Thursday, October 16, 2008

Camp chairs, hunts and general mayham...Week 4

This has been a week of unaccomplished tasks. Things I wanted to do didn't get done. Unplanned shopping trips, and lack of patience with the camp chairs meant I wasn't one of the hundreds of Avies by now wearing the dress from Evie's closet. Ivalde had a great sale though with lots of deals on black dresses, I bought a few and promptly lost a skirt from one of them, from my inventory
while taking photo's. (something script related I think...) And there was a great hunt but I forgot the name of it! Most hunts end up with getting a lot of cute but never worn items that get purged from my inventory months later.

Dresses, Ivalde , Skin, Redgrave - Jennifer, Eyes, Redgrave, Shoes, L&E Hitomi, Ears, Illusions
(rest to follow..:))

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