Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Politics, Protest and, SOS Week 6

Feeling a little deflated and sad.... I feel bad about the whole situation going on right now.
A lot of people are going to be hurt by the draconian measures taken and upcoming. I guess I'm still hoping that some compromise will be reached before all the creative energy leaves SL.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Shelby in Harajukubox City, and Neko stuff...Week 6

I have always been a big fan of the Japanese sims. I love the overall design, immersive feel (ie. like you are there.. in a real place) as well I love the different way that Japanese Designers see fashion, and reflect culture and influence this world and the RL world. Neko fashion is unusual because it really doesn't have any counterpart in the real world. It is something of a SL phenomenon stemming from Manga and Anime colliding with streetwear and an urban punk sensibility.
I have always resisted its charms mainly because it is so accessory driven and needs all the right elements to make it work. Today I decided to show you the look I came up with before touring Harajukubox City, a Japanese Neko and Streetwear Shopping Sim. Items came from various old and new Items from my inventory.

This Sim has everything for your little Neko; Accessories, Boots (or feet), Tails, Hair, Skins, clothes and there was quite a variety for the male Neko as well. I bought a hair from Androgeny which I was able to tint slightly to match the Kitty parts I had bought from the Sn@tch sale which is going on right now. Stores in HC include; Little Heaven, Kyoot, Electro Kitty, Androgeny, Canimal, Eat Rice and Neko Gear. There are also some Anime and Japanese Schoolgirl looks in Edelweiss and some of the other shops which are in the area.

Pic1- Hair from Androgeny,[-A-]Halibel (tipped white/black), Cake-Vancouver Jeans, Sn@tch Crazy little belt, Sn@tch Kitteh parts Tabby, Sn@tch the Crewel Collar (shiny), Flower printed shirt, Striped Knitted Sweater, grey gloves - Dutch Touch, ToRiCo armband, Discord, bottle Arm Belt - Group Gift, Catnip -Catfight Thigh Strap - Dollarbie (some of these items may not still be available). Skin from LF Chai Skin-Sugar-Leopard, Eyes redgrave-Diamand blue.2

Pic2- Hair -Curio, Seelie Midnight. (rest the same) All Pose from LAP.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shelby Rasmuson introduces, Vanitas and Qwynne - Week 5!

After spending a great deal of time standing at camp chairs with the letter 'Q' and 'V' always showing up, I decided to bring two new characters into my SL life.

Meet Qwynne MacMoragh... a native of Qwghlm with interests in Natural Philosophy, Alchemy and a penchant for trouble. He is very much different than myself as he's not really interested in shopping, Camp chairs or fantasy. He's something of a tough guy and needs to find his own way
(believe me he can be stubborn!) He already caused a ruckus at the HOH camp chairs because amid all the camp chairs, lag and craziness, 'Q' kept coming up and he got a few mens (and not sure how that happened..) ladies hairs before he ducked for cover under a cloud of embarassment. Thanks to Silent Sparrow's newbie box and Minnue Model Skins (Halloween box) he now looks manly enough for his liking. The skin especially is wonderful and he really likes the close shaven hair and stubbly look. Qwynne will be useful as he has no problem hanging with ruffians, walking down dark alleys or dealing with people of a generally low character.

I also want to introduce you to Vanitas Mistwallow, a girl with a budget and Gothic preferences. Her background is something of a mystery to me but I'm told she is not to be trusted.....
I have to admit it, I have become bored with all the freebies, hunts and camp chairs. (I have too much stuff in my inventory!!) Vanitas is looking forward to filling in for me whenever she can so that I can get back to Socializing, exploring and learning to build. (like that will ever happen.)
Vanitas was able to put together a look from stuff she found at Fleur, LVS& Co. and Tesla. All cheap or free. She also had a great time hunting around the Retrology Sim to the sounds of Rockabilly music for leetle pumpkins which contained gifts and tricks!

I spent the week kicking back by my cottage, giving advice and landmarks where needed
to the two newbies.

Is this a Hearse or what? Vanitas in Retrology sim... wearing Allure Vamp skin, LVS Pumpkin Princess BLK. dress, Shoes by Tesla, Hair by Magica-anti sizzors, All free

Qwynne looks on, Qwynne wearing newbie clothes (under 30 days) by Silent Sparrow, Skin by Minnu Palen(halloween Bag),
Eyes by Damiani (part of halloween group gift.)All Free. Shelby wearing Eyes and Skin by Redgrave, Skin- Jennifer, Dress by Silent Sparrow, Ears by Illusions (not free).

Shelby and Vanitas, all same except Vanitas's hair, Hairapy-from a pumpkin.

Qwynne sulks at having to shop, Qwynnw wearing same except for earthstones eyes, free Turquoise,
Vanitas wearing same except for Earthstones Turq. eyes, and Minnue model Skins -Halloween Bag.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Camp chairs, hunts and general mayham...Week 4

This has been a week of unaccomplished tasks. Things I wanted to do didn't get done. Unplanned shopping trips, and lack of patience with the camp chairs meant I wasn't one of the hundreds of Avies by now wearing the dress from Evie's closet. Ivalde had a great sale though with lots of deals on black dresses, I bought a few and promptly lost a skirt from one of them, from my inventory
while taking photo's. (something script related I think...) And there was a great hunt but I forgot the name of it! Most hunts end up with getting a lot of cute but never worn items that get purged from my inventory months later.

Dresses, Ivalde , Skin, Redgrave - Jennifer, Eyes, Redgrave, Shoes, L&E Hitomi, Ears, Illusions
(rest to follow..:))

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 3 - We're off to see the Wizard !!

The Magic of Oz is a new sim based on one of my favorite Children's stories (by Frank Baum) and Classic Movies.

This sim has shopping and is also a beautiful recreation of the places in the story. Here you will find the Emerald City, Munchkinland, the Witches Castle and even the flying Monkeys!

My latest incarnation has me exploring the wild places of SL as a faun.

Body (my own pixie); legs, horns from Titania's Court by Rian Maltese, Skin and eyes by Redgrave, Jennifer Skin, Julia Eyes, Clothes; Stitched by Vigo Creations, Brown Cuffs PE-MO spike Cuff, Poses by LAP.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Week 2 - Burning Life, A Day in the Lag, and a Faun......

Cave, Burning life Arrival Area

The Man!!

Cube Republic

Yesterday I took in a fashion show at Burning Life. The show was at Centre Camp and it was a fun and somewhat wacky look at the

Burning life theme.

Needless to say there was a lot of lag. After taking off most of my attachments and reducing my prims, I was surprised to see an
Avie with 11K prims!!!

These are some of the Models for the show. (and lots of prims are expected for them!)

Taking in Burning life is somewhat of a challenge. You can watch the shows and events which are ongoing. You can try to see most of the builds which I have been doing today by flying around the sims. You can also do a tour by following the webpage and clicking on SLURLS.
(Some fun stuff there.)

You may find yourself logging out and back in a few times when your 'puter gets overloaded...

Probably the best way to experience BL is to do so as a builder, scripter or in many of the various volunteer positions available to you. There is so much to see you almost need to be there for a whole week to really experience it.

Burning Life is a microcosm of Second life without all the money and commerce. There are plenty of Freebies, lots to do and see, and just about all the creative people in SL are involved.
Like SL it has all the negatives as well, Lag...., a confusing scheme, (just ask someone for a map of the place), and a somewhat disjointed atmosphere. One day in the future, when all is seamless in the metasphere, we may be nostalgic for the days when things were still being worked out.
I must admit my analog mind does get dizzy sometimes!