Friday, November 20, 2009

Skin Fair Wrap Up

Whenever there is a Fair or Expo there is always a question in my mind as to how comprehensive to be in terms of how much to cover. Does one look at a few skins and cover them really well or try to look at everything available? What with there being two skin shows within five weeks of each other, it is easy to get over skinned. After covering a few skins I felt bad because I still had some lovely skins to show. Suffice it to say, some of these skins worked better than others with my shape, and I used my own shape in all of them, but without any more ado…..
Wrapup SD Wears

Wrap Up Imagen
WrapUp GeEs Design
Wrap up Chaisuki
Wrap BBE
Wrap UpExtra
I am letting the skins here speak for themselves. All have good qualities depending on what you look for yourself in a skin. Of all the skins here, some were given for review, some were group gifts, and some were Dollarbies. These were only some of the skins available, I covered some of the others before, as well as the ones that I Blogged last week. Hair Vignette Jaime and Eyes Curio (Hazel).
vanity universe skinfair 2009 Skin Fair Here

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