Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Splitting Hairs!!!

Now that the Hair Fair is almost over…(not really there are 6 more days to come to the fair) and pretty well everyone has blogged the subject (except for me), and everyone is sick and tired of hair, (although how that could be possible..?) I am sharing some of my faves.

This doesn’t count the hairs I haven’t yet bought or the “specials” I’ve put aside for the right outfit.


Calico Ingman Designs Megan, Dernier Cri Michelle, Exile Lindsay, Argrace Fedora Hat (texture ch) Glamourous Wavy, Fuel Coco, Fashionably Dead Dorothy’s Way, Fascino Gorg, Find Ash Fickle Lover.


Raspberry Aristocrat Krissy, Hairapy Elena, Maitreya Dylan, Kin Raine, Onigiri Ichigo, House of Munster Axel Reds, Lamb Baby’s on Fire, Katey’s Claudia.


Refuge Harriet, Tiny Bird Hayden, Simply Britnee Tonta, Vignette Kasey, Wasabi Pills Ailith, Truth Sofia, Sirena Drusilla (up and Down comes with hair sticks).

Credits: Skin Blowpop N2 Elizabeth Tone C Mulberry Wine, Milk Motion My loose TShirt Silver Bird, Eyes Exodi Vetro Hazel, Socks Tea Lane Cupcake HF Gift, Reaction Girl Flower Shorts, UBU Pornstar Hightops Multi, Jewellery Violet Voltaire Cuppycake Birthday Set, Tuli Henna Colourable Tattoo. Poses - Flowey and Striking Poses.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little Blowpop N2….

It’s probably not much of a secret that Annyka Bekkers has been working hard to further develop her already well known and beloved skins. And many of us who belong to her group have also been checking out her pre-releases which have been lovely. Finally she has released her new line of, Elizabeth, Carmen, Ava and Maya skins, each with a whole range of make-ups and options. I was really hoping to have the opportunity to review these skins and I thank Annyka for allowing me to do so. When I looked at the range that is available for all the skins I realized that I couldn’t in all conscience jam all the information and pics into one post. I decided to dedicate this post to the body and overall quality of the skins and do further posts on the individual skins which in themselves each have a unique personality.

Tone 3 Bare2 – Elizabeth, Ava, Carmen, Maya, Hair Tiny Bird Willow/Buttermilk, Chestnut, Cafe au Lait, Expresso


I have been running around the Hair Fair wearing Elizabeth for the last day or two, bald (sometimes) half dressed, sitting on a red cube so I can move and I must say, you really have to like the skin you’re in, under those circumstances. It has given me the opportunity to really look at the skin. I first started by going through the skins themselves in my skybox, comparing them with my own shape and the shapes developed for the skins. One of the issues I have had in the past with blowpop skins have been the lips. The lips have never really worked on my Avie and when I compared them with the shapes for the skins, I realized that they were quite different. Like many others I am quite attached to my own shape but I found a nice compromise between the Shapes made for the skin and my own. I have found that small changes don’t really change me too much and I just save the new shape under Blowpop or whichever new skin I’m using so I can refer to it later. Generally I usually wear the lighter shade for most skins but I am really enjoying the darker shades as well, maybe because the shading is so nice and very natural. Or maybe it’s because of summer…

Tone 2 Bare2 – Elizabeth, Ava, Carmen, Maya, Hair Tiny Bird Willow/Buttermilk, Chestnut, Cafe au Lait, Expresso


One of the first things I noticed about these skins is that there are no glaring examples of photosourcing, ie. the ears, which so often look weird. Most skins nowadays use some photo sources but what is nice here is that most of the skin appears to be hand drawn. The nose-eyes-mouth area is particularly nice and since this area is so important to my liking a skin, I really have to be sold on it. As well the boob area, tummy knees, bum are all nicely shaded without being overdone. There are areas of shade on the body, under the arms, Bum, behind the head and chin which don’t usually get much attention and except for under the chin neck area (which bothers me a little) is really well done. Clavicle, ribs, shoulder blades, knees, back and tailbone are nicely rendered as well. I am also very impressed with the feet, given the limits one has to work with in this area, they are likeable. Each skin comes with 3 eyebrow shapes which makes it easy to match with your face. Between each of the different skins, there is also a slightly different shading at play which you can notice if you demo Carmen and Maya. (With more highlighting on Maya.) Each skin has unique features. The unmentionables are also well rendered (for those that like that sort of thing) and each skin comes with a …bush. (Not that kind of bush!!)

Tone 2 –Elizabeth Twilight2, Ava En Deshabille2, Carmen Candela2, Maya Queen of the Night2, Hair-Tiny Bird Emma/Cafe au Lait, Outfit Analise.


All in all, a lot of care, attention to detail, understanding of anatomy and artistry have gone into making these skins. There are so many nice details that I could keep talking…but I’ll save the talk for later. Blowpop N2 skins are available here. A single skin (with 2 lip make-ups) is 900L. A value pack of all skins in one tone are 3200L. Value packs include the shape for that skin, and the shape alone is 600L. Poses by Persona and Striking poses.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am Lazy…..

Lately I have noticed an interesting trend within SL. Designers are stretching their creative muscles and moving in interesting and new directions. (Like that’s new you say..) What is really interesting of course is when they take their creative personality and stamp it on the new thing. I guess I first came to know of Lazy places on account of the Boots..(feet…?). The Gryphon Boots are one of my favorite things in SL and its a testament to this small store that partners Sakuradawn Lei and Sven Okonomi have been a part of, Black Swan, Victoria Bushfire Relief and Heart of Love efforts.

Lazy Hair

I am really happy to say then that hair is in the offing!! There are four new hairs and what I love about them is that they are texture change..so you can add really wild effects to match an outfit or just match the hair to the original colour. And I think a bit of syncronicity was at play today because as preview packs jumped into my inventory I was shooting an outfit in a pair of Woolybullies. Uno,dos … (excuse me while I cut the rug.)

one, two, tres, quatro.
Matty told Hatty about a thing she saw.
Had two big horns and a wooly jaw.
Wooly bully, wooly bully.
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully.
Hatty told Matty: "Let's don't take no chance.
Let's not be *L-seven*, come and learn to dance."
Wooly bully, wooly bully.
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully.
Matty told Hatty: "That's the thing to do.
Get you someone really to pull the wool with you."
Wooly bully, wooly bully.
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully.

(Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs, I’m thinking The Specials Version tho, Ok that was really random…but I couldn’t resist..)

And there you have it. Clever people, cute store, and their stuffs want to make me dance and act in totally inappropriate and reediculous ways. The new hairs will be at the hair fair with demo’s available. There are piles of tasty colours with one of my favourites being Creemsickle. I also snuck in a few of my purchases from the Nomine and Silent Sparrow Sales. (And whoever thought of these two sales in the same week has my gratitude..)

Credits: Skins from Nomine-Leanansidhe Black and Pink, Pierrot Luniere, Vampire Touched. Outfit Silent Sparrow-Skulls velvet Corset Pack, Grimley Skirts Flourish Punky, Boots-LazyPlaces WoolyBully HOL Shir Edition (this edition not available.)Accessories from Violet Voltaire, Gauze and Sn@tch.

Hair-Deeba, Dawn, Arya, Liir (available at the Hair Fair in 20 colours.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blame it on the Hammock!!!

Hammock3_001 Hammock5_001

Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works Animations sent along a hammock for me to try. It didn’t take me very long to figure out that a hammock is no fun alone, so I called up my friend Qwynne MacMoragh to see if he liked it. Now I must tell you that we haven’t spoken for months and things were kinda left hanging… Awkward…

Blame it on the Hammock Blame it on the Hammock

Who knows the reasons these things happen….I had originally hired him to help with some…dirty jobs, things that required more brawn than brains. Qwynne wasn’t pleased.. He started hanging around with that Hussy Vanitas Mistwallow, going AWOL, not showing up for shoots and then the accusations began. I will go on the record when I say I have no idea what became of her…One day..poof. I can assure you that girl knew how to find trouble. Anyway all that aside we found ourselves talking about things. It seems Qwynne is very interested in the development of the new adult continent Zindra. I told him, at this point everything is very generic with people standing around waiting for something to happen. I couldn’t believe it when he grabbed my butt…

Blame it on the Hammock Blame it on the Hammock

Ok so, about the hammock. Pillows are texture change and you click on the pillow to change pose. The Hammock comes with either poles or palm trees, and I had to go for the poles as I’m living in a dystopian themed sim and I might get thrown out if the place starts to look too good. I also don’t really want to dig any holes…who knows what’s buried in the bog? (Take that Vanitas Mistwallow!!) Changing one animation changes for both male + female.

Blame it on the Hammock Blame it on the Hammock

Qwynne will testify that the hammock is very comfortable. Just when things were getting interesting, he fell asleep …and I am now accompanied by the soft refrains of snoring…


Qwynne MacMoragh-Skin MMS Madrid Halloween (chesthair..) Group gift from a while ago, Damiani Eyeglow, Earthstones Stoned eyes turk, Reaction Frosty Jeans, Stallie Shirt white, Thongs Charcoal (this guy has not bought any new clothes for a while..).

Shelby(me)- Skin Curio petal Frex June Doe, Outfit Mischief Shanie (Sale), Hair rose +RP+ Chain cross blk (fantasy faire), Bangles Dark Mouse DM Lotus Flower, Shea Bracelet, Eyes Tacky Star Strange Rainbow, Shoes !Duh Clogs Scarlet (all DSN).

Diesel Works Hammock- 899L, * Syncronized Animations, Texture Change, Smooth Swinging, 19 Prims, Available Group Discount. Diesel Works Also Sells Pose sets, A modelling Chair, and AO’s to come. The store is well laid out with a rezzed copy of the hammock for you to try.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Touch of Grey….

Oh well a touch of grey, kinda suits you anyway,
Thats all I had to say, but its all right
I will get by, I will survive. The Grateful Dead.


I tried to find some happy quotes or poems for the colour Grey but unfortunately I’m afraid Grey has been given a bad Rep. This poor colour has been associated with Rain, Grey Hair, Melancholy, Soil, Gravestones, Ashes, Mist, and other things of a depressing nature. This is not really fair….anyway as a colour it works perfectly well, it has a nice soft neutral quality for clothing and can be used to set off subtle or stronger colours.


This dress was kindly dropped off for review by Vanitas Vesture and I have paired it with Jewellery by Violet Voltaire, Hair by Shadenfreude, and a Tattoo by Garden of KU.

Alpha Tribe10_001b

This is my interpretation of one of Alpha Tribe’s Skins, with Necklace by EyeCandy and hair from another outfit by Alpha Tribe, Natural Things.

I wanted this time around to try some new things with my photo’s and so found some useful resources for photographers. When I started blogging, I really enjoyed finding new locations and didn’t really use a studio or special place to shoot pics. This can be limiting and frustrating because it takes a while to scout out new places. I will always enjoy location shooting but sometimes I have too much to cover and not enough time. Then I thought it would be fun to try GIMP, and this has been more useful than I could imagine because you can separate the figure from background, place frames and type, and add so many interesting effects. I have a little photo area set up on top of my skybox which helps when I need a white background. But then I needed more, textures for backgounds, lighting, props etc. but I don’t have the area, prims or cash to do anything more than a basic setup. This is where free photostudios come in. I have to warn you, there are quite a few, with different setups so look around till you find one you like. The one I found that was excellent, having photosphere’s, other studio type setups, Props, frames etc. was at MC Store in Bosch. Also remember to leave a tip. They are also useful if you want to try out equipment before you buy.


Pics1&2-Dress Vanitas Vesture Scribbly Dress/Grey, Hair Shadenfreude Grey Goose Nekomi with V fringe, Eyes denDou Light Grey, Skin Curio GP Petal Light April Bluebell, Jewellery Violet Voltaire Love Like Blood, Shoes Curious Kitties Colourless Heels, Tattoo Neo2 GoK Garden of Ku, Goggles BroGear Mirage.

Pic3-Skin, Attachments, Shoe Alpha Tribe Body Parts (free), Hair Part of Natural things Outfit, Necklace EyeCandy Sanguine Temptress.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Fleur by any other name…

Every now and then in Sl you find yourself back where you started…

shelby in Jp_001c

This is one of the first Photo’s I ever took in SL. The picture looks bad but then I was a noob (first Pic was of my back!). I joined SL in May 2007, but found myself in Orientation Island Hell as my ‘Puter could not handle the graphics…on to August when I was born again, so to speak. I guess it’s no surprise when I notice I was wearing Tete a Pied Biba skin along with my first love which was …all things Japanese. I think I walked into the store in Nouveau completely by accident and noticed, and was highly impressed by the layout, skins and general feel of the place. I was still a noobie though and hadn’t even started spending money but I promised myself that when I did I’d be returning (which I did a week or two later), buying a few make-ups in Biba and Celeste.


Fast forward to last week…and Fleur announcing that all the Skins in the Fleur Sim were on sale for 50% off. Not only that, but all the skins will be going bye bye in preparation for a new line being released. It had been a while since I had been shopping at Fleur and I started thinking, as I bought a few skins I had been wanting, how our experience in SL is strongly influenced not only by those we meet but our encounters with the energy and creativity of SL’s designers.


A very interesting thing happened when I started doing some research on TAP–Fleur skins. Me being a little blond, spent a while surfing the net trying to get a feel for where and when the skins started. Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot are the co-creators and it has always been their desire to highlight the makeups, which is what I think really sets all these skins apart. The skins are lovely too with shading on the subtle side. Of course (duh!) the best place to see the development of these skins is to look on the Fleur Blog, which began in May 2006 with Roslin’s first post. The early skins were hand drawn with later versions beginning to incorporate some photo sourcing. There were two generations of TAP skins before the Vivant Line was introduced and even with these skins you can see the lovely detailing the skins have become known for. When I started buying skins the price had been reduced to 500L and there were monthly limited edition skins as well as customization available.


Eventually Tap outgrew their store and their name and so the skins were re-branded as Fleur and the store was moved to a larger island. I remember doing a hunt around the railway station. New skins were introduced. Boutique, Parfait which was a hand drawn skin, Allure which was a further refinement of the Vivant line. Shoujo, an Anime style skin and Biba, an updated version of my early favorite. As well the creative element has been alive and well with specialty makeups, like Oiseau and China.


One of the skins I bought recently which I am really taken with is Parfait. This is a uniquely designed skin, hand drawn and I must say I don’t think there is a skin in SL which looks quite like it. It’s ironic that as more and more skins are relying heavily on photo-sourcing I am beginning to really appreciate the craft of the hand drawn skins.


Skinmaking in SL has always seemed to me a little like alchemy so, although I am sad, seeing a little bit of history passing, I am also wondering exactly what these two Magicians have up their collective sleeves…

(The sale is still on so there is still time to pick up some of your favorites.)

Credits: (except for 1 all eyes Dendou grey)

Pic1-Hair Shop Seu Odongo, Kimono Sweetaholic, Skin TAP Biba (no longer available)

Pic2-Hair Gritty Kitty Penny, Outfit Wrong Black Bondage Mini –Work Shirt-Spike Band,Sn@tch Dirty Biker Cuff, TAP Celeste Buff, *(Decrux)

Pic3-Hair The Stringer Mausoleum, Outfit RFyre Carnival DNuit Garnet, LH Bustshadow, Necklace Kusthammer Blackheart (DSN),Skin Allure China, *(Decrux)

Pic4-Hair Aden Windblown Lightblond, Outfit Evie’s Closet Aria, Skin Allure Biba II, *(Decrux)

Pic5-Outfit HanaWanpi pink and Hair, Shop Seu Bosabosa, Hair Butterfly Minajunk, Skin Shoujo Boutique *(Koreshan)

Pic6-Outfit Bijou Amethest Black Swan, Hair Pudge The Crystal, Skin Boutique Parfait, *(Decrux)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Saluting Ivalde!!!!

When I was a little girl, my Mother took my Sister and I to a dress shop. It was the old fashioned kind, in the city, long and narrow full of lovely clothes. I remember it very clearly, although I must have been only about three or thereabouts…


What she bought us I also remember clearly, a sailor suit…I got the Red one and my sister got the white one, I loved that Sailor suit but one day I outgrew it. Years passed and I was older, exploring the City on my own. I used to love the Vintage stores along Queen Street and Chinatown. I’d spend hours going through the racks trying to find deals, imagining myself in an old movie. One day I found a blue Sailor top in an old Army Navy Store…I had to have it and wore it, though it was very retro. Time passed and things changed in the City, vintage stores were replaced by brand name stores and Designer Outlets. I missed the old retro places I used to hang out at… And then one day I was walking around a new place, a virtual world where anything seemed possible and I re-discovered the vintage stores I had missed and they had everything from all the old Movies…


Thank you Neferia for allowing us the opportunity to live in the past…even if just for a little while.


Credits: Outfit- Ivalde Betsy Sailorsuit, Skin-Tuli Hope Pale Gala, Shoes Schadenfreude Dk Red Lucent Heel, Candy Nail Blk evolution, Artilleri Maggie Tattoo, Hair- Novocaine Antoinette (Cherry) (1L), Novocaine Milla (Blonde), Truth Natasha(dawn), (on Pic 1)-Artilleri Leo Lily (colour Ch), Onyxia Glasses White, Curious Kitties Gothique Zip ribbon Bracelet red. Poses by LAP and Striking Poses.

Shot at Steingrim Airport.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hope for Tuli...and other Sundries!!

Today marks the release of Tuli’s new skin line called Hope.


What can I say about this beautiful skin?

Soft, beautifully contoured, with make-ups perfect for summer. The details are subtle and realistic with elbows slightly reddened and body shading natural and not over shadowed or highlighted. This makes a perfect daily wear skin with a face which works well I’d think, with most body types and faces. The face is smooth with tiny details on the body giving it a natural and elegant look. A note about the outfit; I wanted to pair the skin with a summer outfit but didn’t have anything I liked in my inventory, so I picked up the bathing suit at Opium Everyday thinking it would work well. After taking a trip to Aden I found this great hair with colour changing scarf. Then a Sarong from **Boom** literally appeared in my inventory. I realized later that I had been shopping at Aden at the same time as Aranel Ah and she kindly left the Sarong…It was perfect! Tuli3
This is a selection of the make-ups and tones available for Hope. Tones in Dark Tan, Tan, Sunkissed, Fair and Pale.

Credits; Skin Tuli Hope (Top Pic Pale/Gala), Hair Aden Autumn II (+Regina Ponytail) lightblond, Eyes Exodi Honeybear Lg, Boom Summer Sarong Transparent Tan, Bathing Suit-Opium Everyday Swimwear Bronze. Poses Rel expression, Shot at home.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Genesis becomes Exodi !!! (and Barenaked Ladies are involved..!)


This is a first for me, a skin review, and considering how over the years I have loved, bought, picked over and mulled over skins, I guess its about time. When it comes to great skinmakers, they all have certain traits I admire. They tend to have a good eye for detail, an artistic sense of “figure drawing”, patience by the boatload, and are perfectionists (willing to tear down and start again if something doesn’t satisfy them). Ryker Beck announced a few months ago that she was going to begin making skins. Her experience as a photographer in SL has given her the discipline, “eye” and drive to make it in a very difficult business. She is already on her Gen.2 version of her Genesis Skins, her store and skins now being re-branded to Exodi.

Exodi Eden

Eden is the Gen.2 of her original Genesis Eden and it’s just a better skin overall. More detail on the body, better shading and buttdimples!! I have to admit Lips are a big issue with me and the lips are much improved being more realistic, larger and more sultry. The eyes I particularly like, very nice details on the back, butt, boobs and well shaded all around.

Exodi Shiloh Multb

Exodi Shiloh is her new skin and it is my favorite by far. Great Lips and makeups which work well with the skin tones. Although I tend to wear in the Caramel-Cream tones I am very much taken with the Cocoa and Coffee. These tones are amazing and look wonderful with the lips and face (which is not always the case with the darker tones).


Exodi Skins come with regular brows and a lighter version, Prim Nail Gloves and a tintable landing strip. (Ok so I am not trying to to make any plane jokes…) Older versions (Eden) are still available at $500L with the new Skins (Candace (ver1) Eden (ver2) Shiloh (ver1) priced at $800L. Available at her store also Jewellery and her Eyes are some of my favorites in SL. Poses by Persona –Shooting poses, Nude. Hair By HOH, Runway, Brown. Eyes Exodi “Realite”.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RFyre meets The Stringer Mausoleum…..


"When heading out into parts unknown, the wise traveller takes a few well chosen necessities; a good map, compass, travelling shoes, food and water as well as a few extras such as a guide book or camera will go a long way towards easing any stress encountered by the intrepid explorer. A weapon such as a knife can be useful also but may be misconstrued and cause more problems than it prevents. I have always found the best approach is to "do as the Romans do, when in Rome...". (And considering the reputations of ancient Romans that could prove interesting.) When entering areas of some disrepute one must be respectful of all the inhabitants unless that is likely to get you killed... Play close attention to the flora and fauna of the region you are entering. Innocuous plants and insects may be harbouring poisonous tendencies!"
Excerpt from Shelby Rasmuson's, A Gentlewomans Guide to Travelling alone in Second Life.

Credits:Outfit-RFyre Bytterwynds II Black Leather, Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum Kyphotic Dirty, Boots-Hexed Demonia, Eyes DenDou Light Grey, Skin Tuli-Hope(group Gift), Earrings and Bangles-chuchulet (gift for bloggers).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Painting the World…Purple…


Today I decided to put aside everything I was working on to focus on the colour Purple. For those who are involved in the Relay for life..many thanks, you have kept the fight for a cure alive for many of us who get caught up in our busy lives but are touched in so many ways by this terrible illness. And to all those battling Cancer yourself or with your families, God bless you, you are the bravest people I know.






Skins-pic1&2 Hybrid Archetype fem Arcane (inc. Ears and Eyes), Pic 3&4 Curio Petal April 2 Bluebell (curio puple blush), Pic 5 Chaisuki Nova Tropical light Punch.

Outfits-Pic 1&2 Adored Clothing DSN (plus shoes), Pic 3 Sn@tch Explicit Purple, Shoes First Flower Hoya Strapped, Pic 4 Punch Drunk Glam Rock Dress (Fash Con. Group Gift for last years Relay), Pants Fear&Clothing Tartan Lowrise, Boots – Katat0nik Axis mundi Legwarmer Boots, Pic 5 Cupcakes Glimmer Dress Violet, Sparkly Stockings, Tuli sUmi Strappy Stiletto.

Jewellery-Pic 1&2 Violet Voltaire from Cuppycake (on all), no love lost and their Cell Crown sets, Pretties by Moxie Bangles, Pic 3 pretties by JB Moxie Bangles, Violet Voltaire Their Cell Crown Key, Angel Earrings, Pic 4&5 Pd Mayoness Purple Haze Armband Necklace, Purple Diamond Pimp Stick.

Hair-1&2 Philotic Energy Push Violet, Pic 3 Inorite Hair Addy Start Wearing Purple, Pic 4 SH Kagami Hair Purple&Red, Pic 5 Magika Curl Light Purple.

Poses- Flowey and LAP. Shot in the beautiful Sim of Oubliette.