Monday, January 11, 2010

In Small Packages….

It was recently pointed out to me by a posemaker that we as bloggers do not always give the makers of poses the credit that they deserve. We go into great detail about the clothes, hairs and even the locations saying little about the poses which we rely on so much. With that In mind I hope to talk a little more about the posemakers that I use in future. This poseset is by Essential Soul Studio ‘n Poses, called Her Walk, and is nicely porportioned and versatile. 350L. The store is laid out to easily find what you’re looking for with single poses, sets and group, as well as other items for sale.


It takes a truly talented designer (Aikea Rieko of the Plastik) to be able to take a very simple design, add a few textures and end up with a piece which looks as though it has a lot of added prims but really doesn’t. The economic use of prims and rich texturing means that you can pose this dress every which way and it still looks good. I must add also that every texture looks unique and this is only a sample of what is available. Dress comes in Belt/no belt option and leggings. 249L.


The Skin is new from Heather Beebe of Rockberry, Jules. It is available in 4 Tones, 12 Makeups and enhanced cleavage. There are some features which make this skin different, the nose is narrower and the face has a narrower shape, the lips are quite generous and well defined. Overall this skin is quite pretty and I will be looking forward to seeing the freckled version which is still being worked on. Also it should be noted that Rockberry is a reasonably priced skin, 1 Skin in one tone is 450L, Fat Pack of 1 eyebrow/1tone is 1500L and lt/dk eye/1 tone is 3000L. The necklace is from HoD (Haus of Darcy). 3 colours plus several options 249L ea colour.


New Kalnins Boots Snowdrift may still be on sale to subscribers (400L) 800L Reg price. This boot is delicate and can be customized for colour, and size. The textures are very realistic. SD wears has a new boot called funeral which is on sale for a limited time, 100 boots for 100L. The boot is high, black and great for stomping. The boots by Courtisane I bought at the shoe fair, the colour is no longer available but this shoe (at regular price) is still for sale.


Credits: Skins – Rockberry Jules Light, Natural, Tan, Dark Lt/Dk Brows Cleavage {R}, Dress The Plastik Friday (tons of colours){R}, Hair (pic1) Pocket Mirrors Hilda updo (reds), W&Y 86, DP YumYum BarberYumYum 16 (bow add on), Jewellery HoD Costumed Pearls{R}, Boots (pic4) Sd Wears Funeral Boots{R}, Kalnins Snowdrift{R}, Courtisane LaViviene (pinkMix NLA). All Pics were shot at Osterberg.

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