Monday, June 15, 2009

A Touch of Grey….

Oh well a touch of grey, kinda suits you anyway,
Thats all I had to say, but its all right
I will get by, I will survive. The Grateful Dead.


I tried to find some happy quotes or poems for the colour Grey but unfortunately I’m afraid Grey has been given a bad Rep. This poor colour has been associated with Rain, Grey Hair, Melancholy, Soil, Gravestones, Ashes, Mist, and other things of a depressing nature. This is not really fair….anyway as a colour it works perfectly well, it has a nice soft neutral quality for clothing and can be used to set off subtle or stronger colours.


This dress was kindly dropped off for review by Vanitas Vesture and I have paired it with Jewellery by Violet Voltaire, Hair by Shadenfreude, and a Tattoo by Garden of KU.

Alpha Tribe10_001b

This is my interpretation of one of Alpha Tribe’s Skins, with Necklace by EyeCandy and hair from another outfit by Alpha Tribe, Natural Things.

I wanted this time around to try some new things with my photo’s and so found some useful resources for photographers. When I started blogging, I really enjoyed finding new locations and didn’t really use a studio or special place to shoot pics. This can be limiting and frustrating because it takes a while to scout out new places. I will always enjoy location shooting but sometimes I have too much to cover and not enough time. Then I thought it would be fun to try GIMP, and this has been more useful than I could imagine because you can separate the figure from background, place frames and type, and add so many interesting effects. I have a little photo area set up on top of my skybox which helps when I need a white background. But then I needed more, textures for backgounds, lighting, props etc. but I don’t have the area, prims or cash to do anything more than a basic setup. This is where free photostudios come in. I have to warn you, there are quite a few, with different setups so look around till you find one you like. The one I found that was excellent, having photosphere’s, other studio type setups, Props, frames etc. was at MC Store in Bosch. Also remember to leave a tip. They are also useful if you want to try out equipment before you buy.


Pics1&2-Dress Vanitas Vesture Scribbly Dress/Grey, Hair Shadenfreude Grey Goose Nekomi with V fringe, Eyes denDou Light Grey, Skin Curio GP Petal Light April Bluebell, Jewellery Violet Voltaire Love Like Blood, Shoes Curious Kitties Colourless Heels, Tattoo Neo2 GoK Garden of Ku, Goggles BroGear Mirage.

Pic3-Skin, Attachments, Shoe Alpha Tribe Body Parts (free), Hair Part of Natural things Outfit, Necklace EyeCandy Sanguine Temptress.


sarahthered said...

Beautiful! I love the styling and photo treatment.

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Thank you!