Friday, January 29, 2010

Follow your Bliss..

BY  Emily Dickinson - Is bliss, then, such abyss - I must not put my foot amiss-For fear I spoil my shoe?
I'd rather suit my foot - Than save my boot, - For yet to buy another pair - Is possible - At any fair.
But bliss is sold just once; The patent lost - None buy it any more.


Amutey DeCuir, of Bliss Couture is well known for the beautiful design of her gowns and anyone who has been to the 2010 – The Future is now exhibit at Rezzable Greenies will have seen her outstanding entry, Xenaah. What is also apparent is that she takes this attention to detail and meticulous style to all of her designs. I am showing two of her recent releases *, each very different but lovely nonetheless.


A couple of days ago, I was researching my last blog and the store I wanted was in Harajukubox shopping area. The area was closed for a redesign and I was happy to see that it has quickly re-opened. It is an interesting shopping area with several levels and many of the old stores from the sim and some still setting up. Another note; you are a lover of sales and Tattoos then you will love this sale at HUZ tatts, needless to say I am now full of new Tattoos and looking for opportunities to wear them!!


When Harper Beresford mentioned this Sim, China, in her Blog, A Passion for Virtual Fashion,  I knew I just had to check it out. It’s beautiful and moody with lovely tonal effects throughout. Skin is the new offering from Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch. It’s a rare thing for me to buy a fatpack of any skin but in the last week I bought both Gwen and Sjors!! (to my wallets great dismay…) These skins have great versatility, being wearable for both high and casual fashion looks. All the poses I have used here are from new to me pose store called Everglow, very expressive poses!


Pics1&2-Outfit Bliss Couture Mara (olive){R}, Hair Pocket Mirrors Erin Curls (blonde), Skin Dutch Touch Sjors Cream (cleopatraSis), HUZ Butterfly (sale), Shoes Maitreya Mishima Dawn (leather green), Eyes Exodi Zbilja (sepia) all pics, Magika Reale Prim Eyelashes (all pics), Poses by Everglow (all pics)(Pose packs on sale now for 160L, 50% off){R}. (*Although I have searched and searched, this item does not appear to be up for sale as of yet..let me know if you see it.  :)
Pics3&4-Outfit Bliss Couture Ansley Pants set (original) 280L {R}, Hair Tiny Bird Ciao! Bella (fat but pretty), Skin Dutch Touch Sjors Cream (RoundNround), Shoes Pretties Risque (ebony) (NLA Pretties is now A La Mood, upstairs with less shoes and more Jewellery), Belt Nomine Gypsey belt (group gift), Jewellery SBJ (Sian Birke Jewellery) Fall Colours Topaz (jewellery fair freebie).

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Skin Within meets Strange World

Skin Within30_001b

Evening Star by William Blake
Thou fair hair'd angel of the evening,
Now, while the sun rests on the mountains light,
Thy bright torch of love; Thy radiant crown
Put on, and smile upon our evening bed!
Smile on our loves; and when thou drawest the
Blue curtains, scatter thy silver dew
On every flower that shuts its sweet eyes
In timely sleep.

Skin Within11_001b

Let thy west wind sleep on
The lake; speak silence with thy glimmering eyes
And wash the dusk with silver. Soon, full, soon,
Dost thou withdraw; Then, the wolf rages wide,
And the lion glares thro' the dun forest.
The fleece of our flocks are covered with
Thy sacred dew; Protect them with thine influence.


Credits: Skin Within Droe Exotica 1200L {R}, Hair Simply Britnee General (Luna) 200L (all colours) {R}, Necklace *SISSI* Cutie Checker Grey 169L {R}, Dress Kouse’s Sanctum Lynet Fae Minidress (snow)with wings 300L {R}, Shoes D’fly Pumps Ice Queen (prices vary 100-290L) , Eyes Exodi Realite (ocean blue). Top 2 pictures were taken @ Strange World. Skin available at Greenies Home Rezzable site of The Future is now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skin Within Meets Bladerunner City..


When I first saw these skins by Ayesha Bisiani over at the site for the Future is Now, Greenies Home Rezzable, I immediately thought of all the original Star Trek Heroines. Wild women with coloured skins who would either be trying to kill or seduce Captain Kirk (no accounting for taste, I know.." “I love you, now I must Kill you!!!!”). These skins are exquisite, with saturated hues and jewels incorporated into the design. But the challenge for me was to somehow make them my own in such a way as I would be comfortable wearing them. The Magika hair works because its wild without chopping into my shoulders, and the Camisk from Analise, and Hybrid Neko Stuffs which I have had for a while, fit perfectly. I also thought some Lazy Places Footwear would be right and I found these great Paws which I just love!


I took a journey over to Bladerunner City, which is an amazing build, full of Space themed details and really interesting. I will be going back to explore further… When Rogan Diesel passed along this pose set, Fight Me, he did so with a bit of a sheepish laugh, “It’s kinda Silly, don’t feel you have to blog it..” But the truth is that it was absolutely perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the pics. Sometimes poses can be too static and so bringing in some action was a lot of fun. So Panther lady is off to find her space captain where she will undoubtedly be heard to whisper….“Dahling, watch out for those claws, I must groom myself, What???”


Credits: Skin Within Skin A.N.A Cyborg Floral Natural 1800L {R}, Eyes LittleGirl Eyes (cyber) basic, Hair (& Lashes) Magika Word (black), Ananlise Tal Tether Camisk (charcoal), Lazy Places Lola Boots (paws) (black), Hybrid Neko starter set (ears and tail +HUD), Jewellery DSN ~Creations~ Cats Eye Disque necklace. All Poses Diesel Works Fight Me Set 599L {R}. The Skin is available until Saturday @ Rezzable Future is Now (greenies).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

G.Sloane Review


It is always interesting to try to match a location to a particular outfit and so when I received this dress from Geryn Sloane I thought I might just see what I could come up with. Lonely Star is one of those sims where the weather is always changing. Lightning, rain and snowy forest with paths leading around a lake. The dress, appropriately named Fragile can be worn several ways and worked well in a sim where Winter reigns but spring is poking its head.


G.Sloane is a store that has a nice balance of clothing, from casual sweaters to dresses of all kinds. I am wearing the new skin Gwen (and yes I noticed there is another new skin) from Dutch Touch. The shoes are from the sale at Aoharu where I picked up a bunch of shoes and boots. Hair I picked up at a 50L friday and a note to all lovers of sales; Autumn Hykova is having a sale right now, 50% off all hairs. She will be shutting down her store for a day or two over the weekend in order to retexture her hairs. I am looking forward to seeing the new textures!! (Not sure if the sales are still on as I wrote this post several days ago.)


Credits: Outfit G.Sloane Fragile 350L {R}, Skin Dutch Touch SmokeyX (cream), Anexx Gladiator Heels (silverwhite), Tiny Bird LoveLoveLove (vanilla) a 50L fri, Eyes Exodi LiM Naturals (look into my-blue). Poses by snOoky’s pOses.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pacadi Jasha


What will this day be like? I wonder.
What will my future be? I wonder.
It could be so exciting to be out in the world, to be free
My heart should be wildly rejoicing
Oh, what's the matter with me?
I've always longed for adventure
To do the things I've never dared
And here I'm facing adventure
Then why am I so scared
Maria (From the Sound of Music)


This Sim and outfit reminded me of Maria in the sound of music and I had to restrain myself from running up and down the mountains and singing “the hills are alive”. So instead I imagined myself as a modern version of her.  This outfit from Pacadi has been blogged already and me being a slow blogger will not repeat the praises except to say that I love the blue/black combo and simplicity of the design. The Hair (to be released soon), the glasses and the bag are also from Pacadi Jasha Ltd., with the bag full of items if you look inside. Bracelet is by Summer Seale and poses from Diesel Works Shake set.


Credits: Pacadi Jasha Amba Silk Dress 225L (5 colours), Designer Aviator Glasses 120L (6 colours), Yike Bag 165 (7colours), Tilde Hair (coming soon) (caramel) {R}, Shoes Anexx Triple Fringe Pumpus (black), Exodi LiM eyes(look into my-Ocean blue), Skin Dutch Touch Gwen Breeze (cream). Bracelet Summer Seale Simple Bracelet B&S 250L (for 8 colours){R}. Shot at Fair Haven. Poses Diesel Works Shake set.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prayer ~ Plastik, Exile, Dieselworks, Tuli 2

More newness at The Plastik! This outfit, Prayer is an interesting mix of texture, design and is pretty versatile if you wanted to mix it up a bit with other pieces. Tons of choices for colour and texture as well (there’s 26!).


Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works sent along this pose set called Celeste. As a Blogger I rely heavily on poses as does anyone who photographs in Second Life. If you have ever made a pose,(I occasionally will fool around in Quavimator) then you know that posemaking is deceptively simple.  Because the Avatars we use don’t really work like Humans in the natural sense, a pose which will work for us (RW) often will not look natural in SL. Arms, bodies, necks and torsos can appear twisted  parts can intersect strangely and a picture that you may have been using as a reference just won’t translate. I must admit that many pose packs I own will even have these flaws. This is why you will often notice us bloggers reusing the same poses or sticking to just a few posemakers. I really enjoy working with these poses from Diesel Works. They are natural looking with subtle touches and proper use of body positioning. Diesel Works also has very nice couple poses and props, chairs etc. all incorporating this same aesthetic.


A little while after Tuli Asturias first released her Bella skins, she released this set of “Specials” FYEO (For Your Eyes only) and another set (which I have featured) FYLO (For Your Lips Only).  I love the deep yet subtle colour in these makeups. They are available in a pack of 4 make-ups per one tone, with cleavage options and brow options. Amelia , from Exile is the hair style I have used for this and my previous post. It has just the right amount of messines and texture.


Credits: Skin Tuli Fair FYEO, (dawn, dusk,night,sunset) 2000L per 4 pack (with cleavage and brow options) {R}, Eyes Den-Dou Violet, Hair Exile Amelia 225L {R}, Outfit The Plastik Prayer (Aborigine, Colorkill, Jeannie, the tides) {R}, Boots Shiny Things Ving, All poses from Diesel Works, Celeste pose pack 75 per pose, 500L full set {R}.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Courtesan ~ The Plastik 1

I have a couple of things from The Plastik to show you, so rather than serve it up in one post I thought I’d split it up into more digestible pieces.


When I first took a look at this dress, Courtesan, I was taken by the richness of colour and texturing. Tuli’s recent Makeup from Bella, (for your eyes only) was a perfect foil and the new style from Exile, Amelia also complimented the look. As always the dress is available in multiple colours and textures.


I wanted to find a location which also bled colour and found the new Ozimals sim. This sim is beautifully designed around the whole Bunny phenomenon, with little homes and georgous garden accents (Velveteen Garden Store). It is worth a trip even if you are not into raising Bunnies.


Credits: Skin Tuli Bella Fair (night) 200L (4 colours) {R}, Eyes Den-Dou Violet, Dress The Plastik Courtesan (black sun) 249L {R}, Boots Shiny Things Ving (black wth tex ch laces), Hair Exile Amelia (violet dawn) 225L {R},

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sn@tch Review….


I must admit to something silly. Whenever I am blogging, (which is always) I tend to wear whatever I am working on until the blog is done. That way I remind myself to finish and I have on the clothes, if I need to check back on them. I made a funny comment on Plurk about running around in my undies and Ivey Deschanel kindly passed me some clothing from Sn@tch to save me from my unclothed state….


Sn@tch was one of the first stores that I ever blogged (week 6 Kitteh parts) and though I had no idea what I was doing at the time it did reflect my taste, which was streetwear and urban grunge. I was a loyal member of the update group and with my old and fairly challenged computer I would gamely arrive every week to try to find the hidden hunt items. Cursing and grumbling and nursing a headache by the time I found the hidden gems, I would also look to see (and buy) what new items were instore. Ivey has continued to grow and develop her talents, the store has moved and is larger and well laid out..(No more headaches..) If I am looking for something in the urban, streetwear mode I know I can always find what I am looking for at Sn@tch. (I am a little late in blogging these, most were released in December.)


Credits: All Poses Glitterati
Pic1Sn@tch  SkinDeep Sweaters (BlackDahlia), Gooshers Combat Boots (blk laces tex ch), Scotty Bra (from Scotty doesn’t know set), Bardot Pencil Jeans (med), Skin Ugly Duck Snow Queen (xmas group gift), Eyes Den-Dou (black), Hair Lamb BangBang Bob (black).
Pic2 - Sn@tch Velveteen Party Dress (red), Stems Latex Boots (black), Eyes Exodi Tropico (ocean blue), Hair OH Oh My Happiness, Skin Ugly Duck Gacha Skin8, Tattoos Otaku Design, Cross&Rose Facial, Direction upper&lower.
Pic3Sn@tch Off Duty Model Sweaters, Engineer Jeans, Muff Stompers (all black), SiamInk Tattoos #24 Front, #47 Belly, Skin Fashionably Dead Bird Skin (pollution), Hair OH Oh my Ramen, Jewellery Rising Star Voshie Earring, Eyes Den-Dou (Emerald green), Lashes Magika.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Unmentionables - those articles of ladies' apparel that are never discussed in public, except in full-page, illustrated ads.  ~Changing Times


Recently I received a folder of new items from Pacadi. Since Lingerie is a new venture for the designers of this line of clothing, I thought it would be nice to take a look at these plus other “Unmentionables” in my inventory. All are nicely textured and well deserving of mention. Since I love to shoot on location, I thought it would be fun to find an empty sim and see what I could come up with picture wise. Bra set is by Pacadi, Tattoo Luck Inc., Skin Exodi and Hair Lamb. Earrings by Rising Star.


The lovely set by Reasonable Desires matched well with the new Pacadi Belt , Tatt by Pididdle, Shoes Biaistice, and Skin Group Gift from Belleza.

This bodysuit from Luck Inc. (Linc) comes in a bevy of colours and matched with Leafy set from Illusions, Hair from OH, Skin from Tuli (group gift) and shoes from Maitreya. Below was a gorgeous sale item from Zaara which I bought a while ago, hair by Simply Brittney, skin by Cupcakes, necklace from Sparkle fish.


All pictures were taken at Bliss Gardens Park SIM. The sim is designed around a cave theme, with gardens permeating the trails and some very unusual vegetation. It is also a sim which is welcoming to new players with tents set up for camping, and you can set it as your home location by joining the group if you are homeless. (no rezzing though). Poses used were by Juxtapose and LAP.

Credits: All eyes Exodi.
Pic1-Lingerie PACADI Jasha Oona (#1)165L(265 wth belt){R}, Luck Inc. Linc Wraps Tattoo 299L{R}, Skin Exodi Sienna Vivante (icicle), Earrings Rising Star Nyx 225L {R}, Hair Lamb Witch (powder).
Pic2-Lingerie Reasonable Desires Rosie (black) 150L{R}, Belt PACADI Jasha Mairey Leather (brown) 225L {R}, Bracelets ALaMood (Grab Bag)Il Circo (stacked gold), Earrings Rising Star Goddess 200L{R}, Tattoo Pididdle (remember that I love you), Shoes Baiastice Querelle (brown), Hair Maitreya LE.LOOK (coffee), Skin Belleza Alison (Christmas Group Gift).
Pic3-Lingerie Linc Bodysuit wth snake suspenders (rifle green) 220L {R}, Hair OH Oh my Mohawk{R}, Socks Doppelganger Button Me up (olive), Leafy Jewellery Illusions Hedera, Shoes Maitreya Mishima Dawn Leather (green)Skin Tuli (group gift) Eva.
Pic4- Lingerie Zaara Kanti (frost){R}, Skin Cupcakes Embrace Cameo (miracle), Hair Simply Brittney Ave (luna){R}, Jewellery Sparkle Fish Peonies wth Pearls&White gold.

Monday, January 11, 2010

In Small Packages….

It was recently pointed out to me by a posemaker that we as bloggers do not always give the makers of poses the credit that they deserve. We go into great detail about the clothes, hairs and even the locations saying little about the poses which we rely on so much. With that In mind I hope to talk a little more about the posemakers that I use in future. This poseset is by Essential Soul Studio ‘n Poses, called Her Walk, and is nicely porportioned and versatile. 350L. The store is laid out to easily find what you’re looking for with single poses, sets and group, as well as other items for sale.


It takes a truly talented designer (Aikea Rieko of the Plastik) to be able to take a very simple design, add a few textures and end up with a piece which looks as though it has a lot of added prims but really doesn’t. The economic use of prims and rich texturing means that you can pose this dress every which way and it still looks good. I must add also that every texture looks unique and this is only a sample of what is available. Dress comes in Belt/no belt option and leggings. 249L.


The Skin is new from Heather Beebe of Rockberry, Jules. It is available in 4 Tones, 12 Makeups and enhanced cleavage. There are some features which make this skin different, the nose is narrower and the face has a narrower shape, the lips are quite generous and well defined. Overall this skin is quite pretty and I will be looking forward to seeing the freckled version which is still being worked on. Also it should be noted that Rockberry is a reasonably priced skin, 1 Skin in one tone is 450L, Fat Pack of 1 eyebrow/1tone is 1500L and lt/dk eye/1 tone is 3000L. The necklace is from HoD (Haus of Darcy). 3 colours plus several options 249L ea colour.


New Kalnins Boots Snowdrift may still be on sale to subscribers (400L) 800L Reg price. This boot is delicate and can be customized for colour, and size. The textures are very realistic. SD wears has a new boot called funeral which is on sale for a limited time, 100 boots for 100L. The boot is high, black and great for stomping. The boots by Courtisane I bought at the shoe fair, the colour is no longer available but this shoe (at regular price) is still for sale.


Credits: Skins – Rockberry Jules Light, Natural, Tan, Dark Lt/Dk Brows Cleavage {R}, Dress The Plastik Friday (tons of colours){R}, Hair (pic1) Pocket Mirrors Hilda updo (reds), W&Y 86, DP YumYum BarberYumYum 16 (bow add on), Jewellery HoD Costumed Pearls{R}, Boots (pic4) Sd Wears Funeral Boots{R}, Kalnins Snowdrift{R}, Courtisane LaViviene (pinkMix NLA). All Pics were shot at Osterberg.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

In the beginning….


If ever an award be given for the noobiest noob, I would be high on the list. I am always amazed that so many Avies started with help of any kind, walking away on the first day with new skins and clothes… My first day in SL started like this. Download client, make account (this is May and things are going well so far..) Arrive on Orientation  Island…wow a Segway…try to change my appearance, make myself 8 feet tall add weird textures and a hilarious hairstyle (didn’t know you could get clothes, hair etc..)then crash and realize my puter could not handle the graphics. Attempt # 2 September (new puter)… Log in and notice my 8 foot tall ugly clothes, try to look better, do a tutorial…hey I’ll click on this…realize I’m sitting in Linden land next to a Balloon Tour (it takes me 3 days to figure out how to do the tour…). At this point I couldn’t get back to Orientation Island so I went to help Island…someone gives me hair and a lot of landmarks (thanks to that mentor of long ago..). I then proceed to hit every single freebie place on my list and I end up with 3K of junk. During this time I am bumping into the oddest assortment of noobs, greifers, naked penisis and people getting dressed etc. (I take an instant dislike to an Avie with moustache, glasses and yellow sweater…different guys but same idiot..) I am dressing on top of buildings and mountains and starting to explore. I made this Elf/Hobbit because I wanted to be left alone to explore and not have offers of Cybering every 5 minutes. It worked!!

Shelby in the sky_008b

By this point I was discovering good places to shop, Hair Artilleri, Skin Gala and clothes Torridwear. My pictures though consist mainly of me sitting, flying…no poses or AO. One of my consistencies throughout my stay in SL has been the fact that my look changes constantly. I was a Dragon for a short while, an Elf for longer and though I have a default shape and I tend towards blond… I tweak and change and tweak and change. I remember at this point in SL I thought one day I’d find the perfect skin, hair and clothes and then I’d be able to settle down and build or just socialize. But that never happened because after buying land, I started blogging and that has been my focus since. Most of my early hairs and skins are gone, lost in an inventory meltdown (not sure if it was me or SL) last winter. I deleted all my early clothes, except for the little Elf/Hobbit. My Avie is the original one I started out with, I always figured I put her through too much to abandon her.I started blogging in much the same way as the rest of my my SL experience, with no knowledge but a willingness to learn. Thank you for bearing with me.


Credits: Pic1 – Panache Hair, freebies, skin is listed as Eric Linden. Pic2- Hair Artilleri, Skin Gala, Clothes Torridwear with a few freebies. (I didn't know how to take pics then this is a recreation..) Pic3- skin[Atomic] Grace (cream) daring Black, , Kookie Athena (black),Lamb Witch (Granny), Violet Voltaire Christmas Silver Bells (Old), Outfit Bliss Couture Queen Fairy Coat (black) Pic taken in December. (This follows a meme started by Sophia Harlow.)

Friday, January 8, 2010

More than this….SWA & ESS

It is somewhat unusual to write about a posemaker and not include their poses but this post is about businesses in Sl which don’t fall into a preconceived idea of what we have come to expect.


The idea for this post came about when I had taken a trip over to Essential Soul Studio N Poses. I had heard about the release of some non-pose related items. I love to see designers branching out and the Guardian Sunglasses were quite attractive. (Especially the crashed version..) I also noted a beautiful Tattoo and so things started to percolate in my brain… One of the problems with showing off any Tattoo is that once clothing is added, you often don’t see much of it. I had been sent some new clothes from Sioxie Legend of Second Wave Apparel and realized Leathers would be perfect for the look. The Leather Jacket fit me really well, which is a bonus because I suck at modifying prims (I am better than I used to be but I tend to lose buttons…).  And then there was also a Leather Bra and Panties… SWA is a store which always has great quality and I never know what Sioxie will make next. I took myself over to MC Studio, Bosch because in the studio there is a huge prop room.


I must also mention the sale at Exodi (where I picked up these lushious black lips..), one of my favourite boots from Kookie, League pants and the hair which is new from Clawtooth over at Tableau. And the gun…well I’ll keep that to myself, you never know when I’ll need it….

Credits: Skin Exodi Sienna Soleil Paparazzi , Eyes Exodi LIM (SexOnTheBeach), GLasses (ES) Guardian (crashed) 349L {R}, Tattoo (ES) Tawhaki Type2 449L {R}, Hair Clawtooth LoveMoMo (VampireRed), Leather Bra & Panties SWA {R},Cropped Leather Jacket SWA 200L {R}, Boots Kookie Athena.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5th & Oxford, HoD, Exile and Kalnins…Review

After a season of fancy dresses, red and green, winter clothing, scarves and other sundries, I am happy to get back into street clothes. Given the hoopla of holidays and eating more food that I should, I was thinking that things would quieten down in SL.


Ha! What with Tableau opening a new build, Designers United3 and CSR (which I probably will never get to..) not to mention the consistency of designers in releasing new stuff and sales….
These were all released over the holidays and when I sat down to look at my out-of-control inventory, I loved how all of the pieces came together.

When Roslin Petion announced that she was designing some clothing around the Rocker/Punkette theme I was curious… And knowing that she’s a Jersey girl, I thought I’d get with the program and try to follow the theme (ok the 50’s but I think it still applies..).The Rebel/Rebel line from 5th & Oxford comes with Tshirts, a halter and denim skirts, available in a number of colours. The halter tops are particularly fine and the skirts come in a belt/beltless options. There is also a sofa and textures available for sale.


The Boots are a new offering from Kalnins and they were a perfect match to the outfits. As always the they come with a hud which allows you to customize the colours and metals. Kalnins footwear always fits me right out of the box and as always the detailing is suberb. The Jewellery is all from HoD (Haus of Darcy). The Nuclear Cupcake set has a little grenade squashed in the icing. Dutch Touch is having a sale right now on skins so I bought a few…Jolie is my favourite line and works nicely with my avie. Exile has some new hairs out this week (oh I love the pink eva..) and I added one of my Tableau deals to it from Lamb.


I took all of the pictures in Jet Lag Sim, a really cool retro themed area with a High School, Beauty Shop and Ice Cream Parlour amongst other things. Lots of interesting period details and furnishings as well.

Credits: All Eyes Den-Dou, Magika Real Prim Eyelashes, Kalnins Footwear Digna {R}.
Pic1-(All) 5th&Oxford Rebel,Rebel Mini, Rock Royalty Tee (purple) {R}, Hair Lamb BangBang Bob (butterfinger), Skin Dutch Touch Jolie Cream (dark), HoD Starlight chain necklace {R}.
Pic2-5th&Oxford Punk Princess T (grey) {R}, Hair Exile Molly (scarlett), Dutch Touch Jolie Cream (dark), Hod nuclear cupcake Ring and necklace (yellow) {R}.
Pic3-5th&Oxford Rebel,Rebel Halter Pink {R}, Hair Exile Eva (candy), Dutch Touch Jolie PiP7, HoD Starlight chain necklace {R}.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Du3 – The Starlet, the Gypsy and the Child Star…

CHARACTERS: The Starlet, Gladys O’Hara ………..Alias “The Moll” Tough as nails and willing to do anything to get where she wants.   The Gypsy, Gertie Dolittle……… Girl from wrong side of the tracks (with heart of gold),  The Child Star ………. Alice Sourpuss, (a little long in the tooth). Detective Jack Blackwood …. always gets his man (or in this case woman).
SCENE: Kowloon, evening, streets are dangerous but one had to make do when no chaperone is to be found. Cool and dingy, an air of malfeasance hangs like a dirty cigar…
DISCOVERED: Body of Mobster, Mr. Big and Tall, found grasping a torn laundry stub with 3 names scrawled in a spidery hand. Multiple stab wounds, carrying an unused loaded colt 45. A look of extreme surprise plays across his features.
SCENE: Gladys O’Hara’s Dressing Room.
Jack Blackwood: So Gladys, it is a well known fact that you were the girlfriend of said victim. Can you tell me where you were last night? (Pulls out notebook and stubby pencil.)
Gladys: I was performing, then in my dressing room, then I turned in at my Hotel. Ask Alice and Gertie, we shared a room.
Jack Blackwood (takes note of events with a shake of the head.): I wouldn’t leave town if I were you.
Gladys: I am the headliner for a Vaudeville show, I can’t sit in a room and wait, you know where to find me anyways, my schedule is well known. (Lights cigarette and blows smoke into Detectives eyes. Gets close and wraps her arm around his waist.) I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement….

SCENE: Dingy Bar smelling of latent Beer and Whiskey.
Jack Blackwood: So Gertie, I understand you were once a Companion to said Victim?
Gertie: We were lovers, yes. Rat!!! I’m glad he’s gone if you ask me, sewer rats have more class than he had!! But I didn’t kill him, he deserved much worse than he got if you ask me!!!
Jack: Where were you last night around midnight? (Expecting the answer she inevitably gave…).
Gertie: You look extremely tense, have a whiskey and I can rid you of all that tension…. (Two figures seen leaving Bar an hour later…)
It must be noted that by this point Jack Blackwood can see how the whole thing is going and decides to look the other way. After all said victim had a lot of enemies and was known to police…in more ways than one, if you get my drift. Lets just say he had been getting away with murder for more years than Jack can remember…..Jack chuckles (I always get my Man!!)
SCENE: Small hotel room in a sad part of town. Jack arrives to find Alice sitting confused and disoriented, tears streaming down her cheeks, next to a steamer trunk. He helps her up and dries her tears. Takes note of similarity in features to said Victim.
Jack: So Alice, You seem sad… Did you know said Victim at all?
Alice: (snuffling and blowing her nose) No, I did not. Why did you think I knew (honking and coughing..)
Jack: Your name was on a laundry stub found at the scene… Where were you last night? (knowing the answer she would give…)
Alice at this point loses it completely and Jack must do what he can to calm her down, noting later that his report is lacking in coherence, and though he has been quite busy…has little to show for his efforts.

CONCLUSION: The man formerly known as Mr. Big and Tall, was the unfortunate victim of a mob hit and although great (ok no..) effort has been spent searching for his killer, no likely suspects can be found. Within a week Kowloon has a new kingpin and regardless of this Detective Jack Blackwood has been promoted to Chief Detective in charge of Mob activities. His co workers are quite envious of his new car. Passengers on the Queen Mary, Ocean liner bound for London, are delighted to note the appearance of three beautiful Ladies in one of the luxury cabins. There are whispers that they are former Russian Royalty…….(Music plays God Save the queen as curtain closes.) THE END.
Pic1&2-Skin Laqroki Glow Elin Fair(sale) and Cleavage enhancer*, Eyes Exodi Zbilja (crystal blue)**, Eyelashes Magika***, Skirt OhMai Mildrid (DU3), Hair Pearls Waffles Pearls and Bows (DU3), Hair Lelutka SAAB (platinum), Couverture Vaudvillian Fur Bolero (pink) (DU3), Dark Mouse Simple pearl Earring, Necklace Stacked Bracelet {R}, Anexx Vaudevillian Shoes (DU3), mijn.t (Je M’appelle Marlene) pale (DU3). Poses Glitterati.
Pic3&4-Laqroki Elin 12*, Eyes Exodi**, Eyelashes Magika***, Hair EMO-tions CRISS (blackened), Boots Bax Coen (LE.Look), Nails Candy Nail (LE.LOOK), Dress RunoRuno 5 Minutes to Curtain (note: this was a difficult dress to fit the prims) (DU3). Poses Glitterati.
Pic5&6-Skin Fashionably Dead Bird Skin (heavy brow), ( lashes*** same), Eyes Den Dou Emerald, Oyakin Vaudeville dress2, Shoes GField Platform Rosette (red)(sale), Jewellery epoque [mpb] Biologically Delicate (pomegranate passion) {R}, Gloves League (LE.Look), Hair Detour StormC(cream), Corsage DP YumYum (part of rosepetal dress). Poses by me. Designers United 3 is here.