Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blame it on the Hammock!!!

Hammock3_001 Hammock5_001

Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works Animations sent along a hammock for me to try. It didn’t take me very long to figure out that a hammock is no fun alone, so I called up my friend Qwynne MacMoragh to see if he liked it. Now I must tell you that we haven’t spoken for months and things were kinda left hanging… Awkward…

Blame it on the Hammock Blame it on the Hammock

Who knows the reasons these things happen….I had originally hired him to help with some…dirty jobs, things that required more brawn than brains. Qwynne wasn’t pleased.. He started hanging around with that Hussy Vanitas Mistwallow, going AWOL, not showing up for shoots and then the accusations began. I will go on the record when I say I have no idea what became of her…One day..poof. I can assure you that girl knew how to find trouble. Anyway all that aside we found ourselves talking about things. It seems Qwynne is very interested in the development of the new adult continent Zindra. I told him, at this point everything is very generic with people standing around waiting for something to happen. I couldn’t believe it when he grabbed my butt…

Blame it on the Hammock Blame it on the Hammock

Ok so, about the hammock. Pillows are texture change and you click on the pillow to change pose. The Hammock comes with either poles or palm trees, and I had to go for the poles as I’m living in a dystopian themed sim and I might get thrown out if the place starts to look too good. I also don’t really want to dig any holes…who knows what’s buried in the bog? (Take that Vanitas Mistwallow!!) Changing one animation changes for both male + female.

Blame it on the Hammock Blame it on the Hammock

Qwynne will testify that the hammock is very comfortable. Just when things were getting interesting, he fell asleep …and I am now accompanied by the soft refrains of snoring…


Qwynne MacMoragh-Skin MMS Madrid Halloween (chesthair..) Group gift from a while ago, Damiani Eyeglow, Earthstones Stoned eyes turk, Reaction Frosty Jeans, Stallie Shirt white, Thongs Charcoal (this guy has not bought any new clothes for a while..).

Shelby(me)- Skin Curio petal Frex June Doe, Outfit Mischief Shanie (Sale), Hair rose +RP+ Chain cross blk (fantasy faire), Bangles Dark Mouse DM Lotus Flower, Shea Bracelet, Eyes Tacky Star Strange Rainbow, Shoes !Duh Clogs Scarlet (all DSN).

Diesel Works Hammock- 899L, * Syncronized Animations, Texture Change, Smooth Swinging, 19 Prims, Available Group Discount. Diesel Works Also Sells Pose sets, A modelling Chair, and AO’s to come. The store is well laid out with a rezzed copy of the hammock for you to try.

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