Thursday, February 25, 2010



What better way to show off the new Lingerie from 5th&Oxford, than to pair them with the new skins, Brooke? Brooke is available in 5 different make-ups, each with their own personality. I have included my favourites, each gorgeous in their own way. You may have noticed some of these in some of my posts. Nightfall has great Smokey  eyes and dramatic lips. Rebel/Rebel’s eyes are strong but masterfully shaded with strong lips. Kitty has cat eyes and I love the freckles. Natural and Subtle are more low key, letting the shading and tone speak. Like all skins by Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot, they photograph beautifully and have quality all their own.

The new Lingerie, The Tease comes in brilliant colours and  numerous options. As Lingerie, these pieces work very well, and they are designed in such a way that they can be paired with different outfits, shirts etc. The gloves alone come in 3 lengths so they can be added to different looks. I can see the underbust corset being lovely paired with a shirt and bra or corset also. The basic lingerie set comes with bra, panties and garters and a pair of stockings that are nude and matched to the colour. In one of the pics I used a pair of stockings from another set and they worked too. It’s important to note that all of the Tease items are available in copy/mod and trans versions, so you can also gift them.


I have included a new piercing set by Aydan Darcy of HoD. The three textures come with male and female versions. A note about the picture below…. I TP in clothed, found a quiet spot, shot the pic and hightailed it out of there asap. Some nudest I’d make…


Whenever I blog new items I usually try to find a sim which follows the theme of the clothes I am wearing. This is why I took myself over to Insilico, which if you’ve ever been there is/was a gritty nightime futuristic city. Well, no more. Insilico it seems has been invaded, razed to the ground and under construction. I am interested to see what will rise. pics 1&4 were taken in Insilico. Pics 2&3 were taken in Pteron.

Clothing 5th & Oxford, The Tease – 6 colours – Sapphire, Cerise, Amethyst, Ruby, Onyx, Emerald. Corset 120L, Underbust Corset 120L, Lingerie (bra, panties, garter, garter panty, stockings in nude and colour) 180L, Gloves (3 lengths) (mod/copy or trans) {R}, Bax Coen Ankle Boots (black patent), Jewellery HoD Knock Out Piercing (graphite) 119L {R}.

Skins - 5th & Oxford – Brooke – 3 Tones Fair, Medium, Tan. 5 Make – ups Subtle, Rebel/Rebel, Nightfall, Natural, Kitty (6 variations/3 tones/18 choices per make-up). 600L/skin. Hair Junwave Marie fatpack (sale).

Monday, February 22, 2010

La Maison de la Couture

Rajae Diavolo of La Maison de la Couture makes clothing that tends to follow a theme. This outfit is very tropical so naturally, in my quest to find places in sl which match the clothes, I found myself in Polynesia.


All of the pieces are part of one outfit which can be mixed and matched according to taste. Needles to say, this may be a response to cabin fever but I seem to be encountering eyes everywhere I go!!


The earrings and shoes are from G Field, matching the theme perfectly, and were reasonably priced at 150L. The hair is one of my favourites from Zero Style. Skin is Gwen from Dutch Touch and I added the glow Studio eyeliner.


Credits: Outfit from Maison de la Couture Lime with blue Tropic (includes 2 pairs of pants, 2 skirts and 2 tops) 600L {R}, Hair Zero Style Emma (golden wheat), Skin Dutch Touch Gwen (cream) Fluor Lips, Lashes glow Studio Vingue eyelinerB, Shoes and Earrings *G Field TStrap sandal Citrus (lime), Eyes Exodi Vetro (green). Poses used from Diesel Works and LAP. Pictures taken @ Polynesia.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two Fish..

 Two Fish,  Cariacou is the unlikely name of this intriguing sim. Vive VooM and Rose Borchovski are the fertile minds behind this growing Art Landscape. It is by no means finished but what I’ve seen of it is full of creative energy and eyeballs!! I’ve often imagined what I could do if I had a whole sim to build on and play with….the possibilities are endless. Seeing this kind of creativity is one of my favourite things about SL. I just can’t imagine this anywhere else.
This lovely dress is courtesy of La Maison De La Couture. I must admit that it has been in my inventory for a while, it is easy to get backlogged with items to blog. I will also have some new spring items by Rajae Diavolo, of La Maison De La Couture to show you in a little while. The dress was a gift from the “Spanish Lullaby” series of clothing, inspired by the design and spirit of Spain. Most outfits come with a number of pieces which allow for several different looks.
Credits: dress La Maison de La Couture Spanish Lullaby Spanish Power2 {R}, Skin Dutch Touch Sjors Snow (cream), Eyes Curio Tragic Watercolour {R}, Flower Bliensen + Maitai Ghostflower Subscriber gift, Hair I Love Olive Milla (black) 170L per colour pack {R}. Poses by Flowey.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Don’t go into the woods..


Walking into Bentham forest you walk into a fairy tale, with light streaming down, strange paths and haunting sights like an illustration by Brian Froud. Careful where you walk, you may just wake something up…..


This utterly sweet look is courtesy of Aikea Rieko of the Plastik. The Ellantha dresses come with various options for the top and skirt and all of the pieces work very well together. And there is a very good reason why Curio skins have such a loyal following, details are exquisite. You may notice in the top right picture that I am wearing one of the new Luck Inc. breast enhancers for Curio skins…


This hair is another one of my finds from W&Y, the bow was perfect for this dress and is texture change. The lovely lip rings and collar are from Dreams and lip rings have a number of different charms to choose from. The collar was a gift from the I<3 originals Fair.


Credits: Dresses The Plastik Ellantha – Black, Violet Vaudeville, Leather, Risen from the flames (many textures available with mix and match styles, prim skirts) 399L {R}, Hair W&Y 5 TypeB, Dreams Gothic Cross Lip rings set 75L {R} (different charms to choose from, colour change), Cloud Buckle Collar, Den-Dou Eyes (midnight blue), Skin Curio Cupid Allure (petal), Shoes Kalnins Sonata (with hud and tex change), Luck Inc. breast enhancer for Curio petal dark. Pics shot @ Bentham Forest.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Save Haven


This new dress Rhapsody, by Delora Starbrook of Haven Designs is something of a departure from her usual line of silks and lingerie. I have always enjoyed the quality of her work and I love the design of this one. Extremely versatile, it works with fantasy, goth, steampunk and dress up. Besides black the dress comes in 6 lovely colours.


Scanning the feeds a few days ago I noticed that Waka & Yuki, had opened up a new mainstore, and meaning to visit for a while, I took a trip only to find that there were goodies!! There is a dollarbie, and also was a secret sale with 10 free hairs throughout the store. I say “was” because the sale is apparently over. The store is large and easy to navigate and there is a huge range of styles within, with everything from hair that would fit a child avie to high fashion. Hair is regularly priced at 200L for 4 shades of one colour. Haus of Darcy has a cute new set called Hopeful and Hopeless with necklace and piercing. Hair Corsage is by Atomic Bambi and is colour change (12 colours) and though Valentines is over, this accessory I could see wearing for many occasions, (plus I love flowers). The skin is Curio’s Cupid, which I added a tear from glow Studio. Although I don’t wear Curio as my main skin I love these skins for anything fantasy…


Credits: Dress Haven Designs Rhapsody (black) 500L {R}, Hair W&Y New 16 type A, HoD Hopeless and Hopeful Necklace & Piercing 219L (full set of blk&white) {R}, Hair Corsage AtomicBambi Amour 150L {R}, Skin Curio Cupid Petal (allure), Glow Studio Smudged Tear, Eyes Den-Dou, Shoes Anexx Vaudevillian. Pics taken @ Intemporel Arkham.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Trubble in London

I have been to a number of weddings over the years and while the bride and groom have changed (and so often divorced), and the locations differ, certain things tend to bring about a distinctive sense of deja vu. There will always be a drunk relative who will think they are the worlds best dancer (oh you know who you are!!). There will be a person chosen to make a speech who thinks they are Jay Leno, but isn’t. The Bride will be stressed to the max about the party favours, the groom, seriously thinking of making a mad dash for freedom… and several groups of family and friends who don’t know each other only knowing one of the wedding party, and one or two guests no one knows. At our wedding we had my mother-in-law’s hairdresser!! There is one common denominator in all these events, including my own wedding and every other wedding I have ever been to….My feet.
My feet don’t like weddings. They don’t like high heels. In SL I can manage because soreness doesn’t come into the equation. But in RL my feet have problems. When there is any kind of event where high heels must be worn, I always bring a backup. Running shoes or flats I bring to wear in the car, in between the service and the reception (which is often a couple of hours spent at a house or a bar).
When I first saw this dress from Trubble it reminded me of the kind of dress I buy for an event like a wedding, simple, fun and great for dancing (ok maybe I’m that relative …) and these high tops remind me of just the kind of footwear I bring to put on after the formalities … I am not including those crippling shoes that I have shoved away in a box which if I wore them everyday would be responsible for bunions and an operation requiring me to stay off my feet for 3 months…
Credits: Skin 5th&Oxford Brooke Medium Nightfall1 {R}, Dress Trubble Erin (black) {R}, Shoes Duh! Women’s Sneaker Boots (black out), Hair Calico Inman Creations Angie Dirty Blond (burnt), Sweater Coco Cardigan Lace, Tatts HUZ Kanji Sweater, Legs, Earrings Creamshop Glam (black). Poses Glitterati poses. Pics shot @ Mayfair, London.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It’s Complicated!!

Desire  (Lyrics by Ryan Adams)
Two hearts fading, like a flower.
And all this waiting, for the power.
For some answer, to this fire.
Sinking slowly. The water’s higher.
With no secrets. No obsession.
This time I'm speeding with no direction.
Without a reason. What is this fire?
Burning slowly. My one and only.
You know me. You don't mind waiting.
You just can't show me, but God I'm praying,
That you'll find me, and that you'll see me,
That you run and never tire.
Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works passed me along a new couple pose set called “Don’t forget your Valentine”. The set comes with BMX Bike (stationary with poses), wall poses (pose balls, wall has diff textures) and just poseballs (no wall) – 799L (group members get 200L discount) {R}. Poses can and should be adjusted to get proper positioning. Just a note that I took these pictures with two viewers running and though, like everything else in SL, there were issues with the viewers and pictures acting wonky, it was a lot of fun. Qwynne was being snooty about helping so I treated him to a new skin, Thomas (from Beleeza group gift with group join 250L) and clothes from Artilleri. I matched the skin with Alyson (also Belleza), and some items from 50L friday, as well as various others. Qwynne has been rattling his cage lately so I think I should let him out more often.. Pics taken @ the Church of the dirty Masses, Downtown.
Credits: On me – Belleza Alyson (group gift) Med, Eyes Exodi LIM (green), Tattoo Artilleri old School, Vest Schadenfreude (pitch), Boots Anexx Laceup (black), Hair Lamb Sugar (powder wth black roots) 50L fri, Collar & Cuffs Sn@tch the cruel shiny, Pants This is a Fawn plaid leggings (crimson).
Qwynne – Belleza ThomasV2 Sk (group gift), Exodi Darrivale necklace, Eyes Exodi Zbilja (brown), MagiTake Chucker Sneaker (gray), Artilleri Jonas Jeans, Bowling shirt (rocker grey).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kess Kreations

Lately I seem to be traveling a lot in SL and I find myself visiting places on my bucket list…today it’s Venice.


When I first saw this Jewellery set from Kesseret Steeplechase of KessKreations (Jewellery and Wedding Acessories) and Hilarious (Clothing), I was a little baffled as to how I’d show the set to the best advantage. Then I saw her lovely Cocktail dress and I knew a plunging neckline would be perfect. Hair can be a challenge with jewelery as it so often covers the earrings so this cheeky short style from Calico Ingmann Creations is very pretty and worked. I have been planning on buying these boots from J’s for a long time and they add a little funky the look. Beautifully textured and detailed, these boots.


The Set is customizable, with options on the metals, pearls and gems, so it can be matched with a lot of outfits. Pieces are gorgeous with a high degree of detail. I have had a problem in the past with disappearing prims on jewelery and hair. If this is a problem for you follow these steps;
Show “Advanced” menu with Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D (on a Mac), select Debug Settings (near the bottom), in the blank space copy and paste (or type) the word      RenderVolumeLODFactor  - set as high as 4 to make sculpted prims appear as they should.   Then set       RenderMaxNodeSize   -   9001


I am also wearing another skin from the Brooke line from 5th&Oxford, Kitty. I love the freckles on this one! One of the problems when I find an outfit I really am enjoying blogging is that I have to take it off to move onto the next one…


I<3 Originals Fair is here, continuing until February 14th. Pics shot @ Venizia Aria, Prada. Poses from Glitterati Poses.

Credits: Kess Kreations and Miau, Miau Tabitha (pumpkin) Cocktail dress 250L 9available in 6 colours), KessKreations Karen Necklace or Earrings 200L ea (tex change for metals, pearls and gems) (available at the fair) {R}, Skin 5th&Oxford Brooke Medium Kitty6, Boots J’s Western Boots (brown), Eyes Exodi LIM (look into my green), Hair Calico Ingmann Creations Mimi Golden (burnt golden), Magika reale prim eyelashes.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sand & Surf Co.

While walking through the I <3 Originals sim on Saturday, I realized that many of the designers were ones that I enjoy blogging. I thought it would be nice to give them all a little thank you this week by featuring some of their stuffs.


Emma Gilmour of Sand & Surf Co. probably epitomizes to me what is meant by an original. Her work is hand drawn and if ever you wondered what the difference between photo sourced and hand drawn is, then take a look at her jeans. They are just a superb rendering of textures, light and dark, with all the appearance of having been washed multiple times. Then get in close and you notice that everything is drawn by hand! This pose is from Glitterati, one of the second Headshot series.


I am featuring skins this week from 5th & Oxford, and though their stuffs aren’t in the fair, Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot’s skins have always been such an excellent example of skins that though hybrid, still rely on hand drawn quality.


Dark Mouse also has some new stuffs which are featured at the fair. The beach bag is full of detail and perfect for one who doesn’t pack light! The Jewellery set is very pretty, I love the blue-silver combination. And the belt is very well textured and fits over the hips (and I don’t change my shape for anything…face yes but shape no..). In light of a certain win I thought it would be nice to take a walk through N’Orleans. If I ever get there I would think this outfit perfect for strolling down Bourbon Street.


Credits: Outfit - Surf Couture Belmar Skinny jeans (washed out dots), Freedon flops (blue), Love Hoodie tank (white), Skin 5th & Oxford Brooke Tan Subtle6, Exodi LIM Naturale (look into my blue), Hair Simply Britnee Elizabeth (blonde) {R}, Dark Mouse Review Bag – Beach Bag (red), Je t’aime (silver blue-topaz) set, Metallic leather belt (silver). Shot @ Fat Tuesday, New Orleans by Gos. Poses Glitterati. I <3 originals Fair is here and runs until Feb.14th.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I <3 Originals…


Some might say, that there is nothing new. That everything which was will be again, and all ideas are just re-hashes of ideas which were thought of by others back in ancient times. It is ironic then that in imitation often comes innovation, and the new comes from each generations attempt to come to terms with the past.


What then is originality? Why do we grab onto something which is only an idea, a thing, a picture, a thought? What is there about a particular moment who’s time has come? I have often wondered about this. This thing is part of everything we do, our choices, how we live our lives and it seems sometimes that we are judged more harshly for choosing our own path. I have great admiration for the originals of this world, for those who are outstanding in their field because so often they are left standing alone.


It is not for me to tell you what to think. I am not so much of an expert on these matters to even attempt to guide you, because it’s not really what we think that matters, it’s what we do. We lose too much of ourselves to the demands of society, we give away pieces of our soul, to pay our bills, feed our families and find acceptance in this world. So my thoughts right now are this; to be original, just be yourself. Nothing more is needed.

Credits: Pics taken @ THE MOTHER ROAD, Peace Island. Poses used were PEER poses (new store will be opening soon), Roll on the floor. Skin 5th&Oxford Brooke Med natural3, Outfit GlamAffair Vera dress (free gift @ I <3 Originals), Boots Anexx BuckleWedge Boots (black), Eyes Curio (hazel) Tragic {R}, Hair Truth Lulu (driftwood).

The I <3 Originals Fair runs from February 8th –13th. For more info on the Fair and issues involved check out The Artists Voice Website.

Friday, February 5, 2010



Continuing with my earlier post… I am loving this hair from Truth, Danielle. The eyes are from Chai, they have a lighted prim attachment that gives a little bit of soul (called a soul prim).

This new pose set from Diesel Works is very expressive, with fairly complex body movements beautifully rendered. I am still loving Atomic Bambi - Apple’s red lips, perfect for Valentine’s Day (or Anti-Valentine’s). And all the Jewellery from Eolande comes in various metals and has colour change gems. The Glazed Heart set comes with two necklaces, one transfer, perfect for gifting!


There is a cute Candy Heart set in Eolande’s with the Mouth Candy set up as a Gatcha in a vendor. 25L gets you a random (and transferrable) Candy with saying, some nice…and some not so nice! There is also a hunt with bracelets from the sets that I am showing you, as the prize. Below is a very nice Valentine’s set called Heart’s Devotion. If you are wondering, I am laying in a bowl of soup I came across in the Lemondrops Forest. There is a hunt going on at this time..


Credits: All skin Atomic Bambi Apple Sunblush Siren, Eyes Chai Allure (green small pupil). All Poses Diesel Works Piper.

Pic1,2,3-Danielle (Swedish)(&2), Clothes DYN Shakira  Top 150L, Pants Patterned Crop jeans 200L {R}, Necklace Eolande’s Glazed Heart Set (comes with 2 necklaces, one trans for gift giving) 250L {R}, Shoes 2Real Footwear Pro_Spec 600L {R}. Pic3 Mouth Candy Eolande’s Gatcha. 25L (there is also a necklace and earring set 200L) {R}, Pic4- Hair Truth Charlie (Swedish) , Top DYN Bailee Tops (slightly sheer – Lemon) 150L {R}, Necklace Eolande’s Valentines Heart’s Devotion Set 250L {R}. (Bracelet as part of Hunt prize).

She’s a Cutie!!

I have a lot of yummy new things to show you, and because I didn’t want to leave anything out, I’m going to spread it over two posts. I will present new skins from Atomic Bambi, clothing from DYN, jewelery from Eolande, poses from Diesel Works, Truth hair, and shoes from 2Real footwear.


I started with the skins from Atomic Bambi. I have reviewed skins from this brand before, and I wanted to see if these were a new skin or just a re-do of make-ups. I compared the skins with the first skin I reviewed, Lana, which I liked and wanted to see if I preferred these new skins.


The new skins still resemble the Lana skins and the overall personality is still the similar but there are many changes throughout, from the lips, which are fuller to the belly button which is smaller. The eyes are also better shaped and face, which has a soft rosy glow has a smoother texture. There are more highlights through the body and less heaviness in the shadows.  I have to say that I prefer the new Apple skins. With the opening of her new store in La Circque sim, Atomicsparke Skytower is selling a special make-up (La Circque) which comes in the three tones available, Pale, Sunblush and Tan.


There are five make-ups available with a number of options, from no gloss, to glossy, and freckles as well as eyebrow colours. My favourite make-ups were ocean with glossy lips and Siren with no gloss. Atomic Bambi skins still have some of the nicest red lips I have seen. Throughout these posts I am featuring new jeans and tops from DYN, new and nearly new Truth hair (I haven’t been over there for a while and it’s a very busy store), a couple of Jewelery sets from Eolande and a great pair of runners from 2Real footwear. These shoes come with a HUD which makes it possible to customize the colours and they are very realistic. As well I am featuring a new set of poses by Diesel Rogan of Diesel Works, Piper.


Credits:  All Skin - AtomicBambi Apple Tones Pale, Sunblush, Tan. Make-ups – Allure, Juicy, Ocean, Pure, Siren, 975L (one skin) 2750 (fatpack one tone) Le CIRCQUE 375L {R}. Eyes – Chai Allure (green) small pupil. Shoes 2Real – PRO_Spec 600L {R} . All Pics were taken @ Lemondrops Forest.

Pic1-DYN Baylee tops Sequins (pink), Patterned crop jeans (pink camo). Hair Truth Charlie (light blonds) Pic2-DYN Baylee tops Sequins, Eolande’s Hearts Devotion Valentine set (in diff metals with colour change gems).Hair Truth Charlie (light blonds). Pic3-DYD tops Mya, Eolande’s Glased Hearts set (in diff metals with colour change gems) Hair Truth Joanna, Lulu, Jacinta, Patrice and Lillian. Pic4- Hair DYN Tops Brittnee (Emo Bangbang, stars, Solid, gold, sea green), Pants Patterned jeans (brown camo, hearts, retro, green camo) Hair Truth Danielle (Swedish). Items from Eolande 250L (earrings and necklace) and DYN all tops 150L, all pants 200L {R}.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Valentines Bazaar….


When I received a notecard from Mochi Milena, of Pink Fuel to her update group about a hunt and Valentines Bazaar, I had to check out the Bazaar. Items are Valentines themed and 50L. There are some great deals here, with many well known stores participating like Nomine, Sn@tch, Pink Fuel, Emjay, as well as a number that I am not familiar with.


Everything shown in these pictures are from the sale and although pink and red are unavoidable, I tried to stay away from outfits that couldn’t be worn again after Valentines day. The Sn@tch Bloomers are very sweet as well as the jewellery and the skins from Pink Fuel are a steal at 50L each.


The jeans from Nomine are quite nice though I removed the prim cuffs from the bottom for this shot (they tend to move around). Hair and shoes are from Nushru which is a new to me store. I couldn’t resist this skin from Moustache, very pretty! The necklace is also from Nomine and comes in several colours. Pictures were shot at the new sim, Cheesecake which is right next door to Cupcake. It is the new location for Milk Motion, Oh Mai and Tiny Bird amongst others.


Credits: Eyes in all pics-Exodi Zbilja Spirit (sepia), All pics shot @ Cheesecake. Valentines Bazaar found here.
Pic1&2- Skin PinK Fuel Skye Milk (pink sugar), Honey (oopsies), Chai (girly), Sn@tch Infatuation Accessories, Saloon, Nushru Wayward Pumps (pink), Hair IrEn Leila. Poses Posemaster Balance and Glitterati headshot2.
Pic3&4-Skin Mustache Medium Breezy (valentine), Jeans and Necklace Nomine Rusted Jeans (white roses) Briar Rose Necklace, Tank Astraia Vday (pink), Hair and Shoes Nushru (wayward heart). Poses from SnoOky’s Poses and Olive Juice.