Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skin Within Meets Bladerunner City..


When I first saw these skins by Ayesha Bisiani over at the site for the Future is Now, Greenies Home Rezzable, I immediately thought of all the original Star Trek Heroines. Wild women with coloured skins who would either be trying to kill or seduce Captain Kirk (no accounting for taste, I know.." “I love you, now I must Kill you!!!!”). These skins are exquisite, with saturated hues and jewels incorporated into the design. But the challenge for me was to somehow make them my own in such a way as I would be comfortable wearing them. The Magika hair works because its wild without chopping into my shoulders, and the Camisk from Analise, and Hybrid Neko Stuffs which I have had for a while, fit perfectly. I also thought some Lazy Places Footwear would be right and I found these great Paws which I just love!


I took a journey over to Bladerunner City, which is an amazing build, full of Space themed details and really interesting. I will be going back to explore further… When Rogan Diesel passed along this pose set, Fight Me, he did so with a bit of a sheepish laugh, “It’s kinda Silly, don’t feel you have to blog it..” But the truth is that it was absolutely perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the pics. Sometimes poses can be too static and so bringing in some action was a lot of fun. So Panther lady is off to find her space captain where she will undoubtedly be heard to whisper….“Dahling, watch out for those claws, I must groom myself, What???”


Credits: Skin Within Skin A.N.A Cyborg Floral Natural 1800L {R}, Eyes LittleGirl Eyes (cyber) basic, Hair (& Lashes) Magika Word (black), Ananlise Tal Tether Camisk (charcoal), Lazy Places Lola Boots (paws) (black), Hybrid Neko starter set (ears and tail +HUD), Jewellery DSN ~Creations~ Cats Eye Disque necklace. All Poses Diesel Works Fight Me Set 599L {R}. The Skin is available until Saturday @ Rezzable Future is Now (greenies).

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