Friday, November 6, 2009

Aleinbear, My Precious, Siaminc, Atomic Bambi, Dieselworks…Review, oh my!!!

Another Dark Lady by Edwin Arlington Robinson   
Think not, because I wonder where you fled,
That I would lift a pin to see you there;
You may, for me, be prowling anywhere,
So long as you show not your little head:


No dark and evil story of the dead
Would leave you less pernicious or less fair—
Not even Lilith, with her famous hair;
And Lilith was the devil, I have read.

I cannot hate you, for I loved you then.
The woods were golden then. There was a road
Through beeches; and I said their smooth feet showed
Like yours. Truth must have heard me from afar,
For I shall never have to learn again
That yours are cloven as no beech’s are.

Where to start? Alienbear and My Precious have teamed up to bring this answer to the Femme Fatale look, dresses and jewellery come in 6 colours and the necklace has a removable spider. The skin is new, from Atomic Bambi, it offers 2 lip treatments, glossy or no gloss. Although I prefer the matte lips, the glossy does add a certain shine which looks good in pictures. The lips come a little upturned so I modded my lip shape and was pleased with the result. There are 3 tones available (Sunblush, my favorite) and the shading is very nicely done as are the makeups.
SiamInc is a store which is new to me, carrying a wide range of Tattoos. These Tatts are beautifully executed available for front, back and arms. I would like to see some of these in a full body Tattoo, I think they’d look amazing! When Rogan Diesel, of Diesel Works, sent me along a chair with poses, I wondered how I’d be able to incorporate it into my blog, it seemed a perfect foil for the theme I was going to try. As a photographer, one looks at chairs as props, this chair in available in a version for photographers or for people adjusting the poses themselves. The poses included with the chaise are very good and you can also add your own. For someone who looks at a chair as furniture …the chaise is also attractive, and comes in several colours.
Credits: Hair Truth Linda (Blonds), Aden Edie (platinum), Eyes Exodi Zbilja (Crystal Blue) group gift, Skin AtomicBambi Lana 975L per makeup includes frex and gloss (or no gloss lips) {R}, Dress My Precious Agnes Fairy Princess (Red) 350L {R}, Jewellery Alienbear Sivert Dark (Red) 500L {R}, Tattoos – SiamInc Designs 279L {R}, Shoes Digit Darkes Messina (Sale), Chair with poses – DieselWorks (new location) the Debutante Chaise, Red 1299L {R}. Pics Shot @ Bentham Forest. (I support all efforts to protect and promote creators and discourage content theft.)


Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos! <3

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Thank you!!