Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prayer ~ Plastik, Exile, Dieselworks, Tuli 2

More newness at The Plastik! This outfit, Prayer is an interesting mix of texture, design and is pretty versatile if you wanted to mix it up a bit with other pieces. Tons of choices for colour and texture as well (there’s 26!).


Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works sent along this pose set called Celeste. As a Blogger I rely heavily on poses as does anyone who photographs in Second Life. If you have ever made a pose,(I occasionally will fool around in Quavimator) then you know that posemaking is deceptively simple.  Because the Avatars we use don’t really work like Humans in the natural sense, a pose which will work for us (RW) often will not look natural in SL. Arms, bodies, necks and torsos can appear twisted  parts can intersect strangely and a picture that you may have been using as a reference just won’t translate. I must admit that many pose packs I own will even have these flaws. This is why you will often notice us bloggers reusing the same poses or sticking to just a few posemakers. I really enjoy working with these poses from Diesel Works. They are natural looking with subtle touches and proper use of body positioning. Diesel Works also has very nice couple poses and props, chairs etc. all incorporating this same aesthetic.


A little while after Tuli Asturias first released her Bella skins, she released this set of “Specials” FYEO (For Your Eyes only) and another set (which I have featured) FYLO (For Your Lips Only).  I love the deep yet subtle colour in these makeups. They are available in a pack of 4 make-ups per one tone, with cleavage options and brow options. Amelia , from Exile is the hair style I have used for this and my previous post. It has just the right amount of messines and texture.


Credits: Skin Tuli Fair FYEO, (dawn, dusk,night,sunset) 2000L per 4 pack (with cleavage and brow options) {R}, Eyes Den-Dou Violet, Hair Exile Amelia 225L {R}, Outfit The Plastik Prayer (Aborigine, Colorkill, Jeannie, the tides) {R}, Boots Shiny Things Ving, All poses from Diesel Works, Celeste pose pack 75 per pose, 500L full set {R}.


maddie said...

I would think as a blogger, you would want to use different pose makers so that you could review them as well. Bloggers and residents use a wide variety of clothing designers, shoe designers, etc. Why not branch out with your poses creators as well? Think outside the box. Dare to be different. Don't just use the same old thing over and over. Show some variety! All bloggers basically use the same poses from the same creators. I'd like to see something different :)

Shelby Rasmuson said...

I do use a variety, but you are right,
we tend to re-use the same ones because they are the ones that come up consistently as being the ones that work in shots. I use Glitterati, LAP, Flowey, a number of smaller ones from Japanese sources, and I'm always open to suggestion.

If anyone has poses that work for them, or suggest pose makers I would love to try them out.

It takes time to build up a quantity of poses and we always need more.

I will do more reviews in future and see what I can show you. I also love to make poses for my own use but there is never enough time for everything.