Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 3 - We're off to see the Wizard !!

The Magic of Oz is a new sim based on one of my favorite Children's stories (by Frank Baum) and Classic Movies.

This sim has shopping and is also a beautiful recreation of the places in the story. Here you will find the Emerald City, Munchkinland, the Witches Castle and even the flying Monkeys!

My latest incarnation has me exploring the wild places of SL as a faun.

Body (my own pixie); legs, horns from Titania's Court by Rian Maltese, Skin and eyes by Redgrave, Jennifer Skin, Julia Eyes, Clothes; Stitched by Vigo Creations, Brown Cuffs PE-MO spike Cuff, Poses by LAP.

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