Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skin Fair - [PXL] Creations July..Review

It takes a special skin to make me want to strip down to very little, grab a sword and look for adventure. I found my fancy turning to fighting Dragons (which is funny really because I am one..at times) or saving a poor prince or two from a tower. And though I don’t usually hang out in lingerie and silks stores, this is what I found myself doing… This look is pretty different for me but its safe to say I really like it. I haven’t tried it with my blond hair..but the paler tones should work. July is here… and I’m ignoring the fact that snow will soon be blanketing my corner of the world.
As I am covering the skin fair this year, I really wanted to take a look at some of the skinmakers who have been on my radar for a while but haven’t been reviewed by me. Hart Larsson is an extremely talented  skinmaker and I think I have demo’d almost every skin he has put out in the last year or so. I love looking at the amazing progression and increasing quality of so many skinners out there. I was lucky to be able to get into the skin fair on Friday, which enabled me to grab as many of the demo’s as I could and get out before the lag begun. I still haven’t looked at them all..
A close look at the skin reveals realistic photosourced detail throughout. Areas like the knees, belly, clavicle, hands and back are all beautifully rendered, as well as the bum and ankles, hands and feet. Details like the pelvic bone and upper chest are not usually visible but here they are. Another feature that I like is the fact that there are no fuzzy or out of focus areas on the body and no seams that I could find.
Vanity PXL Tones
The face is shaded around the cheekbones and the lips are realistic and well proportioned. I love the nose, it has a real shape and good highlighting. The tones of the face match the tones on the body. I tried a couple of my modded shapes (face mod) and I found most of them fit the skin very well, something many people (who don’t like to mod their shape) can appreciate. At this time only 3 tones are available (at the skin fair) for purchase. I had a preview of the Dark Tan, and Dark shades and they are lovely as well. If you are a fan of the darker tones, keep your eyes open, I’m sure you won’t have long to wait.
There are a number of different eye make-ups available; Nude, Spring, Smokey, Cat eye, and Dark. Couple this with the lipsticks, Nude, Pink, Red, Rose, Coffee, Passion, Pale and Wine and there is a huge choice. The eye make-ups are available with all the lips, in a fat-pack of 8 for 5000L. Individual skins sell for 1000L. One skin comes with 3 eyebrow options, 2 cleavage options and a freckle option.                                                                              
Pictures were taken under differing windlight conditions. I have to say if ever there was a skin that loves WL this is it. The Outfit is from Solange and is called Highland Fantasy and comes with all the extras seen in the pictures, as well as a longer skirt, earrings and more attachments. The boots are new from Kalnins, and has all the customizable features one expects from this store. 800L(I hope to show you more of them later.)
vanity universe skinfair 2009  Vanity Skin Fair
Credits: Skin PXL Creations July (top pics wearing Light Tan Nude Cleavage) {R}, Eyes Exodi Zbilja Spirit (Earth) (group gift), Hair Exile Juliette (browns), Outfit Solange Highland Fantasy Black, boots Kalnins Boudoir {R} 800L, Sword Celtic Sword (Elf Clan freebie).

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