Friday, January 22, 2010

Pacadi Jasha


What will this day be like? I wonder.
What will my future be? I wonder.
It could be so exciting to be out in the world, to be free
My heart should be wildly rejoicing
Oh, what's the matter with me?
I've always longed for adventure
To do the things I've never dared
And here I'm facing adventure
Then why am I so scared
Maria (From the Sound of Music)


This Sim and outfit reminded me of Maria in the sound of music and I had to restrain myself from running up and down the mountains and singing “the hills are alive”. So instead I imagined myself as a modern version of her.  This outfit from Pacadi has been blogged already and me being a slow blogger will not repeat the praises except to say that I love the blue/black combo and simplicity of the design. The Hair (to be released soon), the glasses and the bag are also from Pacadi Jasha Ltd., with the bag full of items if you look inside. Bracelet is by Summer Seale and poses from Diesel Works Shake set.


Credits: Pacadi Jasha Amba Silk Dress 225L (5 colours), Designer Aviator Glasses 120L (6 colours), Yike Bag 165 (7colours), Tilde Hair (coming soon) (caramel) {R}, Shoes Anexx Triple Fringe Pumpus (black), Exodi LiM eyes(look into my-Ocean blue), Skin Dutch Touch Gwen Breeze (cream). Bracelet Summer Seale Simple Bracelet B&S 250L (for 8 colours){R}. Shot at Fair Haven. Poses Diesel Works Shake set.

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