Monday, June 1, 2009

Painting the World…Purple…


Today I decided to put aside everything I was working on to focus on the colour Purple. For those who are involved in the Relay for life..many thanks, you have kept the fight for a cure alive for many of us who get caught up in our busy lives but are touched in so many ways by this terrible illness. And to all those battling Cancer yourself or with your families, God bless you, you are the bravest people I know.






Skins-pic1&2 Hybrid Archetype fem Arcane (inc. Ears and Eyes), Pic 3&4 Curio Petal April 2 Bluebell (curio puple blush), Pic 5 Chaisuki Nova Tropical light Punch.

Outfits-Pic 1&2 Adored Clothing DSN (plus shoes), Pic 3 Sn@tch Explicit Purple, Shoes First Flower Hoya Strapped, Pic 4 Punch Drunk Glam Rock Dress (Fash Con. Group Gift for last years Relay), Pants Fear&Clothing Tartan Lowrise, Boots – Katat0nik Axis mundi Legwarmer Boots, Pic 5 Cupcakes Glimmer Dress Violet, Sparkly Stockings, Tuli sUmi Strappy Stiletto.

Jewellery-Pic 1&2 Violet Voltaire from Cuppycake (on all), no love lost and their Cell Crown sets, Pretties by Moxie Bangles, Pic 3 pretties by JB Moxie Bangles, Violet Voltaire Their Cell Crown Key, Angel Earrings, Pic 4&5 Pd Mayoness Purple Haze Armband Necklace, Purple Diamond Pimp Stick.

Hair-1&2 Philotic Energy Push Violet, Pic 3 Inorite Hair Addy Start Wearing Purple, Pic 4 SH Kagami Hair Purple&Red, Pic 5 Magika Curl Light Purple.

Poses- Flowey and LAP. Shot in the beautiful Sim of Oubliette.

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