The vision rises from the untold story
More lovely than what sees the light of day.
As you can never know just who you are,
So let my love become your eastern star.

Dimitri Shostakovich
Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

As another year draws to a close, I wish to thank all the Creators, Scripters, Business owners, Bloggers , Plurkers, Elves, Dragons, Models, DJ's, Builders, Musicians, Hosts and Hostesses, Mentors,Teachers, Shoppers, Surfers, Diva's, Podcasters, Machinima People, Photographers, Animators, Writers, Dancers, Vampires, Werewolves, Lindens, Owners of Cool Sims, Tinies, Political Activists, Non-profits, Real Life Businesses, Star Wars Enthusiasts, Hobbits, Anyone who Roleplays, Terraformers, Space Geeks, Cyberpeople, Government Representatives, Drama Queens, Gender Benders, Couples, Loners, Newbies, Furries, Pole Dancers, Fetishists, Animals, Monsters, Child Avatars and Babies, Designers, Nekos, Mer-People, Pixies&Fairies, Angels&Devils, Blingtards, Low Characters, Jewellers, Gardeners, Fauns&Satyrs, Plane, Car, Skateboard&Sailing Enthusiasts, Shakespearean Actors, Artists, Lagmeisters, Wizards&Witches, Dolls, Robots, Slightly Overweight Middleaged Women, Ruth and anyone I missed........for making SL with all it's flaws a great place to do pretty well anything one can imagine!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Fesivus, Winter Solstice, Noob Day, and the Festival of the birth of the Unconquered Sun!

Credits; Skin - Redgrave, Angel Outfit - B@R, Hair - Kin, Boots - First Flower,
Shot at the Lost Gardens of Apollo.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Y.T stands for Yours Truely...Week 14

How Shelby Rasmuson got very Anal with the literature Challenge...

I have to admit it, when I read about Teagan Blackthorn's Literature Challenge I was rubbing my hands together with glee...

Let me introduce you to Y.T a Truely memorable character from the Book Snow Crash (yes that book..) by Neal Stephenson. She's a 15 year old Valley Girl, who works for RadiKS as a Sk8R Chick delivery girl, surfing the highways and byways of the L.A. freeway in a country that is no longer the United States. She poons a lift on the bimboboxes as she travels through the burbclaves of the City till one day when she literally collides with Hiro Protagonist, geek hacker involved with the development of the Metaverse..who delivers pizza for Uncle Enzo's Cosa Nostra Pizza. Lets just say that things quickly get out of hand with Y.T. and Hiro getting caught up with events which cross the barriers of Reality, the Metaverse and weird Mesopotamic Viruses.

Y.T is never described in terms of height, weight, Hair etc. But what I was able to glean from the book is more about what she wears; RadiK Knight Visions, Mark II Smartwheels, Coverall in Dynamic Blue and Orange(which is padded for protection), with pockets and lots of doodadds, A Barcode, no helmet (as she is airbag protected) and Kourier Gloves. Finding all this stuff in the ah...Metaverse was, well interesting to say the least. I have never really been into the cyberpunk look in SL so I found myself travelling to a lot of spots trying to fit the clothes to the character.
The Board or Plank (per Y.T.) I eventually found at Simboarder World where you can buy a Skate/snowboard which does multiple tricks, flies and is paintable. This Sim has everything a Sk8R would need to get started, with clubs, practice areas and shops.

Pics were shot in The Wastelands (reminds one of Terminal Island in the book.) Simboarder world, Welsh Lakes, Creamshop and Tesla. It is important to shoot in an area that allows rezzing and scripts (Creamshop does not.)

Credits; All Skin-Redgrave Julia, Eyes Gracia Redgrave, All Hair-Kin, Mairi, Coverall B@R Skeleton Harness, FS4.4 Simboard wth Bubbles paint job, Gritty Kitty Art Crime Bag, Various Belts; Torvalds Forge-Slavers belt, Blitzed DB belt, Various Goggles; BroGear-Mirage dark Circular Goggles, Bounce Cyber headset,Cyberpunk Goggles, Boots Ravenwear combat Skull, Re.act- Flash Headphones Lit..Barcode Neck Tattoo by popfuzz,Talisman Venom Black Choker,Poses by Striking Poses..(finito..)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the BareRose-Week 13

Part2 of the Bare Rose Challenge

There probably is no other store in SL which has such a sheer variety of Clothing styles at very affordable prices. I am showing some of the other outfits I purchased as a result of Winter Jefferson's B@R challenge. This store defies labelling because although I tend to buy the crazy Fantasy Costumes, the store also offers some lovely dresses, fall outfits and coats/sweaters. There is a large array of Winter/Christmas wear as well as hair and boots.

I have to admit the fact that, although I am mostly an Elf in SL, I like to wear a lot of Black. Black fits into most shooting situations, and is easy to accessorize. It's no surprise then that I fell in love with Kaara, a beautiful Gothic Lolita Dress with feathers. There are a few color options with it, like red piping on the top and it can be mixed and matched with other costumes. The Hair was from Jolie Femme and the shorter look matched perfectly. The Pics was shot in Silent Sparrow Sim.

The Second Outfit is a Paladin Knight Costume called Mystic Lady. I wore all white but I also received Blue, Black and Brown cloaks. The boots I bought at First Flower, and I have to say that white is not the most common colour in a boot. The Hair is from ::69:: and when shooting this pic getting the hair right was difficult. The clothes did come with short black hair. I think that this outfit will go well in some of the Elvish events I sometimes attend (as well as roleplay and Costume events). The Pic was shot in Winter at Fruit Islands.

Pic1-Skin-Redgrave/Moon/Black, Eyes-Redgrave/Gracia, Hair- Jolie Femme/Collette/Dark copper, Dress-B@R,Kaara, Boots-L&E/Eliabeth lace up ankle boots/coal.

Pic2 - Skin-Redgrave/Moon/Ice, Eyes-Redgrave/Gracia, Hair-69/Hug Me/Reddishbrown, Costume-B@R, Mystic Lady/White, Boots-First Flower/Witch Hazel/White Frost.
Poses by LAP, Striking poses, Reel Expression.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rosebud and a Bare Rose - Week 12

In response to Winter Jefferson's Plurk/Blogger Challenge I thought I'd go all Christmassy on you and bring you a Gothic Christmas Reindeer.

I love the clothes in Bare Rose and everyone seems to have memories of arriving here during their noobish days and being blown away by the sheer size, quantity and craziness of the place. The lag is terrible (even if you have a fairly fast computer)and I remember getting a whopping headache and vowing never to return.But I had to go back last Halloween when I was just not overly impressed by the amount of Sexy Witch costumes out there. Arriving I was like a kid in a candy store, found the outfit (which I covered here) vowing to come back this time with money.So Winters challenge was Good timing! I bought a couple of really cool outfits but am showing you only one today owing to the fact that I may not get online again for a couple of days. One of my criteria for buying anything is that I must feel I will wear it again and this little number is going to be at quite a few Christmas parties!

What I'm wearing - Hair-[rQ]Coy-noir&red, Skin-Redgrave, Pale, Moon Blk, Shoes Maitreya Verve Blk, Eyes Gracia Bright Blue, Redgrave, B@R Raindraa outfit, red,
Poses LAP.

Serenity from B@R has mentioned that there is a Website which has listings of all their clothes, Info and even teleports to the outfits section!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Location, Location, Location - Week 12

I love shooting on Location, in RL and in SL. The advantage of SL is that there is a whole world at your fingertips and you don't have to get on a plane or spend a fortune to get there. Scouting out locations involves being aware of what's out there but this can be hard in a world that is constantly changing. Being aware involves exploring, saving landmarks, checking out sites like Flickr, Koinup, and SL Travel blogs.

Here are two amazing builds which show great artistry and are well worth a visit even if you are not into photography. It is always wise when shooting, to try to match the clothes, accessories and location to the flavour you are trying to express.

Cu Mara is a winter themed Sim which captures the beauty and magic of the season.

GolGothica is a RP Sim, still under construction which would appeal to anyone attracted to RP Dark Fantasy experience.
Both of these Sims embody what I love about SL, Creativity, a unique vision, and unbridled imagination!

Pic1 (shot in GolGothica) same as 3
Pic2 (shot in Cu Mara) Skin Redgrave Moon ice, Dress Ivalde - Dis Black Gown, Shoes Kookie Natasha Noir, Beads iGems, Vintage beads-Black Satin, Eyes Redgrave Gracia bright blue
Pic3 (shot in GolGothica) Skin Redgrave Moon Black,Horns - Hexed Alt. Sinner Horns, Dress Ivalde-Hetty black Lace Dress,Boots-[LP] Hya Boots Night-Cloven,Hair-Tossmearound (was free)DBS.

Also worn Mirada SmartHUD avatar fx (rain effect), Poses LAP, Reel Exression