Monday, June 8, 2009

Saluting Ivalde!!!!

When I was a little girl, my Mother took my Sister and I to a dress shop. It was the old fashioned kind, in the city, long and narrow full of lovely clothes. I remember it very clearly, although I must have been only about three or thereabouts…


What she bought us I also remember clearly, a sailor suit…I got the Red one and my sister got the white one, I loved that Sailor suit but one day I outgrew it. Years passed and I was older, exploring the City on my own. I used to love the Vintage stores along Queen Street and Chinatown. I’d spend hours going through the racks trying to find deals, imagining myself in an old movie. One day I found a blue Sailor top in an old Army Navy Store…I had to have it and wore it, though it was very retro. Time passed and things changed in the City, vintage stores were replaced by brand name stores and Designer Outlets. I missed the old retro places I used to hang out at… And then one day I was walking around a new place, a virtual world where anything seemed possible and I re-discovered the vintage stores I had missed and they had everything from all the old Movies…


Thank you Neferia for allowing us the opportunity to live in the past…even if just for a little while.


Credits: Outfit- Ivalde Betsy Sailorsuit, Skin-Tuli Hope Pale Gala, Shoes Schadenfreude Dk Red Lucent Heel, Candy Nail Blk evolution, Artilleri Maggie Tattoo, Hair- Novocaine Antoinette (Cherry) (1L), Novocaine Milla (Blonde), Truth Natasha(dawn), (on Pic 1)-Artilleri Leo Lily (colour Ch), Onyxia Glasses White, Curious Kitties Gothique Zip ribbon Bracelet red. Poses by LAP and Striking Poses.

Shot at Steingrim Airport.


Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

So Adorable Shelby! TY! :)

~ Ketsy

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Thank you, great to see all the posts and stories!