Thursday, December 2, 2010

Identity Crisis!!!


If a shark stops swimming it dies… I think this holds true of SL as well.  This might explain why I move about once every 6 months. I knew that I needed to downsize but I didn’t want to compromise (with a lower prim count) what I have come to love about living in a RP sim. So My newly converted Tavern is starting to look Christmassy (I will be showing it to you soon) and my new skybox is built with all the features that I need. I tend to buy my houses but prefer to build my own skybox.

I was going for a clean look with room for an office, a big empty area for pictures, or setting up props, and experiments hehe. I used textures from Insight Designs and a mixture of two different packs worked for me. I also wanted windows and light so I bought light textures and added those to transparent prims. You can actually make these pretty easily in in PS as well as adding shadows (which I am going to try from scratch next..).

I have also been madly reading Tutorials, trying to educate myself as to what goes into making clothes. Who ever knew that seams are so difficult to match? I have been haunting the Beta Test Grid wearing uv maps, trying to avoid the newbies who think they now have oodles of money and want me to tell them how to transfer that money to the regular grid… As you can see I have been neglecting my blogging, oh yes I went to 111… I have been wearing the same outfit by Plastik for nigh on a week now, procrastinating about blogging and at the same time marvelling at Aikea’s texturing abilities. Good thing Rogan Diesel sent me along a couple of new pose packs or I might have not changed, or blogged for weeks (my rule is blog it then change). And don’t think I didn’t know that I looked funny decorating my Tutor style Tavern dressed as a Disco Queen…


Skybox Details: All Textures from InSight Designs, TV & Lamp, Rug, 50 ft Woman Artilleri Home, Desk by Dutchie, Decorative Seamstress Insight Designs, Decor wall Art Escher Prim by Prim, Propelled Space Window Art Dummy (which is one of my favourite things…the stars move).

What I’m wearing: Dress Plastik Octane (Partyface) {R} (299L), Lelutka Pow Pumps, Hair Miel Mohito, Glasses Glow Studio (He is Mine!), Baubles Chained Crystal Earrings, Rodeo Blvd. Necklace, Silver Bangle Bracelet (All on sale as the store is closing), Skin Curio (GP) Petal Frex, Autumn Cinnamon. All Poses Dieselworks Odyssey {R} (539-599L).

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