Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jeepers..Kalnins!! (Review)

Kalnins is a store specializing in Footwear and Eyewear (and Watches), and as promised, today I am showing you some of the glasses available in addition to more of the footwear. Like everything else from Kalnins, the glasses and sunglasses come scripted with options and gadgets. There are different glass colours, amounts of reflection, see through and bling (if you want it). There is also radar, smile, superfly, antipush, facelight (10%-100%) and an emotive chat function, built into many of their models. You can choose to activate these functions or not..if you don’t want them. I like being able to change the lens colour, reflection and see through percentage.
These glasses Vintage, are lightly tinted and given the fact that I love everything vintage, were an attractive addition to the look I was going for. The boots, Promenade have some of the nicest textures and colours! I learned that one can add black socks to the Milk Motion Leggings and get rid of the nasty line that you often get with leggings. (I also added grey underwear..)
This is more of a Unisex look, and both the glasses and the slip-ons can be worn by both sexes. Lovely shine on the shoes (with added shine and glow available) and the glasses can be made quite dark (or light). Although you can access the menu in chat, I found the easiest way was to click on it.
Pic1-Kalnins–Footwear Promenade 750L {R}, Glasses Vintage V1.61 370L {R}, Milk Motion-My loose Tshirt (Motel), My Leather Fringes Skirt (Black),My Cutout Leggings, Miss 80’s Crow Queen Necklace#, Djinn&Tonic SorrowSparrow Designers United Gift Earrings, Skin Rockberry Uma E Frex Light, Eyes Curio Tragic Hazel* {R}, Hair Fri.day Tatum2 . #Designers United. Pics Shot @ City Of Liome.
Pic2-Kalnins-Footwear SlipOns 500L {R}, Glasses Crystal VIP V1.52 370L {R}, !OhMai Loose Racerback Blank (F), Fri’day Military Jacket (Army), NINIKO CreaseCrease pants Black, GF Fickle Heart Choker White, Eyes Curio*, Hair-Tiny Bird DSN Sample Charlotte, Skin-Rockberry UmaF Frex light. Pics shot @ Iron Fist.

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