Friday, November 13, 2009

Symphony Skins … A Review

Before I started speaking about the skins I wanted to mention 2 places that I remember from my early days in SL. Nyte ‘n Day is probably the first real store I shopped in while a noobie.. and it was and still is many an avies first experience in shopping. Well, Nyte ‘n Day is having a big sale, 20-50% off. The clothing is still very well made, versatile and there is lots to choose from. Another store I discovered and loved was Junwave, a hair store with low prim Japanese style hair. When I first discovered the store, it was fairly small, had low priced hair and offered really cute styles. Since that time the store has moved, retextured the hair and added many new styles. I love it because the hair is still very reasonably priced and I can pick up a fatpack.
Claire Harford of Symphony Skins has just released a new skin tone from her SSV3 line of skins. It is a dark tone named base and comes in 12 makeup shades. Half of the skins are in the day range and half are in the night range. Day is more natural with some freckling while night is shinier with more make-up applied. (Top and Bottom) SSV3 Base 24 Carat Day/Night, Candy Day/Night, Cornflower Day/Night.
Single skin packs are reasonably priced at 600L while Day or Night packs are priced at 2500L.All Skins come with 3 brow options and two cleavage options. (Top and Bottom) SSV3 Base Moss Day/Night, Purple Haze Day/Night, Steel Day/Night.
I demo’d these skins when the first few tones were released and I liked them. I decided to take a look at the skins as a whole to better get a feel for them. I took a skin from each tone. These skins are the first ones I remember (besides Japanese skins) having the cleavage option. Overall the skin is very nice. The face is more neutral than many of the skins you see around the grid but this is a good thing because I know a lot of people who prefer not to have a face which looks like someone else. I took a close look for any flaws and I only found a very slight seam on the left side which was common on all the skins. It is not something that would stop me from buying the skin. There is some hand drawing (lips) and they are rendered very well. Overall the make-ups are really lovely and the body is quite pretty.This is the kind of skin which I think would match a lot of types of clothing.
Tones Pic1- Base 24 Carat night , Baritone Chaste night ,Tenor Blackberry day. Pic2 – Alto Firecracker night, Contralto Berry-lishous night, Soprano Mischief night.
Couldn’t resist adding this picture of SYSY’s group Gift, Kalnins Boudoir Shoes, Dark Mouse hair and necklace from DM Designs. The chair (with poses) was from a box of free stuff available at Diesel works new store. Skin SSV3 Alto Firecracker Night (busty).
Credits: (All) Skins SSV3 (Symphony Skins) {R}, Eyes Tragic Eyes Curio {R}, Jewellery DM Designs Lena Fire {R}.
Pic1,2,3 – Hair Junwave Punk Girl, Night ‘N Day Scint Chocolate. Pic4,5 – Nyte ‘n Day Tiz Bikini. Pic 6 – Kalnins (Boudoir) {R} 800L, SySy Autumn Roses (group gift), Hair Dark Mouse Cyntra Pale Brown {R}. Pic 1 shot in Silent Sim.
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