Sunday, December 27, 2009

Whither Canada ……. Solange!

I’m not really sure what it is about PXL skins and Solange but I was looking for clothes to match Hart Larssons skins for the contest he was recently running (congrats to the winners!!) and somehow Solange just seems to fit.
I have to say this hair by Cake is one of my faves and the Burgundy shade matches well to the Natural tone of the skin. The locations of the pictures were in Delicatessen, and HappyMood.
Credits: Skin PXL July Natural (bare), Lingerie Solange Victoria Red, Boots Pixel Mode Rea Leather (black), Hair Cake Dakota (burgundy).

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just a little fun …..

Christmas is such a busy time I thought I’d have a little fun with snow and lingerie… I am home for today and will be gone tomorrow so I thought I’d post a few pics that I was fooling around with last week. I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and got some time to relax. I am going to be driving for six hours to visit the Griswalds for a few days ….


The flyer from Reek comes with snow and a pose, and was part of a 50L friday. Both pics feature PXL July (Natural Nude) skin, Lingerie Fishy Strawberry Ignition (green), Boots Kao Fringe Suede (camel), Hair&Hat Tiny Bird&Reek Merrits Hat (50L Fri), Scarf Artilleri Taylor (brown/tea). Below Hair Cake Dakota (burgundy). I will be posting SLURLS again when I am back from the Holidays..


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Spirit..

From the short story by Louisa May Alcott, "A Christmas Dream, And How It Came True".
For Christmas tide is here


From our happy home
Through the world we roam
One week in all the year,
Making winter spring
With the joy we bring
For Christmas-tide is here.


Now the eastern star
Shines from afar
To light the poorest home;
Hearts warmer grow,
Gifts freely flow,
For Christmas-tide has come.


Now gay trees rise
Before young eyes,
Abloom with tempting cheer;
Blithe voices sing,
And blithe bells ring,
For Christmas-tide is here.


Oh, happy chime,
Oh, blessed time,
That draws us all so near!
"Welcome, dear day,"
All creatures say,
For Christmas-tide is here.


These pictures were taken at Calas Galadhon, a place where the Christmas Spirit truly lives. I had looked around the Grid for a spot full of Christmas spirit and found this beautiful place..the homes are decorated with lovely Victorian touches. There is Turkey cooking in the kitchens and Presents under the tree, skiing and tobogganing and skating on the pond. Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith are the kind souls behind these 3 sims, they both wanted people to know that the Sims will be open until the end of January (Winterfest) and all are welcome to visit. I am posting this between putting on the Turkey, welcoming guests and preparing the vegetables…. I have been busy with a house full of hungry messy family and may not be posting much until the New Year. My Dress is a pretty special offering from A La Folie, La Precieuse (includes jewellery and shoes) 1000L, my hair is from Hal*Hina, my skin is Tuli , FYEO & RYLO, {oddment} Santa Lucia Crown&Candle for Twisted Krissmass, Crown Balderdash Gaudette (secret santa, thank – you!). Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas! Kisses and Hugs for all!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Party Jewellery…DM Designs Review

Jewellery is a small but such an integral part of every outfit that it’s easy to miss the intricacies and workmanship that goes into each piece. When DarionMonkee Levitt, of DM Designs sent along some new Christmas themed items for review I was initially a little intimidated, considering that I usually shoot full length pictures. I knew I couldn’t take that approach but I love a challenge and an opportunity to learn from experience.


What I like about the Eleni Collection (below) is the fact that though the colours say Christmas and Hanukkah, the jewellery could work any time of the year. So many of the Christmas offerings can only be worn around the season and these will match a lot of outfits. Colours are for Hanukkah – Blue&White in silver or gold, and Christmas Red&Green, Red, Green &White in silver or gold.


I shot these pictures in The Rose Theater, Angel Manor and in the store, Kaya Furniture, which has a lot of big manor House, castle type of furniture, very sturdy and substantial chairs. The dress is by SySy, Lolla with the blue adding a regal touch. And yes you noticed, I couldn’t resist buying a Curio Elf skin (snug), shoes by A-Bomb were a Twisted Krissmas sale item (100L) a great price for a colour change shoe. I’d also like to mention the Prim Lashes by Magika. These are the only lashes I can get to fit me … (And I have tried a lot.) The CiCi earrings and Diamond Fringe earrings (below) come in various styles and metals. They are quite lovely to look at and will add a nice touch to any outfit.


Credits: Skin Curio (petal) Snug, Lashes Magika Reall Prim Eyelashes, Eyes Exodi Zbilja Spirit (teal) group gift, Hair Cake Papercut (pecan), Dress SySy Lolla (250L) {R}, Shoes A-Bomb Dorothy Gemmed (Twisted Krissmas), All Jewellery DM Designs Eleni (Christmas and Hanukkah) Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, Belly Ring (149L) , Earrings CiCi (3 styles, 2 metals) (99L), Diamond Fringe Earrings (3 Metals) (99L) {R}.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Party Dresses II – A La Folie, DM designs…

When I first saw this dress, Lady Monaco, from A la Folie, it was the colour that caught my eye. In a season well served by red, green, gold, white, black etc. the coral shade is very sweet. Looking for a place to shoot pics I happened upon The Chateau de Versailles, a very impressive build, though it’s not yet finished. The feeling of space is amazing and I’m looking forward to returning when all is done.


I am wearing the new Group gift from Curio (and I am having great difficulty in taking it off...) The necklace is a lovely take on the snowflake theme by DM Designs.  Available in silver or gold. The dress, Lady Monaco also comes in  a shorter length, in 6 colours and includes shoes in the price.


I wanted to show you the dress’s bottom detailing but it kept sinking into the I stood on a box. (Stop with the short jokes already!!) This pic (below) was taken @ Einstein.


Credits: Skin Curio Group Gift (petal) Elf Happy Holidays, Eyes Exodi Zbilja Spirit (teal)(group gift), Hair Exile Jenna (champagne), Jewellery DM Designs Iced Snowflake (silver) {R} 99L, Dress and Shoes ALaFolie Lady Monaco {R} 690L.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Party Dresses, Party Shoes.. ALaFolie, Kalnins.

I do like to decorate for Christmas especially when I’m at home in SL but that hasn’t really been possible this year because I just didn’t have the prims…Between my swamp home and my little photo studio, I was running on empty where prims were concerned. I put some snow in my swamp but it just wasn’t the same. One thing I have learned about the virtual world is that things change fast and last week I found myself moving, same community, different plot and rather than put everything back the same I decided that I needed a home, at least for Christmas. I found this darling little house for 25L at Mudhoney Designs and it was just perfect for my new skybox.


I also found this lovely dress at A La Folie while shopping. Its part of the POE hunt! (I wasn’t hunting but ..there it was.) Like everything pixivor Allen makes the textures are very nicely done and colour georgous. The shoes are the work of Maris Kanto of Kalnins and I never cease to be impressed by the detail and realism of his shoes. With the Hud it’s very easy to match the foot skin colour. These shoes, with so many possible colour combinations are perfect for holiday parties! I must also mention the skin It’s AtomicBambi Sara, a new skin that I found at a secret sale…(shhhh don’t tell..)


Credits: Skin AtomicBambi Sara (sale), Dress A La Folie Violette (POE, look for the globe), Shoes Kalnins Orchid {R} 900L, Hair Hal*Hina Noa (browns), Home Mudhoney Designs B&W Haven (free to under 30 Days) 25L with some furnishings. Poses from Flowey.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Casual Mashup…

I spend far too much time in SL shopping in clothes that are a mix of things I am blogging, testing out, demo’ing and generally these things don’t even match. This became pretty apparent to me when I showed up at the opening of Trilogy Sim and saw some of the rather better decked out bloggers, designers and shoppers. It didn’t matter that no one was rezzing .. or that the lag was horrendous, and put me in mind of my younger days when I would stress myself out because I hung with a crowd that was “cool” and I never felt that way myself. This outfit follows my taste when I’m not blogging or taking pictures and just hanging out.


With all of the Christmas palaver going on, I thought it would be nice to show you some clothes that aren’t overtly seasonal. Pictures were taken in Trilogy Sim which has items from a number of designers that are exclusive to the sim, for a limited time. The theme is “The Woodcutters Daughter” which means whatever you want it to mean… The dress is from Milk Motion (from Trilogy) and I paired it with some of my favourite comfy pieces, jeans from Zaara and boots from ROT. The skin is a 50L Friday offering from Chai called L.Fauna which I am liking very much. Tatts I got from Artilleri, as part of the sale and the glasses were a gift from fabulous fashion (designer gifts from the show..) The hair is new from Hal*Hina. Newer styles are using brand new textures which give a better quality to the hair and there is a sweet dress in the camping chair for group members.


Credits: Skin – L.Fauna {lapine, pale} {R}, Eyes – Poetic Colours Christmas Fairy (f) , Outfit Milk Motion My Plaid Dress, Tattoos Artilleri Old School, Earrings Alienbear NX Dark earring (gift), Boots ROT Test , Glasses Solar Nash (ff), Jeans Zaara classic (blue), Hair Hal*Hina tina (cafe au lait).
Pics shot @ Trilogy.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Storin,Stellar,Luck Inc., Beguiled … Review


Annah Whitfield of Storin creates some very interesting clothes. Sculptie skirts and accents plus lovely textures give a realistic and fresh look to her clothing. I have paired this outfit with new jewellery from Beguiled, belt from Fri*day (free) and boots from Stellar. The Mitts from Hucci are part of their Winterstock items. The skin is a group gift from Exodi, very pretty! Pics shot @ Wengen.


Lexi Morgan of Stellar has been a clothing designer in SL since 2004. In essence the style of design she uses was one of the first I encountered when jumping into this world. Short and sexy with a lot of skin, flirty and cheeky is how I’d characterize it. Recently I have been returning to this style because of the need to show some skin and dress at the same time. (Difficult I know…) I really don’t know anyone who does this style better than Lexi and a close look at her creations shows her experience, excellent use of textures and imagination (and creative use of small bits of clothing!) I added a belt from Luck Inc. (Another store which gives new meaning to minimalist tendancies in clothing!) and one of my favourite leggings from Truth.


Pics shot @ LLP Neo.


Credits: Skin Exodi Sienna Cachet PrettyPrettyPrincess (group gift), Eyes Poetic Colours Christmas Fairy Eyes (freebie).

Pic1&2-Outfit Storin Flowey 200L 3 colour combo’s, also available as a gift (grey/purple){R}, Boots Stellar Kenai (special edition), Jewellery Beguiled Deco Blocks 75L {R}, Mittens Hucci Winter Flower Mittens 75L (winterstock) {R}, Belt Fri*day Wide Waist Belt (free stuff), Clawtooth Somebody's Lady (autumn mix).
Pic3&4- Outfit & Boots Stellar Luscious Leather Dress (350L) & Kenai Boots (350L ea, 8 colours) {R}, Belt  Luck Inc. Linc Wide Leather Belt (9 patterns tex change) Tex Ch 675L, 1 Colour 150L, {R}, Leggings Truth Zanadu (silver), Hair Maitreya Alex II (natural Blond).

Monday, December 7, 2009

Why Mrs. Claus is Emo…

Christmas is not for procrastinators. Christmas is for those who love to plan. The Martha Stewarts of the world. Oh you know the type… Shopping is done by November, cards sent out. The Tree is up well before December with lights put up on the last warm day. The Christmas baking is begun and decorating is well ..beautiful. These wonderful people are singing and dancing through the season. It is their favourite time of year. And then there’s the rest of us.


We do our best we really do, but somehow we leave everything to the last minute not thinking (and we do this every year) that everything is going to accumulate into one big pile of things we have to do right before the big day. (Something like my Inventory which by now has grown appendages and smells like cheese!) My Cards are always late (that’s a given), decorations still waiting to be put up. And lights (Ha!!) I’ve given up on the ones you put outside and go for the easy inside, attach to the window ones. I made a half hearted attempt at presents in November but still have lots to do. (Add to that 2 Birthdays).I am lucky that my Hubby always buys the big stuff for the kids (he buys too much..) So add to that the financial, personal (because who has a family where everyone gets along?) and a big dose of office parties (one guaranteed fight) and those of us who are not organized start to grumble, moan and sound like the Grinch.


Somehow, along the way, everything gets done. Christmas is a one of many December Holidays and an important part of Christian (as well as pre-Christian) Tradition. I love going to Mass at Christmas, the traditional carols, walking through the snow on Christmas day, listening to the silence born of no commerce (except for those souls travelling or visiting). And yes, in the end it brings some light to an approaching winter, which in my part of the world is brutal to say the least. I have often thought how different it must be if you live in Australia, more like a summer holiday or Mexico. And for those of different cultures who must live through the madness every year, you must think we’re insane. I am posting this early, because I know how busy we all are going to get soon. Blogging is going to be sporadic at best after this week, as I like so many others will be travelling. So today I’m making my list..things I simply have to do and can’t put off. It’s a start!


A note about the clothes. I was looking for a slightly politically incorrect Seasonal outfit. Found the Dress at Sn@tch, Boots, well you all know these boots, and I just had to have them (Anexx) and a few items sent to me for review. The leggings are new from the PlastiK come in many textures and come in varying lengths and the Necklace and Piercing are new from HoD. Aydan Darcy is going to be opening her new store .HoD., this week. Her items are also available on Xstreet. (I will let you all know when the store is open as there are some really cute items for sale here). I’ll also mention a very popular skin by Curio (which looks like you’ve been out in the cold) and new hair by Analog Dog, my current fave, I just love the colour. Binder by Reek.

Credits: Leggings – The Plastik 199L (for 2 textures in varying lengths) {R}, Necklace&Piercing – HoD Spite Necklace wth Bows {R} Spite necklace Fatpack with piercing 249L(piercing alone is 99L but you get that in the fatpack), Dress - Sn@tch Expose Dress (red) 200L, Boots – Anexx 2 way belt lace up boots 580L, Eyes – Poetic Colours Christmas Fairy (f), Skin Curio Petal Frex Winter Sniffles 1000L , Hair – Analog Dog Kelly Copper 350L (darks).

Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh Bliss Couture ….Review.

What heaven-entreated heart is this, Stands trembling at the gate of bliss, Holds fast the door, yet dares not venture Fairly to open it, and enter? -Crashaw, Richard
  'To the Noblest and Best of Ladies, the Countess of Denbigh'.


I have had the sincere pleasure this week of looking upon and dressing in the garments of a very talented Designer, Amutey DeCuir of Bliss Couture. Each of these outfits were lovely in their own way and adorned thus I found myself in some very beautiful settings. And I finally took a turn around the 2009 Footwear expo, with the express desire to find shoes for my outfits. This gown, Megan comes in 6 colours @ 580L. (All outfits are available as a fat pack.) Shot @ Angel Ballroom.


Queen Fairy Coat (black) 545L comes in 6 colours and matched wonderfully with the new hair from Lamb and boots from Kookie. Shot @ Angel Blue Sky which is a great spot for winter/Christmas Photos.


I love the shade of this sweater/pant combo, Chocolate … Ophelia, 380L and I had fun on the Brooklyn Bridge (Have I got a bridge for youuu!) in Old New York.


This Mini has been blogged a lot lately and for good reason, great texturing, style and hairiness! Posh Mohair Mini (snow) is 480L and comes with the leggings. The hair from is Mirai Style, Stat (blond&pearl) and seems to follow the same philosophy of curliness. Pics shot @ Kolor Gallery which basically is one huge Art exhibit.



Skins –[PXL] July Nat Spring pink {R}, [Atomic] Grace (cream) daring Black, Fior di Perle Claudia Skin Black red Lips {R}, League Skin Kate (pale) grape.
Shoes – G. Field Ribbon Slingback Shoes (baby pink), Kookie Athena (black), Baiastice Querelle (brown), CoCo Zipper Bootie (black).
Hair – Exile Monica (champagne){R}, Lamb Witch (Granny), Boon ZGO223 (Blond), Mirai Style Stat (blond).
Jewellery -  Foxchase Designs Pearl Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets (freebie from Jewellery fair), Violet Voltaire Christmas Silver Bells (Old), Eolande’s Butterfly Charmer Belly Ring&Earrings {R}, Dark Mouse Twisted Bangle (silver) {R}.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Plastik…Review (Or how I got my Burdy NumNums!!)

This is me if I were a band …. Ok well maybe the band-aids would be a little risque… Unfortunately I can’t sing, play an instrument or dance, so this is as close as I’ll ever come to releasing a CD. (Which no one buys anymore anyway so there!) The Plastik has released some new and very yummy Skirt/Dress/Outfits with Band-Aids. Available in 25 different colour/textures and including a set of Band-Aids in each pack (6 colours). 249L.


This is where the Burdy NumNums come in. The Plastik has also released a very cute set of Elf Ears, which come with little Burdy’s that are texture change. 299L in either Burdy’s or Burdy’s with gems. If the Burdy’s start whispering in your ear … just listen and do exactly what they say!! (They told me to go out and buy those boots from Kao..)


Credits: All Eyes Poetic Colours Christmas Fairy Eyes (Free), All Outfits The Plastik {R} Plastik Strips Dress (with Band Aids) Periwinkle, Leather, Wave, Japan. All Skins Fishy Strawberry Jacqueline Latte (Hiver), Lan Cappuccino (Pitch), Daphne Cappuccino (Pitch).

Pic1 - Hair – Kin Lola (Blond), Truth Grace (swedish), *FS* Ponytail Dark, Truth Cyndi (blood). Jewellery – Miel Lun Set (50L Fri), Otaku Designs Ghost Fatpack (Sale), Donna Flora Daniel Corale Parure (Sale), SWA Asian Bangles 50L {R}, Dark Mouse Bank’s Closed Necklace 200L {R}. Tatts Burdy’s and Feathers The Plastik (50L Fri), Ears The Plastik Burdy’s and Gems {R}.
Pic2 – Hair Fashionably Dead (Tableau closed at the moment because of contamination..) Dorothy’s day (cream filling), Ears The Plastik Burdy’s and Gems {R}, Boots Kao Suede fringe Boots (camel).
The PLastik is Here.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday…

I decided to not be long winded and just show you some of my 50L Friday finds… In Canada our Thanksgiving is in October and we don’t have anything like Black Friday so I really enjoyed running around to the stores in SL. Too bad I had to shovel when I returned… Thanks to the creators for all that they do!!

Black Friday15_001b

Hair Tiny Bird Max, Skin Tyranny Designs Dinah in Fall, Hat Sway’s Aviator Winter Hat, Shovel wth animations RC Cluster, Tea House and stuff..Turnips Homes, Boots Surf Couture Elsa, Skirt Kyoot Mini & Tights, Fishy Strawberry Tweed Jacket.


Hair Lamb Oh Sugar Mango, Skin 5th&Oxford Med Brooke Winter Stars, T.Z. Wooly Roll neck sweater, Milk Motion My wool pants, Kustkammer Crystal Belt.


Hair Deviant Kitties Friday (Swedish), Skin Vive 9 Gracev2 Light Sick, Plastik Birdies and Feathers (Birds and Tatts), UBU Pornstar High tops (pic2&3)(not on sale), Tres Blah Ruffle purse (red), Sh*t Happens Sunny Leggings (Red), Ellabella piercings, Whippet & Buck I’ll be a Ghost Shirt,  all Eyes Exodi.

(This is a brief post so I’m not including SLURLS.)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rfyre, Tuli Bella and Dark Mouse Review..

When I was young (don’t ask how long ago) and an Art student, I took a number of classes in drawing Costume (as opposed to nudes, which I took as well). I always enjoyed seeing clothing from different era’s, countries and historical periods. To see this shared interest put into wearable pieces by a designer is very exciting to me and serves a purpose well beyond just clothing oneself. This outfit, Oksana by Raven Pennyfeather of Rfyre is  an interpretation of a Russian Winter/Christmas costume. Check here for more on Russian Christmas traditions and here for an historical costume.I have matched the outfit to Tuli’s newest skin Bella and Jewellery by Dark Mouse.


I decided that the only proper way to showcase this outfit was to go to Red Square. The only problem is that Red Square, Moscow Island is a Hub for Russian Sl’ers and so the whole area was pretty crowded and not my usual empty Sim. Also as it happened a lot of my pictures suffered from the black shot of death. (Usually fixable by dumping cache and re-logging.) So this pic above was the only good shot I got off.


What can I say about the beautiful and exquisite Bella by Tuli Asturias? Honestly, words fail me when trying to give an unbiased review of this skin. I can only say that I feel Tuli captured an incredible face, beautiful body and a deep personality within a pretty limited medium. The make-ups are truly a work of art and the body shading is so masterfully done that I can only marvel at her skill. I have heard a few people say that the skins don’t work with their Avatar and that is as it should be. This lady Bella is an individual and she has her own mysterious ways.. To my mind she is pretty perfect all around.


If you see me around the Grid you may notice I’m not wearing very much today…Darn it but I look good though! Tones in Bella range from Dark Tan, Tan, Sunkissed, Fair and Pale. These pics were taken in Oubliette, which is dressed up in its frosty winter finery.


This necklace and earrings are a new offering from Dark Mouse. I think they capture the lustrous metal texture splendidly and compliment well the gown. Speaking about the Outfit, Oksana, the skirt comes in two skirt lengths with slightly different tailoring and pattern. All of the textures are rendered with care and a high degree of precision. The headdress is unusual to say the least, and I’m not sure I’d wear it to any SL functions but I can appreciate the artistry and beautiful features as well as the attention to detail. Through a little bit of research on the subject, I found a whole slew of headdresses of Russian origin and this seems to have been a very important element of Historical dress (which has some Byzantine influence). I had to really think about a perfect hair for the headdress and found it in Maitreya.  Most Maitreya hair is not high at the top which makes them perfect for hats and such. All Poses were by Diesel Rogan of Dieselworks, a new pose pack called Shake 599L {R}.


Credits: Skins Tuli Bella Kellie (in Pics) Makeups available Elysium, Flutter, Gogo, Helena, Kellie, Kira, Natural, Raven, Sofia, Violet. All Skins come with 3 cleavage options and 3 eyebrow options Single skin 1000L, Fatpack 4950L {R}.
Pics (with Dress)-Dress Rfyre Oksana Russian Christmas Holiday Dress 600L {R}, Dark Mouse Wild Leaves Necklace and Earrings (copper) 200L {R}, Hair Maitreya Aisha II (blacks), Boots Bax Coen Ankle Boots Black Patent, Eyes Exodi Vetro Black.
Pics (with silks)-Solange Sheer white (silks), Eyes Exodi Vetro Hazel, Hair Maitreya Bo (Blonds).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ingenue, IC Skins and Kalnins Review

(And don’t just look at the pictures there’s info you may want further down!!)

The stranger sang a theme
From someone else’s dream
The leaves began to fall
And no one spoke at all
But I can’t seem to recall
When you came along

I just don’t know what to do
The tree-lined avenue
Begins to fade from view
Drowning past regrets
In tea and cigarettes
But I can’t seem to forget
When you came along
Ingenue (Life in Mono)

Ina Centaur sent along some skins which are new and a little different than the Theater themed skins from the past. One skin 999L, Row 2727L, Column 2424L. Ina is one of those Renaissance types who is involved in many aspects of artistic life in SL. Her skins and costumes have been featured in the Shakespearean productions over at the Globe Theater. Her work is also featured in Primtings Museum. She designs skins, clothes, (based on Historical Drawings) and is heavily involved in the workings of the Globe Theater, Blackfriars Playhouse, sLiterary and Skin City. (and she even has an Bella and Edward skin for those Twihards out there!) And who could forget the infamous Wall of Male genitalia..?
IC – Skins introduces a new *Mainstream* Photorealistic skin line, IC Ari… [IC] Ari – Smoothly defined facial shading topped by warm eyes with that essential character you’ve come to know from skins by Ina Centaur and finished with sharply – painted lips. Available initially in three tones Light, Medium and Dark, each with 16 make-up options with bonus smoky makeup and Lip Gloss editions. Freckles editions also available, sold separately.”
Black Friday 2009 Special – BOGO: Buy one get one – share the love of Ari with a friend – IC Skins Ari Black Friday Sale 2009, get a copy/xfer skin to give to a friend with every canon Ari Purchase!”
Those of you have made it over to the shoe fair will likely have seen this new offering from Maris Kanto of Kalnins, Dragoness (800L) the shoes come with a detachable HUD which allows you to change Texture colours, metals, resize and skin tone. These are really attractive shoes and with the prim feet are very realistic. Mr. Kanto also wanted all Subscribers to know that he has a special deal – on the 25th of November for all current Infochannel members there will be a Thanksgiving Discount card for 45% off which will run from 25th –28th of November. (which will bring Infochannel Subscribers up to 50%.)  The Dress and Hat are new clothes from Betty Doyle of Ingenue. Dress – Ella- (250L) and Hat –Loretta- (85L) come in a number of colours and I really love the texture and craftmanship of this duo. The scarf was a special sunday sale item from Kesseret Steeplechase of  KessKreations and Hilarious, the scarf and pin are attached and the Dragonfly pin is texture change. I also want to mention that the poses are all from Flutter Memel of Flowey.
(This place is on my Bucket list….)
Credits: Skins IC – Ari –Med Copper/Ruby , Shoes Kalnins Dragoness, Scarf Hilarious Frances wth Dragonfly Pin, Outfit Ingenue Dress Ella Midnight, Ingenue Millinery Loretta Midnight, Hair Maitreya Reign Autumn . Pics shot @ Mad Pea Circus, Sistine Chapel Re-creation, and Ten Thousand Shadows. All Poses by Flowey. 2009 SL Footwear Expo.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Skin Fair Wrap Up

Whenever there is a Fair or Expo there is always a question in my mind as to how comprehensive to be in terms of how much to cover. Does one look at a few skins and cover them really well or try to look at everything available? What with there being two skin shows within five weeks of each other, it is easy to get over skinned. After covering a few skins I felt bad because I still had some lovely skins to show. Suffice it to say, some of these skins worked better than others with my shape, and I used my own shape in all of them, but without any more ado…..
Wrapup SD Wears

Wrap Up Imagen
WrapUp GeEs Design
Wrap up Chaisuki
Wrap BBE
Wrap UpExtra
I am letting the skins here speak for themselves. All have good qualities depending on what you look for yourself in a skin. Of all the skins here, some were given for review, some were group gifts, and some were Dollarbies. These were only some of the skins available, I covered some of the others before, as well as the ones that I Blogged last week. Hair Vignette Jaime and Eyes Curio (Hazel).
vanity universe skinfair 2009 Skin Fair Here