Sunday, July 25, 2010

Woke up this Morning….

She said: You’re one in a million
You’ve got to burn to shine,
But you were born under a bad sign,
With a blue moon in your eyes.
Gangurro2_001b When you woke up this morning
All that love had gone,
Your Papa never told you
About right and wrong.
You woke up this morning
The world turned upside down, (Lord above),
Thing’s ain’t been the same
Since the Blues walked into town.  Lyrics by Leonard Cohen..
OK so for some reason I started with Gangurro skin from pink fuel and ended up with a look which was vaguely Jersyish a la Soprano’s in San Fransisco!!!
Credits: Pics shot @ Fisherman’s Warf, San Francisco. Poses by Lap. Skin By Pink Fuel Ember Gangurro, LP Devotchka skirt BlacK, LG TD&theCity cycs, DM Vintage Screwbacks Picks Reward 2, SySY’s Ruffle Tanks Black (upperpt), Kalnins Footwear Wonder newly redone, ILOVEOLIVE Running wth sissors project Themory.

Thursday, July 22, 2010



Trevor Goodchild: The unobserved state is a fog of probabilities, a window of and for error. The watcher observes, the fog collapses, an event resolves. A theory becomes a fact... What is the truth? Tell me, if you know. And I will not believe you. Things are never what they seem. Clean gloves hide dirty hands - and mine are dirtier than most... Without truth, there can be no justice. Justice will be done!


Child: What the flame does not consume, consumes the flame.


Trevor Goodchild: [opening lines of original 'first' episode, "The Demiurge"] Light, in the absence of eyes, illuminates nothing. Visible forms are not inherent in the world, but are granted by the act of seeing. Though the world and events do exist independent of mind, they obtain of no meaning in themselves: none that the mind is not guilty of imposing on them. I bid my people follow, and like all good equations, they follow; for full endowment of purpose, they do submit - in turn, they resign me to a role inhuman, impossible, and unaccountable. But I can no longer stand the sleepless nights... I think I am learning to love the Demiurge.


Credits: Skin League Pale Taylor Feline Blonde, Hair Truth Tilly Light blondes, Linc Ibiza Bikini Cow {R}, Linc Slutty Skirt White {R}, League Gartered Socks off white & Scarf Wrap Retro School. Pics shot at Aeon Flux Sim and poses are {just a pose} {R} Avant Hurr  and OMG and LAP Behind. This was one of those weeks…so SLURLS are not included but I would be happy to send you the SLURL to any of these stores just send a note or IM inworld..:)
Quotes from "MTV's Æon Flux" (1991) More at IMDbPro » and the 1995 movie of the same name.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It’s Plastik!!!!!


I bring you plates from rome
You say they look fantastic
I say we're having fun
Nothing like that italian plastic 


I say we're on a trip
Look's like we're on vacation
I say we're having fun
In our little constellation
When you wake up with me
I'll be your glass of water
Crowded House Italian Plastic Lyrics


Every now and then I put on a skin which just opens up worlds of possibilities for pictures. Both of these new skins from Aikea Reiko of the Plastik are based on her new release and come in all the tones previously out, with new ones added in the case of the fingerprintz. Poet is an add-on to Lionskins and each make-up comes with all the tones included.Its very exciting when multiple skills, like texturing and colourizing make their way into another skill set (like skinning).  Each skin comes in many different tones and makeups and I’d definitely say they are well worth demo’ing. I am also liking the new hairs from Amacci, lovely and soft they are with great flow and movement as well as different textures on the band.And still in love with the hairs which I showed before from Calico Ingmann, with the Lillies this time. The Bikini’s I think were a free gift from a while ago but very pretty and in many colours from Pig. And well worth mentioning, the earrings from Dark Mouse, a group gift but exquisite all the same.


All Pics shot at Utopia4 – Marcus Inkpen No Sound, All Poses LAP (from Dove’s recent sale).

Credits: 1&2 - Skin The Plastik Fingerprintz Metamorph – Tribe (1100L comes in 1 tone + different Make-ups), Hair Calico Ingmann Creations Monique + lillies (sterling Midnight), G*Field Ribbon Slingback shoes (silver&gold), Dark Mouse Vintage Fleur de Lis Earrings (group Gift),Pig Tableau summer Bikini (turquel). 3&4 -Skin The Plastik Lionheart Poet Fable Nouveau + Elf ears, Amacci hair Coleen (light copper) with texture change hairband.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

In Lost Town I got my Groove back….

Lost Town6_001b

I am feeling pretty good today… Maybe because I have a day off, maybe because I am wearing some of my new favourite things…or I dunno, I just feel like I’m finally getting my Groove back.

Lost Town13_001b

I love this skin, its one of the new Pink Fuel Makeups and though I bought three skins, this is my fave. Mochi Milena is not only getting it right with the body and face but she’s quickly becoming one of the better make-up artists in SL too!! The Lingerie is from Oh La La which is a little store I found in Tableau sim, nice hand drawn quality.

Lost Town4_001b

The hair is a new offering by Calico Ingmann Designs and this shade is from her Favourites pack, an amazing array of 10 colours for only 200L. The Jacket and skirt are from the new summer line from the Lelutka brand. There are a lot of great clothes and I had trouble picking…. These boots!!! Aw I love these boots from Hoorenbeek, I’m kicking myself now for not buying from there before, really I want more!!!

Lost Town18_001b

Credits: Poses by Striking Poses (NLA) shot in lost town. Hair Calico Ingmann Creations Monique Light Dirty Blond, Skin Pink Fuel Ember Honey – Fate, and Cleavage enhancer, Lingerie Ooh LaLa Veronica Bows, Lacy Stockings, Garter Clips, The Rock Diamond Ring by Callie Cline, Boots Hoorenbeek Cowboy Black, Lelutka Buga Mini Club Black, Stigma Jacket Black. (Written on Canada day)