Friday, February 19, 2010

Don’t go into the woods..


Walking into Bentham forest you walk into a fairy tale, with light streaming down, strange paths and haunting sights like an illustration by Brian Froud. Careful where you walk, you may just wake something up…..


This utterly sweet look is courtesy of Aikea Rieko of the Plastik. The Ellantha dresses come with various options for the top and skirt and all of the pieces work very well together. And there is a very good reason why Curio skins have such a loyal following, details are exquisite. You may notice in the top right picture that I am wearing one of the new Luck Inc. breast enhancers for Curio skins…


This hair is another one of my finds from W&Y, the bow was perfect for this dress and is texture change. The lovely lip rings and collar are from Dreams and lip rings have a number of different charms to choose from. The collar was a gift from the I<3 originals Fair.


Credits: Dresses The Plastik Ellantha – Black, Violet Vaudeville, Leather, Risen from the flames (many textures available with mix and match styles, prim skirts) 399L {R}, Hair W&Y 5 TypeB, Dreams Gothic Cross Lip rings set 75L {R} (different charms to choose from, colour change), Cloud Buckle Collar, Den-Dou Eyes (midnight blue), Skin Curio Cupid Allure (petal), Shoes Kalnins Sonata (with hud and tex change), Luck Inc. breast enhancer for Curio petal dark. Pics shot @ Bentham Forest.

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