Thursday, February 25, 2010



What better way to show off the new Lingerie from 5th&Oxford, than to pair them with the new skins, Brooke? Brooke is available in 5 different make-ups, each with their own personality. I have included my favourites, each gorgeous in their own way. You may have noticed some of these in some of my posts. Nightfall has great Smokey  eyes and dramatic lips. Rebel/Rebel’s eyes are strong but masterfully shaded with strong lips. Kitty has cat eyes and I love the freckles. Natural and Subtle are more low key, letting the shading and tone speak. Like all skins by Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot, they photograph beautifully and have quality all their own.

The new Lingerie, The Tease comes in brilliant colours and  numerous options. As Lingerie, these pieces work very well, and they are designed in such a way that they can be paired with different outfits, shirts etc. The gloves alone come in 3 lengths so they can be added to different looks. I can see the underbust corset being lovely paired with a shirt and bra or corset also. The basic lingerie set comes with bra, panties and garters and a pair of stockings that are nude and matched to the colour. In one of the pics I used a pair of stockings from another set and they worked too. It’s important to note that all of the Tease items are available in copy/mod and trans versions, so you can also gift them.


I have included a new piercing set by Aydan Darcy of HoD. The three textures come with male and female versions. A note about the picture below…. I TP in clothed, found a quiet spot, shot the pic and hightailed it out of there asap. Some nudest I’d make…


Whenever I blog new items I usually try to find a sim which follows the theme of the clothes I am wearing. This is why I took myself over to Insilico, which if you’ve ever been there is/was a gritty nightime futuristic city. Well, no more. Insilico it seems has been invaded, razed to the ground and under construction. I am interested to see what will rise. pics 1&4 were taken in Insilico. Pics 2&3 were taken in Pteron.

Clothing 5th & Oxford, The Tease – 6 colours – Sapphire, Cerise, Amethyst, Ruby, Onyx, Emerald. Corset 120L, Underbust Corset 120L, Lingerie (bra, panties, garter, garter panty, stockings in nude and colour) 180L, Gloves (3 lengths) (mod/copy or trans) {R}, Bax Coen Ankle Boots (black patent), Jewellery HoD Knock Out Piercing (graphite) 119L {R}.

Skins - 5th & Oxford – Brooke – 3 Tones Fair, Medium, Tan. 5 Make – ups Subtle, Rebel/Rebel, Nightfall, Natural, Kitty (6 variations/3 tones/18 choices per make-up). 600L/skin. Hair Junwave Marie fatpack (sale).

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