Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday…

I decided to not be long winded and just show you some of my 50L Friday finds… In Canada our Thanksgiving is in October and we don’t have anything like Black Friday so I really enjoyed running around to the stores in SL. Too bad I had to shovel when I returned… Thanks to the creators for all that they do!!

Black Friday15_001b

Hair Tiny Bird Max, Skin Tyranny Designs Dinah in Fall, Hat Sway’s Aviator Winter Hat, Shovel wth animations RC Cluster, Tea House and stuff..Turnips Homes, Boots Surf Couture Elsa, Skirt Kyoot Mini & Tights, Fishy Strawberry Tweed Jacket.


Hair Lamb Oh Sugar Mango, Skin 5th&Oxford Med Brooke Winter Stars, T.Z. Wooly Roll neck sweater, Milk Motion My wool pants, Kustkammer Crystal Belt.


Hair Deviant Kitties Friday (Swedish), Skin Vive 9 Gracev2 Light Sick, Plastik Birdies and Feathers (Birds and Tatts), UBU Pornstar High tops (pic2&3)(not on sale), Tres Blah Ruffle purse (red), Sh*t Happens Sunny Leggings (Red), Ellabella piercings, Whippet & Buck I’ll be a Ghost Shirt,  all Eyes Exodi.

(This is a brief post so I’m not including SLURLS.)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rfyre, Tuli Bella and Dark Mouse Review..

When I was young (don’t ask how long ago) and an Art student, I took a number of classes in drawing Costume (as opposed to nudes, which I took as well). I always enjoyed seeing clothing from different era’s, countries and historical periods. To see this shared interest put into wearable pieces by a designer is very exciting to me and serves a purpose well beyond just clothing oneself. This outfit, Oksana by Raven Pennyfeather of Rfyre is  an interpretation of a Russian Winter/Christmas costume. Check here for more on Russian Christmas traditions and here for an historical costume.I have matched the outfit to Tuli’s newest skin Bella and Jewellery by Dark Mouse.


I decided that the only proper way to showcase this outfit was to go to Red Square. The only problem is that Red Square, Moscow Island is a Hub for Russian Sl’ers and so the whole area was pretty crowded and not my usual empty Sim. Also as it happened a lot of my pictures suffered from the black shot of death. (Usually fixable by dumping cache and re-logging.) So this pic above was the only good shot I got off.


What can I say about the beautiful and exquisite Bella by Tuli Asturias? Honestly, words fail me when trying to give an unbiased review of this skin. I can only say that I feel Tuli captured an incredible face, beautiful body and a deep personality within a pretty limited medium. The make-ups are truly a work of art and the body shading is so masterfully done that I can only marvel at her skill. I have heard a few people say that the skins don’t work with their Avatar and that is as it should be. This lady Bella is an individual and she has her own mysterious ways.. To my mind she is pretty perfect all around.


If you see me around the Grid you may notice I’m not wearing very much today…Darn it but I look good though! Tones in Bella range from Dark Tan, Tan, Sunkissed, Fair and Pale. These pics were taken in Oubliette, which is dressed up in its frosty winter finery.


This necklace and earrings are a new offering from Dark Mouse. I think they capture the lustrous metal texture splendidly and compliment well the gown. Speaking about the Outfit, Oksana, the skirt comes in two skirt lengths with slightly different tailoring and pattern. All of the textures are rendered with care and a high degree of precision. The headdress is unusual to say the least, and I’m not sure I’d wear it to any SL functions but I can appreciate the artistry and beautiful features as well as the attention to detail. Through a little bit of research on the subject, I found a whole slew of headdresses of Russian origin and this seems to have been a very important element of Historical dress (which has some Byzantine influence). I had to really think about a perfect hair for the headdress and found it in Maitreya.  Most Maitreya hair is not high at the top which makes them perfect for hats and such. All Poses were by Diesel Rogan of Dieselworks, a new pose pack called Shake 599L {R}.


Credits: Skins Tuli Bella Kellie (in Pics) Makeups available Elysium, Flutter, Gogo, Helena, Kellie, Kira, Natural, Raven, Sofia, Violet. All Skins come with 3 cleavage options and 3 eyebrow options Single skin 1000L, Fatpack 4950L {R}.
Pics (with Dress)-Dress Rfyre Oksana Russian Christmas Holiday Dress 600L {R}, Dark Mouse Wild Leaves Necklace and Earrings (copper) 200L {R}, Hair Maitreya Aisha II (blacks), Boots Bax Coen Ankle Boots Black Patent, Eyes Exodi Vetro Black.
Pics (with silks)-Solange Sheer white (silks), Eyes Exodi Vetro Hazel, Hair Maitreya Bo (Blonds).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ingenue, IC Skins and Kalnins Review

(And don’t just look at the pictures there’s info you may want further down!!)

The stranger sang a theme
From someone else’s dream
The leaves began to fall
And no one spoke at all
But I can’t seem to recall
When you came along

I just don’t know what to do
The tree-lined avenue
Begins to fade from view
Drowning past regrets
In tea and cigarettes
But I can’t seem to forget
When you came along
Ingenue (Life in Mono)

Ina Centaur sent along some skins which are new and a little different than the Theater themed skins from the past. One skin 999L, Row 2727L, Column 2424L. Ina is one of those Renaissance types who is involved in many aspects of artistic life in SL. Her skins and costumes have been featured in the Shakespearean productions over at the Globe Theater. Her work is also featured in Primtings Museum. She designs skins, clothes, (based on Historical Drawings) and is heavily involved in the workings of the Globe Theater, Blackfriars Playhouse, sLiterary and Skin City. (and she even has an Bella and Edward skin for those Twihards out there!) And who could forget the infamous Wall of Male genitalia..?
IC – Skins introduces a new *Mainstream* Photorealistic skin line, IC Ari… [IC] Ari – Smoothly defined facial shading topped by warm eyes with that essential character you’ve come to know from skins by Ina Centaur and finished with sharply – painted lips. Available initially in three tones Light, Medium and Dark, each with 16 make-up options with bonus smoky makeup and Lip Gloss editions. Freckles editions also available, sold separately.”
Black Friday 2009 Special – BOGO: Buy one get one – share the love of Ari with a friend – IC Skins Ari Black Friday Sale 2009, get a copy/xfer skin to give to a friend with every canon Ari Purchase!”
Those of you have made it over to the shoe fair will likely have seen this new offering from Maris Kanto of Kalnins, Dragoness (800L) the shoes come with a detachable HUD which allows you to change Texture colours, metals, resize and skin tone. These are really attractive shoes and with the prim feet are very realistic. Mr. Kanto also wanted all Subscribers to know that he has a special deal – on the 25th of November for all current Infochannel members there will be a Thanksgiving Discount card for 45% off which will run from 25th –28th of November. (which will bring Infochannel Subscribers up to 50%.)  The Dress and Hat are new clothes from Betty Doyle of Ingenue. Dress – Ella- (250L) and Hat –Loretta- (85L) come in a number of colours and I really love the texture and craftmanship of this duo. The scarf was a special sunday sale item from Kesseret Steeplechase of  KessKreations and Hilarious, the scarf and pin are attached and the Dragonfly pin is texture change. I also want to mention that the poses are all from Flutter Memel of Flowey.
(This place is on my Bucket list….)
Credits: Skins IC – Ari –Med Copper/Ruby , Shoes Kalnins Dragoness, Scarf Hilarious Frances wth Dragonfly Pin, Outfit Ingenue Dress Ella Midnight, Ingenue Millinery Loretta Midnight, Hair Maitreya Reign Autumn . Pics shot @ Mad Pea Circus, Sistine Chapel Re-creation, and Ten Thousand Shadows. All Poses by Flowey. 2009 SL Footwear Expo.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Skin Fair Wrap Up

Whenever there is a Fair or Expo there is always a question in my mind as to how comprehensive to be in terms of how much to cover. Does one look at a few skins and cover them really well or try to look at everything available? What with there being two skin shows within five weeks of each other, it is easy to get over skinned. After covering a few skins I felt bad because I still had some lovely skins to show. Suffice it to say, some of these skins worked better than others with my shape, and I used my own shape in all of them, but without any more ado…..
Wrapup SD Wears

Wrap Up Imagen
WrapUp GeEs Design
Wrap up Chaisuki
Wrap BBE
Wrap UpExtra
I am letting the skins here speak for themselves. All have good qualities depending on what you look for yourself in a skin. Of all the skins here, some were given for review, some were group gifts, and some were Dollarbies. These were only some of the skins available, I covered some of the others before, as well as the ones that I Blogged last week. Hair Vignette Jaime and Eyes Curio (Hazel).
vanity universe skinfair 2009 Skin Fair Here

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Plastik…..and other sundries.

When Aikea Rieko of The Plastik sent me along some new Tanks for review, I thought it would be fun to take a look at different ways of styling them. They remind of those bags, or tops that we would make for ourselves out old jeans, when I was younger (it would take so long for jeans to get worked in that we were loath to just throw them away when we were done with them.) I first started shopping at (formerly Tokyo) The Plastik last winter when looking for those big baggy cargo pants which I still love. Since that time the store has expanded, and added skins, poses and a lot more clothing.
These are just 6 of the 30 colours of prototype tank available for purchase (210L for two, ripped up and ripped down). What with all the sales, Fridays, Group gifts, and new finds I didn’t have any problem coming up with numerous combinations.
One of my most favourite hairmakers in SL has to be Kin Keiko. I still have pictures of myself 2 years ago (horrible photography…) wearing a pink manga inspired Elf hair (think really big..) and a Japanese mini. Like most of us I get in a rut sometimes with my hair shopping and when I do I mosey over to The Body Politik just to see what new styles Kin has on sale. These are just a few of the new styles and because they only cost 100L per colour, you can buy a bunch. I think this is the only store I buy pink hair from..
Tanks – The Plastik - Prototype-Incense (tornlow), Jungle (tornlow), Retro (tornup). Hair – Kin – Eva (brown), Kasia (pink), River (white).
Tanks – The Plastik - Prototype – Toxic (tornlow), Woodcut (tornup), Starfield (tornlow). Hair – Kin – Ryou (cherry), Maeva (blonde), Astri (orange).

All Pictures taken using Glitterati Poses. Pose packs are currently on sale for 100L and I have to say that I like these poses very much. Well positioned, with no odd angles on the body yet still interesting. No twisty necks or bent out of shape shoulders, wrists or waist!

Credits: All Hair Kin, All Tops The Plastic {R} Prototype Tanks.
Pic1-fig1-Pants Fishy Strawberry Corduroy Treggings (Black), Kuntskammer Star Belt, Boots Maitreya Soho (group gift), Watch SiamInk Black Shiraz {R}, Jewellery LeeZu BohemeMia, Skin Tuli Hope Gothic. {R}.fig2-Pants Kalmia Labr.  Capri Pants (black), Sable Rose Jewellery DIY Safety Pin Piercings, Necklace/Bracelet +SS+ Alphabet (letter change), Shoes UN Death Dolly Mary Jane Pumps, Skin Rockberry Character Mia Tint. fig3- Pants Callie Cline (taken from winter outfit part of 50L Fri), Boots Zero Number [0N] Wo Gomi, Jewellery Miel Cue (50L Fri), Skin Pink Fuel Skye Grey (group gift).

Pic2-fig1-Skirt Oyakin, Tights Miel Lo Refurbished Socks (Group Gift), Jewellery Magpie Secret Garden (Jewellery fair), Skin Rockberry Character Skin MiaFrex, Boots InHerShoes Warm Winter Boots (free). fig2- Leggings Oyakin, Skirt NikuKyu Dot Chiffon Mini (pink), Jewellery Kunstkammer chunky beads (brown&Pink), SLink Jolie Pied Achillia (silver), Skin MyUglyDorothy Mama’s Lipstick. fig3-Pants Surf Couture Yoga Pants (Slate)(50L Fri), Jewellery Kunstkammer, Skin Cupcakes Daydream Night Elf (Princess), Boots J’s AnkleBoots Round.

Although I usually provide SLURLs for all my items, I won’t when I am dealing with large mashups. SLURLs for the main reviewed items are given and I would be happy to pass on any SLURLs you have difficulty finding, just send me an IM. The Plastik can be found here. Body Politik and Kin Hair can be found here. Glitterati poses can be found here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ice Ice Baby…Bella Di Notte, SySY and Eolande Review.

When January hits my part of the world, and Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Festivus (which falls on my Birthday by the way..) and New Year are but a distant dream, the true cold heart of winter will be snapping at my frozen soul. I expect at that time to be hanging around beach themed sims, planning my spring decor, which always comes thankfully early in SL, and cursing, grr’ing and avoiding the outside world. I may actually venture outside to pretend that I can ski and try to avoid killing myself but hot chocolate, big coats, boots, mitts will be the order of the day. And so I have SySy Chapman to thank for this early foray into winter which I may say was fun and quite painless.
When Jade Glazner send me some copies of her new line of skins for review, Mecca I will admit I was not familiar with them. These skins have a delicate quality to them and I was at a loss at how best to show them off until I paired them with SySy’s new Gown, Christmas Ice, Noele (400L)(also available in Fire), and then the rest just fell together. This Christmas/Winter themed sim, Spellbound Woods was perfect for the pictures. Eolande’s Jewellery set Butterfly Charmer is a beautiful addition.(Full set 700L, pieces also at 50% off, gems are texture change, 4 different metals.)
The make-ups are quite delicate, especially the lips which I liked for the understated elegance and venerablity. Overall the skin is quite nice, shading well executed and good consistency throughout. Make-ups are pretty with light shading on the lips and attractive colours on the eyes. Individual Make-ups are 900L, with a fatpack being 3000L. The available tones are Light, Tan, Dark Tan and Dark. All my pics were shot in the Tan tone. There are 6 Makeups with Bare/liner in one separate pack (each with 2 brow options). There is a shape available (800L)and this shape is included in the fatpack. Skins are available in store (were released November 14th) here.
About a week ago I was contemplating ways of showing a nude Avie without any naughty bits. I do have poses but they can miss areas I want to show. Turnips Bubbles (Which was a 50L Friday item) and Sunflower poses are perfect for this.
Credits: All Skin Bella Di Notte/Black No.1 (Tan) {R}, Eyes Exodi Zbilja Spirit (Crystal Blue) (Group Gift), Hair Exile Fiona (Champagne), Eolande’s Butterfly Set {R}, SySy Noele Gown (Ice) {R}, Hair Piece from Hairoin (Icarus) (Group Gift), (Turnip’s Homes and Stuff) Turnips Bubbily Bits (50L Friday).

Friday, November 13, 2009

Symphony Skins … A Review

Before I started speaking about the skins I wanted to mention 2 places that I remember from my early days in SL. Nyte ‘n Day is probably the first real store I shopped in while a noobie.. and it was and still is many an avies first experience in shopping. Well, Nyte ‘n Day is having a big sale, 20-50% off. The clothing is still very well made, versatile and there is lots to choose from. Another store I discovered and loved was Junwave, a hair store with low prim Japanese style hair. When I first discovered the store, it was fairly small, had low priced hair and offered really cute styles. Since that time the store has moved, retextured the hair and added many new styles. I love it because the hair is still very reasonably priced and I can pick up a fatpack.
Claire Harford of Symphony Skins has just released a new skin tone from her SSV3 line of skins. It is a dark tone named base and comes in 12 makeup shades. Half of the skins are in the day range and half are in the night range. Day is more natural with some freckling while night is shinier with more make-up applied. (Top and Bottom) SSV3 Base 24 Carat Day/Night, Candy Day/Night, Cornflower Day/Night.
Single skin packs are reasonably priced at 600L while Day or Night packs are priced at 2500L.All Skins come with 3 brow options and two cleavage options. (Top and Bottom) SSV3 Base Moss Day/Night, Purple Haze Day/Night, Steel Day/Night.
I demo’d these skins when the first few tones were released and I liked them. I decided to take a look at the skins as a whole to better get a feel for them. I took a skin from each tone. These skins are the first ones I remember (besides Japanese skins) having the cleavage option. Overall the skin is very nice. The face is more neutral than many of the skins you see around the grid but this is a good thing because I know a lot of people who prefer not to have a face which looks like someone else. I took a close look for any flaws and I only found a very slight seam on the left side which was common on all the skins. It is not something that would stop me from buying the skin. There is some hand drawing (lips) and they are rendered very well. Overall the make-ups are really lovely and the body is quite pretty.This is the kind of skin which I think would match a lot of types of clothing.
Tones Pic1- Base 24 Carat night , Baritone Chaste night ,Tenor Blackberry day. Pic2 – Alto Firecracker night, Contralto Berry-lishous night, Soprano Mischief night.
Couldn’t resist adding this picture of SYSY’s group Gift, Kalnins Boudoir Shoes, Dark Mouse hair and necklace from DM Designs. The chair (with poses) was from a box of free stuff available at Diesel works new store. Skin SSV3 Alto Firecracker Night (busty).
Credits: (All) Skins SSV3 (Symphony Skins) {R}, Eyes Tragic Eyes Curio {R}, Jewellery DM Designs Lena Fire {R}.
Pic1,2,3 – Hair Junwave Punk Girl, Night ‘N Day Scint Chocolate. Pic4,5 – Nyte ‘n Day Tiz Bikini. Pic 6 – Kalnins (Boudoir) {R} 800L, SySy Autumn Roses (group gift), Hair Dark Mouse Cyntra Pale Brown {R}. Pic 1 shot in Silent Sim.
     vanity universe skinfair 2009       Skin Fair Here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skin Fair - [PXL] Creations July..Review

It takes a special skin to make me want to strip down to very little, grab a sword and look for adventure. I found my fancy turning to fighting Dragons (which is funny really because I am times) or saving a poor prince or two from a tower. And though I don’t usually hang out in lingerie and silks stores, this is what I found myself doing… This look is pretty different for me but its safe to say I really like it. I haven’t tried it with my blond hair..but the paler tones should work. July is here… and I’m ignoring the fact that snow will soon be blanketing my corner of the world.
As I am covering the skin fair this year, I really wanted to take a look at some of the skinmakers who have been on my radar for a while but haven’t been reviewed by me. Hart Larsson is an extremely talented  skinmaker and I think I have demo’d almost every skin he has put out in the last year or so. I love looking at the amazing progression and increasing quality of so many skinners out there. I was lucky to be able to get into the skin fair on Friday, which enabled me to grab as many of the demo’s as I could and get out before the lag begun. I still haven’t looked at them all..
A close look at the skin reveals realistic photosourced detail throughout. Areas like the knees, belly, clavicle, hands and back are all beautifully rendered, as well as the bum and ankles, hands and feet. Details like the pelvic bone and upper chest are not usually visible but here they are. Another feature that I like is the fact that there are no fuzzy or out of focus areas on the body and no seams that I could find.
Vanity PXL Tones
The face is shaded around the cheekbones and the lips are realistic and well proportioned. I love the nose, it has a real shape and good highlighting. The tones of the face match the tones on the body. I tried a couple of my modded shapes (face mod) and I found most of them fit the skin very well, something many people (who don’t like to mod their shape) can appreciate. At this time only 3 tones are available (at the skin fair) for purchase. I had a preview of the Dark Tan, and Dark shades and they are lovely as well. If you are a fan of the darker tones, keep your eyes open, I’m sure you won’t have long to wait.
There are a number of different eye make-ups available; Nude, Spring, Smokey, Cat eye, and Dark. Couple this with the lipsticks, Nude, Pink, Red, Rose, Coffee, Passion, Pale and Wine and there is a huge choice. The eye make-ups are available with all the lips, in a fat-pack of 8 for 5000L. Individual skins sell for 1000L. One skin comes with 3 eyebrow options, 2 cleavage options and a freckle option.                                                                              
Pictures were taken under differing windlight conditions. I have to say if ever there was a skin that loves WL this is it. The Outfit is from Solange and is called Highland Fantasy and comes with all the extras seen in the pictures, as well as a longer skirt, earrings and more attachments. The boots are new from Kalnins, and has all the customizable features one expects from this store. 800L(I hope to show you more of them later.)
vanity universe skinfair 2009  Vanity Skin Fair
Credits: Skin PXL Creations July (top pics wearing Light Tan Nude Cleavage) {R}, Eyes Exodi Zbilja Spirit (Earth) (group gift), Hair Exile Juliette (browns), Outfit Solange Highland Fantasy Black, boots Kalnins Boudoir {R} 800L, Sword Celtic Sword (Elf Clan freebie).

Friday, November 6, 2009

Aleinbear, My Precious, Siaminc, Atomic Bambi, Dieselworks…Review, oh my!!!

Another Dark Lady by Edwin Arlington Robinson   
Think not, because I wonder where you fled,
That I would lift a pin to see you there;
You may, for me, be prowling anywhere,
So long as you show not your little head:


No dark and evil story of the dead
Would leave you less pernicious or less fair—
Not even Lilith, with her famous hair;
And Lilith was the devil, I have read.

I cannot hate you, for I loved you then.
The woods were golden then. There was a road
Through beeches; and I said their smooth feet showed
Like yours. Truth must have heard me from afar,
For I shall never have to learn again
That yours are cloven as no beech’s are.

Where to start? Alienbear and My Precious have teamed up to bring this answer to the Femme Fatale look, dresses and jewellery come in 6 colours and the necklace has a removable spider. The skin is new, from Atomic Bambi, it offers 2 lip treatments, glossy or no gloss. Although I prefer the matte lips, the glossy does add a certain shine which looks good in pictures. The lips come a little upturned so I modded my lip shape and was pleased with the result. There are 3 tones available (Sunblush, my favorite) and the shading is very nicely done as are the makeups.
SiamInc is a store which is new to me, carrying a wide range of Tattoos. These Tatts are beautifully executed available for front, back and arms. I would like to see some of these in a full body Tattoo, I think they’d look amazing! When Rogan Diesel, of Diesel Works, sent me along a chair with poses, I wondered how I’d be able to incorporate it into my blog, it seemed a perfect foil for the theme I was going to try. As a photographer, one looks at chairs as props, this chair in available in a version for photographers or for people adjusting the poses themselves. The poses included with the chaise are very good and you can also add your own. For someone who looks at a chair as furniture …the chaise is also attractive, and comes in several colours.
Credits: Hair Truth Linda (Blonds), Aden Edie (platinum), Eyes Exodi Zbilja (Crystal Blue) group gift, Skin AtomicBambi Lana 975L per makeup includes frex and gloss (or no gloss lips) {R}, Dress My Precious Agnes Fairy Princess (Red) 350L {R}, Jewellery Alienbear Sivert Dark (Red) 500L {R}, Tattoos – SiamInc Designs 279L {R}, Shoes Digit Darkes Messina (Sale), Chair with poses – DieselWorks (new location) the Debutante Chaise, Red 1299L {R}. Pics Shot @ Bentham Forest. (I support all efforts to protect and promote creators and discourage content theft.)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pretty ALaFolie…Review

It has been said that I have an overactive imagination. Maybe that’s why SL suits me so well. As soon as I tried this dress from ALaFolie I felt like Grace Kelly. And as soon as I teleported to Paris 1900 I went gaga over the locations. I imagined myself arriving to meet some mysterious stranger, who just happened to be an artiste with that new movement “impressionisme” (ignore the fact that both eras don’t mesh at all, it’s like an Old Hollywood movie ..where it’s 1880 but everyone is wearing clothes and hair from the fifties..).
I was thinking about Manet… Once he arrives I intend to join the other artists at the Moulin de La Galette, where we will drink Absinthe and have deep and intellectual conversations about art and life…  It is unfortunate therefore that I must tell them that I’m marrying the Prince of Monaco and this is my last night of freedom… We'll always have Paris.
I think this dress, Ballerine was my favourite from ALaFolie maybe because it so beautifully embodies that era in Hollywood Movies and makes one believe (at least for a moment) that Paris is just around the corner. The shoes were part of the ensemble. I chose Katherine, from Free Speerit because of the lovely polish and smooth finish which were a hallmark of that era. All the other pieces, hair from Tiny Bird and Necklace from SISSI just seemed to be made for it.
The outfit Bolero is a more casual offering from ALaFolie. I like it because, like all the clothes it is pretty, feminine and fits well. One of the things I’m noticing lately is how much more realistic skirts are in SL in comparison to when I first joined SL. And Believe it or not, I actually had this hair style once in RL, back in the days of perms. I remember, contrary to how it appears, it was really easy to care for. You just had to watch for humidity… The skin is Sienna from Exodi, which I received as a group gift.
Pic1&2-Outfit-ALaFolie Ballerine (Blanche) with shoes 1000L{R}, Eyes-Exodi Zbilja Spirit (Crystal Blue) group gift, Necklace SISSI Loose Pearls (short) {R}, Earrings Aurora Borealis World Peace (Gift from Jewellery Show), Hair Tiny Bird Chelsea (blond)(50L Fri). Pics shot @ Paris 1900.
Pic3-Outfit ALaFolie Bolero (Violet) with shoes (separates 200L ea sandals 400L) {R}, Eyes Curio Tragic (Hazel), Skin Exodi Sienna (Sugar Crystals), Hair Alli&Ali Maryanne (Dirtyblond). Pics shot @ Ode.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jeepers..Kalnins!! (Review)

Kalnins is a store specializing in Footwear and Eyewear (and Watches), and as promised, today I am showing you some of the glasses available in addition to more of the footwear. Like everything else from Kalnins, the glasses and sunglasses come scripted with options and gadgets. There are different glass colours, amounts of reflection, see through and bling (if you want it). There is also radar, smile, superfly, antipush, facelight (10%-100%) and an emotive chat function, built into many of their models. You can choose to activate these functions or not..if you don’t want them. I like being able to change the lens colour, reflection and see through percentage.
These glasses Vintage, are lightly tinted and given the fact that I love everything vintage, were an attractive addition to the look I was going for. The boots, Promenade have some of the nicest textures and colours! I learned that one can add black socks to the Milk Motion Leggings and get rid of the nasty line that you often get with leggings. (I also added grey underwear..)
This is more of a Unisex look, and both the glasses and the slip-ons can be worn by both sexes. Lovely shine on the shoes (with added shine and glow available) and the glasses can be made quite dark (or light). Although you can access the menu in chat, I found the easiest way was to click on it.
Pic1-Kalnins–Footwear Promenade 750L {R}, Glasses Vintage V1.61 370L {R}, Milk Motion-My loose Tshirt (Motel), My Leather Fringes Skirt (Black),My Cutout Leggings, Miss 80’s Crow Queen Necklace#, Djinn&Tonic SorrowSparrow Designers United Gift Earrings, Skin Rockberry Uma E Frex Light, Eyes Curio Tragic Hazel* {R}, Hair Tatum2 . #Designers United. Pics Shot @ City Of Liome.
Pic2-Kalnins-Footwear SlipOns 500L {R}, Glasses Crystal VIP V1.52 370L {R}, !OhMai Loose Racerback Blank (F), Fri’day Military Jacket (Army), NINIKO CreaseCrease pants Black, GF Fickle Heart Choker White, Eyes Curio*, Hair-Tiny Bird DSN Sample Charlotte, Skin-Rockberry UmaF Frex light. Pics shot @ Iron Fist.