Thursday, November 21, 2013

Long long time ago ... or so it seems now.

I am not good at saying goodbyes ....I kept this blog active because it still has a lot meaning for me. I spent several years traveling, exploring, photographing and blogging the world which is Second life. I can still come here when I want to re-visit old times and marvel at how much I learned and how many interesting people I was lucky to meet. I have upon occasion gone back to that world but only for short stays. Real life has become busier and the demands on my time and pocketbook (in order to live the VL I would want) would be too great. Shelby was never a monniker, she became a real character who was both me/not me and I love to think she is still hanging out in SL somewhere.
That's all folks! (for now)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Plastik Christmas…


Seasonal clothing doesn’t have to mean Santa Hats and Reindeer horns, sexy fluffy Mrs. Claus outfits and looking like you just fell out of an Igloo.. Aikea Rieko of the Plastik (also here and here) has taken some of her favourite designs and textured them with a whole host of themes, making them wearable for winter and Christmas. She has even taken a number of skins and painted them with Cranberry, Holly, Mint, Candy Cane and Christmas Past themes.

Simply Red_001b

The skins come with matching ears. Price 999L includes one tone, 3 pairs of eyes and several Make-ups. The Cranberry colour is particularly lovely (if a little hard to shoot pictures of) and each skin  also comes in a number of makeup styles. She also has eyes which come in a matching pair or available in a prim version. She has shoes, and Arm warmers, Legging,TShirts with funny sayings, Scarves, Lingerie and Dresses (prices ranging around 199L) .

Simply Red20_001b

Everything is beautifully textured (& I admire her perfect seams…so hard to do..) Risk City may not be the first place one would think of shooting a Christmas Themed post, but it’s gorgeous and full of interesting spots… (I do look a little Vulcan on the above pic, dont’cha think??) I also found Katey Coppola’s poses (of Glitterati) to be a perfect expression of what I was trying to show..


Credits: All Pics shot @ Risk City. All Poses from Glitterati. All Magika Reall Prim Eyelashes. All Eyes Plastik Vae Coll.

Skins The Plastik {R} in Christmas Past, Cranberry, Menthe, Holly & Candy Cane. Plastik Outfit 1 – Turtle Dress (poinsetta), Shoes Fir Tree (stilletto), Leggings (emerald) Skin Elven Christmas Past (Cult). Hair Clawtooth be My Girl (snow). Outfit 2 – Dress Bordello (company party),Skin Elven Cranberry (freck), Warmers Poinsetta, Shoes (Goodwill to All), Hair Clawtooth could I resist (Sunset) Necklace Artilleri (group gift). Outfit 3 – Dress Friday (cutsey christmas), Fierri Leggings (holly jolly),Raziel Scarf (howl), Lipstick Gloves (jolly), Skin Elven Menthe (evel) Hair Clawtooth Louise Brooks (softest black). Outfit 4 -  Skin Elven Holly (hollyblooms), Dress Shredder (holly), Studded Scarf (vintage)Hair Curious Kitties Nyanotech (Maylie),Outfit 5 – Dress  Galizie (Decorum), Skin Elven Candy Cane (ice queen), Hair Clawtooth Beg your Pardon (chocolate cake).

Monday, December 6, 2010

In or Out?


It has been snowing all day. The pond is finally frozen over and people are skating…


I am a wuss when it comes to the cold. I am not even wearing boots…


Ice fishing anyone? Ignore me as I perform a perfect face plant in the snow…


I have been here before…years ago I wandered in here one September and a guy in a red suit gave me the grand tour. I am told he is really busy…


My kids have a snow day today. I am told that our ski hills will be opening a week early. Winter is not officially here for another few weeks but don’t tell Jack Frost!

Credits: Pics shot @ New England Lakes, All Poses by Rogan Diesel of Dieselworks Kalli & Cyn {R}. Skin by Glam Affair Eva Skin Winter Makeup (Dressing Room), Outfit by Jane (All on Sale) aviator Jacket (raven), Essence Pants (raven), Aviator Sweater (blush), Shoes Surf Couture Saturday Moccasins (black), Hair (with hat) Clawtooth Cuddle Puddle (Vampire Red) (sale).