Thursday, July 22, 2010



Trevor Goodchild: The unobserved state is a fog of probabilities, a window of and for error. The watcher observes, the fog collapses, an event resolves. A theory becomes a fact... What is the truth? Tell me, if you know. And I will not believe you. Things are never what they seem. Clean gloves hide dirty hands - and mine are dirtier than most... Without truth, there can be no justice. Justice will be done!


Child: What the flame does not consume, consumes the flame.


Trevor Goodchild: [opening lines of original 'first' episode, "The Demiurge"] Light, in the absence of eyes, illuminates nothing. Visible forms are not inherent in the world, but are granted by the act of seeing. Though the world and events do exist independent of mind, they obtain of no meaning in themselves: none that the mind is not guilty of imposing on them. I bid my people follow, and like all good equations, they follow; for full endowment of purpose, they do submit - in turn, they resign me to a role inhuman, impossible, and unaccountable. But I can no longer stand the sleepless nights... I think I am learning to love the Demiurge.


Credits: Skin League Pale Taylor Feline Blonde, Hair Truth Tilly Light blondes, Linc Ibiza Bikini Cow {R}, Linc Slutty Skirt White {R}, League Gartered Socks off white & Scarf Wrap Retro School. Pics shot at Aeon Flux Sim and poses are {just a pose} {R} Avant Hurr  and OMG and LAP Behind. This was one of those weeks…so SLURLS are not included but I would be happy to send you the SLURL to any of these stores just send a note or IM inworld..:)
Quotes from "MTV's Æon Flux" (1991) More at IMDbPro » and the 1995 movie of the same name.

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