Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leafy Shapes and Pink Fuel..Review

When I first started looking at the shapes from the Skin and Shape Expo, I admit I had a lot of OMG moments. I am not sure that you can really review shapes in the same way you review clothing or skins. A shape either works for you or it doesn’t. It is also important to buy modifiable shapes and if possible different versions or sizes of that shape. Taking a look at Leafy shapes, I realized that they are probably the closest to my own shape and answered the question I always ask myself. Would I wear it?


I paired the Shapes from Leafy up with Pink Fuel’s new skin, Skye. In these pictures I am wearing Leafy Shape Mona with some of the make-ups available at the Expo. I had expected Sky to be a similar skin to Raine, a skin I reviewed back in August and at first glance it is. The face is similar with the lips being softer and more natural but the biggest change occurs in the body. Raine’s body was softly shaded with detail on the understated side. Skye has the full on body shading one has come to expect from the top skinners in SL. Lots of detail and great overall look paired with Mochi Milena’s excellent make-ups makes this skin outstanding. Skins are 900L for a single skin and 2800L for five. There are 20 make-ups to choose from with possibly more to come in Milk, Honey, Chai and Tea.


My Shape wearing Skye Honey Pure, Bree wearing Skye Milk Leafy, Calypso wearing Skye Honey Pure, Jerelyn wearing Skye Tea pure, Mona wearing Skye Honey Beestung, Parfait2 wearing Skye Tea Pure.

I compared my shape with the Leafy Shapes. The Leafy shapes are well proportioned and generally realistic if a little idealized. (As I would hope mine generally is also.) Shapes come with various brow shapers and body sizes.


My Shape wearing Raine Bare, Bree wearing Honey pure DKBr*, Calypso*, Jerelyn*, Mona*, Parfait*.

I compared my Face (wearing Raine) to the faces of the Leafy shapes. They are quite nice I think. The eyes are smaller, and more naturally shaped than mine. Its a pain to fit lashes to my eyes.. I made my eyes on the larger size because I photograph from a distance and I wanted the eyes to show better. My nose is bigger and my head is rounder. My shape has been developed over about a year and I am still modifying it to accommodate different skins. My Favourite Leafy face is Mona..nice proportions on that face.

Just a thought when buying shapes; If you are going for a particular look, ie. from the pictures in the shape store, make sure you get a styling card in with the shapes, be prepared to spend more money on the skin, hair and clothes. The shape is like the frame for all the additions you make to it, and will look radically different depending on what skin you put on it. I really enjoy experimenting with my look and look forward to seeing all the pieces come together. I generally follow my own style but I know a lot of people like to know what they are getting in terms of an overall package. Leafy Shapes come in two types the no modify shapes are 350L and the Modify shapes are 699L.

Credits: all Eyes Hoot Halftone (all pics from top left and across)

Pic1-Leafy Shape Mona (Body Type 9) Leafy Brow 9, Skin Pink Fuel Skye, Beestung Honey, Leafy Milk, Pure Honey, Pure Tea, Shirt group Gift League (in store) Hair Jolie Femme Stephanie.

Pic2-My shape-skin Skye Honey Beestung, Sugarcube retro bikini, Hair Truth Grazia, Bree-skin Skye Milk Leafy, Exodi Olivia unikini, Hair Truth Marianne, Calypso-skin Skye Honey Pure, Thimbles Toasted Fred Savage, Hair truth Babyhoney, Jerelyn-skin Skye Tea Pure, Sh*t Happens Bikini Black Striped, Hair Truth Collette, Mona-skin Skye Honey beestung, Tuli Pink Skully Bikini, Hait Truth Renee, Parfait2-Skin Skye Tea Pure, Aoharu Layer Gradation Bikini Black, Hair Truth Trisha.

Pic3-My Face wearing Raine Honey Bare, All the rest are wearing Skye Pure Honey, Bree, Calypso, Jerelyn, Mona and Parfait2.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Trubble and Skin Within….Review

Today I want to show you some truly beautiful ladies courtesy of Tracy Rubble of “Trubble” and Ayesha Bisiani of “Skin Within”. I have been wanting to review Tracy’s designs for a while now and finally was able to return to her store last week to take a look at her designs. Her store has been completely updated and I think does a wonderful job highlighting her ever growing line of clothing.


This gown “Ana” in Tanzanite, is a sneak peek at a new colour to be unveiled at the Vanity Universe Glamour Expo on the 3rd of October. Blue and White are currently available at her mainstore. This lady (Shape and Skin from Skin Within) is called Ahawi and she is quite a beauty. The strong features and physical strength really compliments the dress better I think my own shape would have and I really enjoyed working with all the Charity skins that Ayesha sent.


All Pictures were taken at Heart Reef Resort which is based on the Island of Santorini. This outfit really caught my eye called Gypsy and the lady is called Amelie…You may have seen her.. In all of these pictures I have used the shapes which are available for each skin. All are available at the Shape and Skin expo.


Her name is Alasia and she is an interesting mix of eastern beauty with a modern sensibility. I love the shape of her eyes and mouth. This dress also comes in a pink version. All of the pieces worked well in terms of how everything fit and photographed.

Trubble Calla

These pretty tops are available in store with a skirted version of one of the colours.

What can I say about these skins from Skin Within? I think that they have some of the most beautiful realistic shading on the grid, and the skins themselves have always made me think of Amazons. There has been real effort made to be true to the ethnicity of each line and they have many unique qualities to recommend them. The shapes match this sensibility well, for they are powerful, beautiful women with strength and personality. Lets just say I am very impressed and will be taking a closer look at the entire line later.

Each skin is 1200L with 50% going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

A note about the shapes from Ayesha;


Credits: All Skins from Skin Within Ahawi, Amelie, Alasia. Eyes Silhouette Eyes True Blue + Lashes (gift from the Skin & Shape Expo)

Pic1-Dress *Trubble* Ana Tanzanite, Jewellery Bleinsen & MaiTai (from the jewellery fair) Earrings and Necklace, Hair PE Portia Kohl.

Pic2-Outfit *Trubble* Gypsy White, CCD reflective Diamonds Bangles (Jewellery Fair), Turnstyle Sand Dollar Earrings (JF), Exodi Darrivale Necklace, SLink Paige Tstrap Platforms White, Hair Lamb BangBang blk.

Pic3-Dress *Trubble* Carla Black, Jewellery Fairy Tail Vanessa (limited colour) (JF), Hair Junwave Casual short Cut-off gold.

Pic4- Tops *Trubble* Calla Corset Red, Green, Brown, Hair DP YumYum (barberyumyum) 16 Black, Bown and Honey.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Eye Goobers and Toejam…….

Tomorrow bring us the start of the Skin/Shape Expo ‘09. For someone who is a certified Skin Addict this is both wonderful…and dangerous. I know I will be taking several trips over there to see my Favourites as well as new or newtome skins and shapes. And that opens a new door for me also as I will be taking a close look at shapes and how skins and shapes work together. From what I have seen there are a lot of beautiful skins and shapes just waiting to be seen …. I am a slow blogger though and my weekends are really action packed. I am going to my first NFL football game on Sunday, crossing the border and gearing up for my first tailgate party (woooo..yaaaa!!!)Pics shot in the Wastelands.

Skin and Shape Expo

Credits: Skin Amacci Agnetha Group Skin Peach, Hair Amacci Free Hair Adena Blonde, Kunstkammer Bullet casing Necklace and Gift earrings (Jewellery fair), Zaara Jeans Classic Blue, Maitreya belt Faded Blue, UBU Pornstar Sneakers Lowrise, Pig Alphabet City Light Blue Shirts.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Odd Socks….The Sequel

A couple of my favorite designers are here today.


This slip makes me want to wiggle my butt!!! I picked up this little number a while ago from 5th & Oxford during a 50L Friday. I love the shade of green and the lovely way this slip fits, with some Fri*day and Periquita thrown in for good measure.


It’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring… L’Abel meets Kurotsubaki meets a few other interesting characters (Puddles, Pretties and Storin).


It’s my lunch… and I’ll eat it if I want to!! Well I’m sure I’m not the only one happy Violet Voltaire continues to create inworld as well as in the real world. I found so many cool, funny and unusual items at the Jewellery Fair today. I can’t wait to share them with you! Tuli Asturias is well known nowadays for her beautiful skins, but her clothes are just as gorgeous. And I have been stocking up at the pretties sale, shoes are 25L (I know…!!) A thought about great designers…beautiful colours, everything fits, including the prim skirt pieces, and unique styling. They make it look easy, (which it’s not) work their butts off, and don’t take shortcuts.

This is my Anniversary!!! I have been blogging for one year…Yay!!! Thanks to anyone who has read, or looked at the pictures, said “What does that have to do with fashion?”, or offered comments or advice. I have learned and continue to learn from my fellow bloggers, a supportive bunch you are. I stay in SL because of the creativity of our designers, builders, scripters (not strippers) and interesting people who do stuff! I guess I’m here for a while, at least (who can predict the future?) so get ready for more pictures shot from odd angles, horrid lighting, mangling of the English language, bad grammar and the use of these………...

Credits: Skin Fashionably Dead Morning Sun-Sun Drops, Eyes IC (Ina Centaur Skin Store) Ranika Eyes.

Pic1- Dress Little Miss Slip Olive, Shoes Periquita Funny Girl Flats lime (now available in Tex change), Fri*day Basic leggings yellow, Hair Cassie Anxious Blonde Fri*, Flower Artilleri Orchid hair flower Yellow Green, Slanted Fox Haiku cuffs.

Pic2-Sweater L’Abel Tuva Grey cardigan, Pants Kurotsubaki Denim half pants, Hair Tiny Bird POOP hunt Kissy Kissy Silver, Band-aids REEK, Umbrella’s Storin (open and closed), Bag Puddles Pink Camp Bag, Collar Katat0nik Locked Heart Choker, Pretties Khea Summer Heels.

Pic3-Tuli Bandana dress blue/Shine Leggings Taupe, Hair Lamb Baby’s on Fire Butter, Shoes Pretties Riva Uniques Retro Pink, RC lunch Heart Glitter, Violet Voltaire Doll Face Cameo Necklace, Earrings.

( I am publishing this without SLURLS tonight, I will add them on the morrow.)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Odd Socks….part the first.

This is a probably ill-fated attempt to put together a plethora of the ever growing # items from my inventory which I have had problems matching…like odd socks.


I really didn’t mean to call you at 2am after a night of double 2 flavoured Marguerita’s. '”I know you just had a baby but it was so amazing I just had to call. Look at this thing…no wires!!!” (Call made to my Sister from a Mexican Bar, circa 1988, a friend had just gotten this contraption, because he was in the news business….) Technology is pretty amazing isn’t it? I paid for it later…


Some people were raised on Rock n’ Roll, some on religion, I was raised on Monty Python. That pretty well explains everything….


On a Monday with PMS, I’m coming down with a cold, and everything is just Meh…! Good thing I have this enormous bag to carry everything I own, including Pain meds, and a book which I hope will get me out of this funk.

No one in their right mind would try to put this stuff together. I am not in my right mind. I will not take responsibility for any ailment caused by eyestrain or brain fatigue. I have to say that I love all this stuff and thank the designers for making them. They are old, new and sometimes for review. For sale, on sale and maybe free, group gifts and lauds, maybe even no longer available… definitely not available in Blue Mars…Favourite things I haven’t worn in a blog or tried to put together. The wild, wacky and perfectly ordinary, just some of the ephemera which makes SL the interesting place that it is. I will stop now before I get all philosophical about my stuff and kill my post with run on sentences, if I could stop I would…ah kill me now, will you!!!

And judging by the fact that many odd socks remain…to be continued….

Credits: Skin Fashionably Dead Morning Sun-Sun Drops, Eyes IC (Ina Centaur Skin Store) Ranika Eyes.

Pic1-Skirt Storin berry High-waist Sculptie skirt, Socks Mia Snow Rainbow, Sh*t Happens Kellie Navy Blazer, Hair Boon ZG0223 Blonde, Wigglesworth Elderly Avatars-free Junk Cell phone Horn Rimmed Glasses, Creamshop Linen Stole Muffler red, Shoes Pretties Boho Chic Mules Red, Bracelet Puddles Tricky Bangle Charcoal.

Pic2-Outfit Slanted Fox (sale) Draag Purse blue, J Rock Haiku Love Boy Shorts, Thrill me Zipup blue, Puddles Tricky Bangle Blue, Delia Boots Squeeky Clean Bubbles (on sale cheap!), Gabby’s Glasses Signerd, Hair [OH] Oh my happiness G, Dead Parrot (no Idea where that guy came from..).

Pic3- Shirt Beetlebones Jailbird sweater in maroon saloon, Fri*day Halter vest Blk, Slanted Fox School Etiquette cross, Artilleri Greta Glasses blk, Hair Tiny Bird The Art Teacher Spun Sugar, Earring Deco POOP Hunt smoky Earring, Shoes Pretties Fusion Creole, Tres Blah Chic Satchel Black, EmJay ripped Super dark Capri’s, (NS) Naith Smit Design white Cigarette Animated.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wear Grey……


In honour of wear grey day I am wearing a couple of looks which are something of a departure for me. The outfit and shoes are from .hc&co. (200L) and all proceeds go to brain Cancer research. The Skin is Po from Vive9 and it’s currently on sale at 450L for a single or 1500L for a fatpack. Older skins are even cheaper and they’re lovely too. The hair is a Tiny bird offering for 50L fridays and though I don’t usually wear black hair this is georgous.


I am including a link to Sanura Snowpaw’s Wear Grey Website, all info about this worthy cause can be found there.

Credits: Skin Vive9 Po Scotch Terra1, .hc&co. Grey Day Outfit, Tiny Bird Millionaire Pepper (includes detachable texture change headband), Eyes DenDou Light Grey. Poses by LAP and Flowey.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



You may wonder What brought a Bookkeeper with the British Civil Service to foreign soil surrounded on all sides by intrigue and double crossing scallywags? I could be waking up to my morning cuppa tea, listening for air raid sirens and getting ready for a usual day of gossip, listening to the radio and eating my marmite on toast. My air raid shelter keeps me safe..somewhat and we can all laugh at the gasmasks that are woefully inadequate for keeping a real gas attack away. My food rations are pitiful but I’d even trade in your last night’s French champagne and Beluga caviar for a little bit of ordinary…Bangers and Mash.

Berlin. What a garrison of spies! what a cabinet full of useless, liquid secrets, what a playground for every alchemist, miracle worker and rat piper that ever took up the cloak.

John LeCarre quotes (English Writer, b.1931)


I am sure I have been followed… My contact was acting strange and I have a funny feeling all is not what it seems. What exactly am I carrying ??? Good thing I am an expert markswoman and can fly the plane myself…. If you want a job done properly….. I will ignore the betrayal, he is not worth it. I trust my colt .45 more than that sad excuse for a man ….handsome sad excuse.

In every war zone that I've been in, there has been a reality and then there has been the public perception of why the war was being fought. In every crisis, the issues have been far more complex than the public has been allowed to know. John Le Carre


I knew you were too curious…bad sign for a field agent. It should have occurred to me right away that you were playing both sides! You may wonder what brought me, a simple civil servant here, now and with a gun pointing at your heart, although I know you don’t have one…a heart that is. You may wonder…but then I’d have to kill you.


You should have died when I killed you. John le Carre

Credits: Skin Pink Fuel Raine Chai Lush, Eyes Exodi Twilight Edward, Hair Clawtooth by Clawtooth Love Letters Scarlet Blond (with texture change Hat), Suit Ivalde Brianna Brown Skirtsuit, Shoes Kookie Limited Edition Yuki Sock, WW1 Explorer Belt wth Buckle, W Morty’s bowtie Red from Wigglesworth Elderly Avatars and More.., Colt .45 Box. All Poses Rel Expression Luth Gun set. Shot @ WWII Outfitters.

Marni Grut of Bone started this meme.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Is you is or is you ain’t my baby…


Every outfit starts off somewhere and this outfit started off with the shoes… Someone (innocently) mentioned that Slink had new shoes..with new feet, and they were half off…so off I went to Slink… The shoes are much easier to match and tint than other versions…Then I was trying to match clothes to a jacket I found but well..I saw this dress at Milk Motion (they used telepathy). Horses? I just had to have it. Well, it did go perfectly with the shoes! At the same time I had been planning to buy a hair from DP YumYum…(or had the idea mysteriously been implanted in my brain?) and it is Yummy, dontcha think? And didn’t I have to hear that Atomic had new skins? I knew I wasn’t going to like them…Wrong!! (Who told them that I love black lipstick??) And so this outfit is a result of a global conspiracy started by six guys (you know the six guys who are behind everything) You…! Thanks by the way…(At which point Shelby realizes she’s talking to herself and goes to hide in a closet.)

Credits: Skin & Eyes Atomic Grace Cream daring Black, Eyelashes Redgrave Glamour, Dress Milk Motion My Vintage Fringe Horses, Shoes SLink Gladiator Achillia Silver, Hair *DP YumYum (BarberYumyum *18)Fatpack plus Hair Accessories free to group, Nails Candy Nail Black Evolution.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BTS – It is what it is…..

This post is hereby dedicated to all the poor souls who reluctantly trotted off to school this week…

BTS Blogb

Barenaked Ladies – Grade Nine


My Chemical Romance –I’m not Okay (I promise)


The Ramones – Rock ‘n Roll High School

Credits: Skin Blowpop Elizabeth N2 Toneb Twilight, Eyes Exodi Vetro, Twilight, Earrings Pididdle Vignette.

Pic1-Edelweiss School Blazer Cure (Tex change) CSR, Clawtooth by Clawtooth Cheated heart wth Mouth Button, *Puddles* Venice Bag Orange.

Pic2-Outfit Fri*day- Basic Flats navy, Cap Tee White, Short cardi all sleeves Navy, Trousers Navy, Hair Serena Reds, Bag PD Phoenix Equestrienne.

Pic3-Top Fri*day Pumpkin Henley Hoodie, Top Fri*day Boatneck tee White, boyfriend Jeans Maitreya, Hair Fri*day Cassie Blonds, Shoes UBU Urban Bomb Unit Pornstar Lowtops (Tex Change), MSG Bag Miel Sept. Group Gift

Thursday, September 3, 2009

!SSUS!, Tuli Review and a few things…


Rowan Carroll is the lady behind the Store “She’s so Unusual Shoes!” or !SSUS! for short. I wish I had discovered this store when I first joined Sl, as I remember the choices were either to spend a fortune or wear shoes that blinged. The first thing you notice when you enter !SSUS! is that there are ..lots and lots of shoes in many colours and textures. The second thing you notice is the cost of the shoes which is very reasonable. And the third thing is that this lady does have a sense of humour, with her whimsical creations like the Penis (am I allowed to say that?) Pumps and Noob shoes! I love her most recent creations especially her Gothic Rose and Pentagram Platforms. Chunky heels yay!! You will be seeing more of these shoes…


I am sure that I am later than anyone blogging Tuli’s new skin tone in her Hope line, Ivory. That said, I really enjoyed working with these skins. I found them versatile and loved the new make-ups. As always the skins are gorgeous and photograph beautifully


Ah, finally I get to how you my favourite hair from the Hair Fair!!! Tukinowguma is the hair store and I wanted to find the perfect outfit to show it off. I found it at DP YumYum, which is in the process of being renovated right now. The hair and flower are texture change. Oh isn’t it just the sweetest thing?? Pics shot at Route 66.


During my travels around the grid, I came across the store, Likka House and the lovely grey dress, Giselle. This dress has a Glow or non Glow option. Hair is by Magica and Pics shot at Cesaire.


I found this delicious dress at Pinky Gals (originally to go with my favourite hair from the hair fair). It has a lovely shine which I teamed up with Hoofs (from Lazy Places demonology Hunt on now) and a great new hair from Boon (half price right now). Shot at Carpe Noctem.

Credits: all Skins Tuli Hope Ivory, All eyes Exodi and Hoot.

Pic1- Shoes from !SSUS! Magellen Corsett Wedges(95L), Absinthe Lace trim Pumps (95L), Black Pentagram Platforms(195L), Red Gothic Rose Platforms (195L), Outfit DP YumYum Rose Petal Dress Red.

Pic2-refer to other pics

Pic-3 Tuli Ivory 6 PU, Redgrave Twiggy Lashes, DP YumYum Rose Petal Dress, Hair Tukinowaguma Morning Rose Ash, !SSUS! Gothic Rose Platforms red.

Pic4-Tuli Ivory 4 PU, Dress Likka House Giselle Grey, Mystic Ears Naturals Illusions, !SSUS! Black Pentagram Platforms, HoC Pentagram Necklace Silver, Magica Hair Safety Pin Blond A.

Pic5-Tuli Ivory 10PU, Dress Pinky Gals Dress05 Red, Evolution Bleeding Heart Collar Red (Philotic Energy Part of a 50L gift box), Sh*t Happens Mariya Stirrup Pants Crimson, Tatts GoK Aphrodisia, Lazy Places Myth Satyr Hoof (Demonology Hunt) Hair Boon Mau486 Blond, Horns *Hexed* Alt Sinners (The store has closed but Alt items still available onXStreet)..