Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall…Kalnins Review

I remember my early days in SL in regards to footwear. Bling on shoes and boots that had no resemblance to shoes and boots. Nowadays we are luckier and shoes and boots have come a long way. Textures are realistic, bling is no longer a staple, and colour is everywhere. I have a tendency to waffle however when buying. What colour?? Well I usually buy the black and balk at buying the blue or greens. A week passes and there I am with a green outfit mumbling…I should have bought the green boots!
Colour scripting in products solves this problem. Although the cost for scripted products usually are higher than a single colour, the convenience and versatility makes them very attractive. Kalnins is putting forth a whole bevvy of products which are scripted in one way or another. Fall, a new offering has 11 solid colours as well as the ability to colour 3 areas of the boot (heel, straps, body). You can also choose between gold and silver buckles.This means that there is a huge choice in your colour pallette. The boots also have a shine and glow option, which may be interesting when shooting pictures. In the above picture I tinted my bodies to match the shoes, which are the actual colour, with glow and shine turned on.
You can have a lot of fun with these boots. At the bottom left are the boot with shine and glow turned off. I found that the leather texture is more apparent with those settings. Kalnins, as a store has a lot of interesting products. The specialty is footwear and Glasses and if you think the boots are interesting you have to take a look at the options available for Eyewear! I will be talking soon about these and showing you some nifty glasses. Mens Footwear is also very attractive with the same types of options available.

Credits: Kalnins Footwear Fall v1.7 (comes with different options for accessing the menu but clicking on the boot is easiest) {R}  750L. Skin Rockberry Uma C Light FRX, Milk Motion My Crow Cardigan Blue, Miss 80’s Crow Queen Necklace,!BF! Crow footless Leggings, Hair Truth Isle Platinum, Curio Tragic Hazel {R}. All Crow items available at Designers United.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elves or Fairies? A la Folie..Review

A La Folie is a shop that has recently come to my attention. pixivor Allen is a talented clothing designer who makes dresses of all kinds, from the short and flirty to long and elegant. I would say her design is in the French style, with impeccable taste, detail and an overall freshness to her designs. She likes to work with floral details and everything is wonderfully finished. This is the first of a couple of dresses I have to show you and rather than try to cram too much into one post I have opted to present them in an more orderly fashion.


Pumpkin flower comes with the dress, hair flower, shoes and vines. The outfit works so well with a Fantasy theme, that I paired the clothes with wings from Studio Sidhe, ears from SLink, hair from Exile and a Fairy AO from AnaMations.


I had forgotten how much I missed my Elvish ways!!! Pics were shot at Oubliette. This sim is always beautiful and tends to change through the seasons. Many of the buildings and features (like this Pumpkin House) are for sale.


Credits: Outfit ALaFolie Pumpkin Flower 290L {R}, Eyes Curio Tragic Eyes (Hazel)lg {R}, Skin Curio Petal June Doe, Jewellery Sable Rose Beltaine Calla Lilly necklace, Ana_Mations Fairy AO, Studio Sidhe Faery Wings (Autumn), Hair Exile Kalea Blond, SLink Sachara Elf Ears Long.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

SySy, Dark Mouse and Blowpop…Review

Some things just work, no fuss, no bother, they quietly do their job without making a huge production. This does not mean that there is not a great deal of skill and effort put into the creation or execution, it just means that the result appears to be effortless.

This post started out being about the pants. What’s so great about these pants? Well for one thing, they look great. They fit like RL pants and they’re the type of pant which will literally go with half of my wardrobe. I don’t own one pair of pants like these. I own jeans, lots of jeans, I own capri’s, tons of them. Skirts I have by the boatload… Nice pants are a rare thing in SL. Walk into any store in SL and you will find most stores have every type of top, sweater, cami, dress, legging but a nice pair of dress pants are an uncommon treat. SySy Chapman is a designer I know more for her lovely dresses, her kind soul, and now Pants!!! (And the sweater is very attractive also.)The sweaters sell for 75L and the pants sell for 125L. Both are available in a fatpack.


Mouse Mimistrobell, of Dark Mouse has released some new products. Hair, Jewellery and Belts. Again everything fits and works effortlessly. The hair is attractive, the right blond, and the Jewellery matches …well pretty much anything. Devine Deco, the bangles and earrings, sell for 100L. And the hair Cyntra sells for 100L per colour and 600L for a fatpack. Belts are 200L and come in a pack of 4 colours. The store is nicely laid out with an open concept feel and the products are well designed and very reasonably priced.


I think you must know that I love Blowpop skins, especially Elizabeth. It’s hard to be objective about what I feel is just about the best hand-drawn skin on the grid. It is a skin drawn with sensitivity and an eye to the little details. And yes I was dancing a jig when I realized that Annyka had released new makeups. This is my favourite, called Persia. I love the plum tones and was quite happy to see a shade in the cooler reds. A single skin sells for 900L and the whole series in one tone sells for 3200L. Pics shot at Namaste Isle.


Credits: Eyes Exodi Zbilja Spirit Moss (Group Gift), Blowpop ElizabethN2 Tone c Persia2 {R}, Dark Mouse Hair Cyntra (Dk Blonde) Jewellery Devine Deco Bangle & Earring {R}, SySy’s Iloa Pants (Black) Tweedy Tops (Red){R}, SLink Glamour Platforms with feet.

Friday, October 23, 2009

50L Fridays…

Just a quick post to show off some of my 50L Friday purchases. Given the fact that I am a slow blogger, I thought I’d test myself to see if I could quickly put together a post of current items wearing as many of the 50L items as possible. You will notice that a few items are from past Fridays.


Lovely dress from Casa Del Shai, the shoes are Kookie and I found them last Friday for 50L but I don’t think they were a part of the sale. Below is a bit of a mashup of items…not sure I’d normally wear them together… The skin is a Halloween/Goth type from 5th & Oxford.


Credits: Skin 5th & Oxford Fair Audrey Little Miss Horror (50L), Kookie Kat Platforms(50L), Eyes [TU} seed Eyes Apple(50L).

1-Shai Kimora Evening Gown(50L),Clawtooth a little lift (Last Friday), Jewellery Miel Elo Set(50L) Swank Glasses Black Boxed(50L).

2-Lamb Milk Ink(before Infection)(50L), Pig Dickies(50L), Kyoot Loathed high waist Mini(50L), This is Fawn Cropped Bustier(50L), 1tb Nerdy Chic Glasses(50L).

Poses LAP and (pda), slurls for 50L Fridays can be found here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

5th&Oxford and Eolande, Review


Little Miss is a new offering by the duo, Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot of 5th & Oxford. There are skins, lingerie, slips, shoes, stockings, accessories and even furniture and textures. Prices range from 50L for the headbands up to 600L for a single skin. As always, everything is elegant, beautifully designed and pretty. The skins are skilfully rendered with graceful shading throughout and the lingerie is chic and sexy.


I am continuing my look at the jewellery of Eolande Elvehjem. This Pearl group is colour change in the gems and the loveliest piece is the back drape necklace which would be stunning paired with a backless dress. Prices range from 200L to 1050L with different colours available in the pearls and all having colour change gems.


The free photography studio at MC Bosch has a huge prop room, with every kind of chair, box, wall and frame. There are numerous backgrounds, lighting options and poses available. Even if you are not accustomed to taking pictures, it is a fun way to take advantage of the many options out there for photography. And remember to leave a tip!

Little Missblog

Another splendid piece from Eolande’s is the Fairy Glass Necklace (with earrings and ring). The glass is colour change and light appears to be moving within the glass. Prices range from 250L-350L. Demo’s are also available.



Pic1,2&3-5th&Oxford-Audrey Little Miss 6 Tan, Little Miss Lingerie Bra, Garters, Stockings Black, Little Miss Mules Black {R}, Eolande’s Pearls Back Drape Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Ring (all color change){R}, Exodi Zbjila Spirit Specular (group Gift), Hair Tiny Bird The Killing Moon Pepper (with Feather) (sale item).

Pic4&5-5th&Oxford-Skin Audrey Little Miss 5 medium, Little Miss Slip Blue, Little Miss Veil Blue, Knickers Blush {R}, Eolande’s Fairy Glass Jewellery (color change) silver {R}, Exodi Zbjila Spirit Crystal Blue (group Gift), Hair Tiny Bird She sells Sea Shells (Buttermilk) (sale item).

Pics Shot at MC St. Bosch, Free photo studio prop room.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sand Shack Surf Co. Review…

(Look to the bottom for Style Notes.)


I took an Autumn walk one cool and brilliant day. All about me the trees were shining in a golden radiance with the last of the flowers starting to fade. Patches of frost still clung to lower areas and the rivers and streams, full from the last days rain showers, were overflowing and merry.I took a path along the river until my way was interrupted by a branching…two continuing along the river along well remembered paths, the other a new trail forging into the darker trees and forest such that it was difficult to see far in.


I took the latter path though I had heard tales about this forest and knew my risk in taking an unfamiliar way. The air was muffled as all sound was dampened by the closeness of the trees and the depth of the carpet of leaves. No sounds but the scurrying of small creatures and my own boots cracking a twig or the high windy tops of trees swaying above the canopy.


As afternoon deepened into evening, I heard a soft growl behind me, and I turned…only to observe what, at the time seemed a strange rock formation. A shifting, as if a great weight or a stone had rolled, a thrumming and shaking…like a wild crack was about to open in the earth…and a feral glint, glowing eyes. I would like to tell you that I was brave, that I faced that thing with my sword (uh I mean umbrella) held high and ready, but I would be lying. I will not bore you with the embarrassing details of how I ran head first into a prickly bush and ended up with itchy welts and dreadfully sore feet. I high-tailed it so fast out of there I almost didn’t hear the soft chuckling of whateverthatthingwas carried on the Autumn breeze, back along the path to the river, over the bridge and into my little house. And though I am now safely in my bed, with covers pulled up to my eyes….I can still hear it.


Sand Shack Surf Co. is a store I would shop at in RL. The clothing is very close to my own real world tastes, comfy casual clothing with a laid back style. So, when Emma Gilmour sent along some items for review I imagined myself doing something I love to do at this time of year, a walk amongst the georgous fall colours. In the northern climates fall is a riot of beauty leading to November which gives us trees stripped of their foliage and shivering in the wind. Surf Co. gives us some of what I love about hand drawn clothes, personal interpretation, interesting textures and in the case of the boots skulpted with shiny (did I mention that they squeek?) abandon and the umbrella which swings back and forth.

I think I should also mention the skin. This is a new offering from Tres Blah, and Girly Chic has been garnering a mix of buzz since it first was released. The first thing I will say if you intend to demo' this skin, it is designed differently to most skins and therefore you shape may need to be modded before taking a good look at it (or you may find yourself disappointed). The lips need to be redesigned as they won’t look right upon first glance. There is a note in the demo giving some guidance in this. I must say that I was on the fence on this one and usually I won’t buy a skin unless I’m sure I will wear it. This post made up my mind as I wanted a skin with individuality and this skin has plenty of character. Skins are like that guy you met in the bar last night….sometimes they just don’t look as good the next day….well I have to say that I am still liking this skin very much. So if you have a liking for hand-drawn skins and are willing to mod your shape then this skin might be what you are looking for.

I’m also going to mention that Festivale Sim is having a sale, hence the influx of Lap and Tiny Bird stuffs into my inventory.

Credits: Skin Tres Blah !tb Girly Chic Duo Shadow Light Brows (800L), Eyes Curio tragic (Hazel) Sm {R}.

Pic1&2-Surf Couture Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans (light Grey), Vintage Fall fest Hoodie (coral) {R}, Hair Tiny Bird Precious things (Wheat) (S).

Pic3&4-Surf Couture hot Cocoa Stain Jeans (Dark){R}, Kettle Corn Cardigan (Faded){R}, Rain Boots (Mustard){R}, Umbrella (colour change){R}, Jewellery Eolande’s (Basic Newbie), Hair Tiny Bird Buffy Chestnut(S).

All Poses LAP (on Sale). Shot at Alirium Gardens and Wasted Night.

Friday, October 16, 2009



I Heed not that my earthly lot

Hath little of earth in it____


That years of love have been forgot

In the hatred of a minute:____


I mourn not that the desolate

Are happier sweet than I,

But that you sorrow for my fate

Who am a passer by.

Edgar Allen Poe


grim bros. is a store which is a lot like an emporium, it sells pretty well everything steampunk related. Even the moving eyeball, (which donates to charity). I am afraid to go back there, luckily SL kept crashing on me or I would have bought the store.. These shoes are the coolest thing ever…the cogs and wheels move!

When Eolande Elvehjem sent along a few samples for blogging I was excited and the Cameo necklace caught my eye right away. I love anything vintage and Eolande’s is a store which sells beautiful classic jewellery. What I realized about this necklace (after I had taken the pictures) was that the Cameo opens and you can put pictures in it. So your loved ones and lost loves can always be with you. Or in my case remember a party with funny hats.

The skin is part of a Halloween series by Mimi Coral of Cupcakes which is selling currently for 250L per skin. If you are a lover of goth type skins, this is truly the time of year for you, there are many great halloween skins at reasonable prices.



Jewellery - Eolande’s Cameo Locket wth pearls rose/white/silver {R} (800L with earrings and ring, opens and accommodates up to 100 pics)))

Skin – Cupcakes Daydream Goth Skelly (250L)

Dress – grim bros. deranged shabby dress (Zombiefest)

Shoes – Vapour Vanity Rust and Blood (Zombiefest)

Gloves – Plastik Annamalie Gloves (skin and shape fair gift)

Stocking- !RT (Rotton Toe) Moth golden stocking

Eyes – Dernier Cri Zombie eyes (part of free zombie avatar)

Hair – Pididdle Baloon hair (group gift)

Pics shot at Hercynia.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cheongsam Asian Dress…SWA Review


Second Wave apparel is one of those businesses within SL that I have come to rely on for a certain type of clothing. If I am looking for a certain camisole to match my pants or a pair of pants to match my camisole this is the place to go. I think I discovered the store fairly quickly during my early days in SL and I liked it for a couple of reasons. The clothing is reasonably priced and available mostly as separates. There are a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from and it’s all top quality. At the same time Sioxie Legend has been expanding her skills and adding to her repertoire. She now has costumes and Fantasy clothing in addition to her separates.


The Cheongsam Asian Dress comes in Red and Black Silk. This dress is beautifully designed with a Dragon (I have a thing for Dragons..) across the front and detailing throughout the dress. As well, it comes with a parasol, earrings and shoes to match. The Parasol does not come with any animations, but will work with any umbrella animations or AO’s. I found once I had the Parasol properly placed it worked well with my own animations and I had fun running around and playing with it. Although the Dress works well in an Asian setting, or for Halloween, Chinese New Year etc., it’s lovely enough to wear every day.


Pics shot at the Matisse Mansion and the Forbidden City.



Outfit - Second Wave Apparel Cheongsam Asian Dress – 350 L (includes China Doll Shoes, Baby Dragon Gold Earrings and Parasol) {R}.

Skin – Tuli Bella Fair Elysium {R}.

Hair – [OH] OH my Friend, Truth Samantha Platinum.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



I am not that one

walking alone

there near the garden

hedges watching

a bird turn back on the side of

this hill turning


always at this point on the hill

as if wary

of what is below


I am not

that one but someone else

who dances

over the sand toward


evening and floats in the water

peacefully as it darkens

this time


To the watchers along the steps she seems

to be singing but they cannot hear

what it is

nor to whom

Hilda Morley (1919-1998)


The Glamour Expo at Vanity Universe 131/122/601 has many beautiful clothes. Dresses and outfits of all descriptions. It probably says more about me and my taste that I came away with more casual attire. I will certainly be checking out some of these stores to see what other gems they are hiding amid the gowns and fancy wear… A word about the skins; Aimesi Skins are versatile because of the variety of make-ups and skin tones. I especially enjoyed working with the silver tones as they match well with October themes. Skins don’t always work well with photography, but I found the skins complimented what I was trying to achieve with the pictures. A single skin sells for 900L.

Credits: Skins Aimesi Drama Silver Face1, Amely Cashmere Face 4, Drama Silver Face 2, {R}, Eyes Curio Tragic Eyes {R}.

Pic1&2-Touche Dotty Boo Dress, Earth and Sky Design Overknee Leather Boots, *GF* Key Necklace (Jewellery Fair Freebie), Chai Eyes Death&Zombie (Zombiefest freebie), !RT Zombie Hair Dirty Grave, Deco Diamond and Pearl Collection ring. Shot at Downtown.

Pic3&4-::HH:: Hucci Aja Dress Rapt Rose, Tiny Bird Autumn Leaves Ginger (50L Fri special), Deco Diamond and Pearl Collection Ring, Collar, Bracelet, Shoes Pixel Mode Shandrea Wedges White (Sale). Shot at Avaria.

Pic5&6-Pants Kunglers Manuella Journal, Sweater LeeZu Woolstock Pullover Air, GField Short Belt Boots Emma Pumpkin (Sale 30L), Hair Lamb Stargaze Mango (50L Fri). Shot at 6pi.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zombies, Sales and Night Elves…


Ok, maybe I should explain…. Some days in Second Life just defy explanation…but I’ll try I’ll really try. Friday was just one of those days…I woke up to find myself walking around the Glamour Expo and I bought a few things…not really glamorous but interesting. Then well, it was 50L Fridays so…I popped about grabbing more stuff and that’s how I ended up with the fireflies. I scouted out a few locations for blogging and found one that just blew me away, so much so that it might take me a while to figure out what to do with it….Then I remembered Zombiefest and put on my best Zombie while gawking at the Zombies, Dancing to the Rob Zombie Experience and other oddities. Found some great clothes too..


Of Course then I took a trip over to Cupcakes to check out the secret sale..and found this georgous Night Elf skin. I had to show it to you at night where it really shines. I have to admit at this point things get a little fuzzy…I don’t recall even getting bit. I started getting ravenously hungry…and I wanted a burger…hell raw meat…brains….? Good thing I’m a paranoid sort and packed anti Zombie Serum into my inventory…


Credits: Skin Cupcakes Daydream Night Elf Princess Fr, Eyes Curio Tragic Gren {R}, 5th&Oxford Little Miss Lingerie Olive (50L Fridays), Decoy Freya Flats Moss (S), Evica Linked Chain Necklace Yin/Yang, Sable Rose DIY SafetyPin Ear/Nose piercing, Haven Co, Zombie Stuffs (MissingMile freebie), Hair Calico Ingmann Creations Zoe Bronzed, RC Cluster Mainstore iexcesios Steel Flesh Tunnels(freebie), Reek Fireflies in Jar.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I thought it might be an interesting exercise to take some of the skins from the Skin/Shape Expo and compare the faces. This is by no means a complete or in any way indicative list of favourites. I know I missed some, like Imagen, Chai and League (which I bought but didn’t include) as well as others, and I hope that I can return to them later and take a closer look. As well there are some beautiful bodies on these skins with options such as cleavage, various brows and naughty bits! Eyes are by Curio and Adam & Eve.


(Top) 42 Skins Fugue Goth White, Curio-GP Bean Vixen Majesty, GP Petal Frx Breeze Pure, GP Sundusk Lovely Finch. (Middle) Idiosyncracy Lucy Ultra Pale, Rock Candy-RC Pale Aki Skin (Clean face), Iced Aki Skin (Magic Face), Snow Aki Skin (Magic Face). (Bottom) Belleza Jesse Sunkiss (group Gift), Exodi Lily Frosted Dove (free in Expo), Rockberry Farrah Natural A, Rockberry Farrah Light B.


(Top) Tuli Bella Fair Elysium, Natural, Raven, Spohia. (Middle) Milk Motion Collette Black Eyes2 (not sample), Pink Fuel Skye Honey Beestung, Skin Within Amelie SS09 Bare (Charity Skin), A&E Portia tone1 (Eyes fairy brown). (Bottom) A&E Amanda Foxy (Eyes Hunters Grip), A&E Mei Li Aki tone 3, GeEs Tara Reloaded Sand.

All skins are still available at the Skin/Shape Expo till October 10th.

Credits: All hair Decoy Nicole (free), Eyes (except where noted) Curio Tragic Eyes {R}. Except where noted most of the skins were Bloggers Preview Samples. From this point on, in an effort to be transparent about where items came from, review, sample or gift items will be marked with a {R}, other items ie. free, or group gifts and sales will be marked as appropriate. No mark means full price was paid.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Milk Motion..Curio, Oyakin.


Every now and then I’ll find a skin which doesn’t fit the mould. It’s the kind of skin which makes you take a second look. Its a little quirky or maybe has qualities which makes it useful for a more editorial type of picture taking. Colette from Milk Motion is just such a skin. I have paired it with clothes from Oyakin, Boots from Pixel Mode and great new Eyes from Curio.


The sim is called Missing Mile and it’s a residential roleplay town. There are lots of cool places to take pics, just remember not to disrupt the roleplay! (I was taking pics and getting comments like….He wondered exactly what she was looking at so intently…


Another feature of this skin is the teeth. There are two versions…teeth or no teeth. Although I won’t be using teeth for most of my pics, I do see a use for having it. It adds to the expressiveness of the face. (And yes I know some people really don’t like teeth but it’s a kinda personal choice thing for the skinner…and I’m all for personal choice!)

Credits: Skin Milk Motion Collette Black Eyes2, Hair [OH] Oh my ramen, Outfit Oyakin Jacket Black, Skinny Pants Grey, Stole Grey (also poses), Eyes Curio Tragic {R}, Boots Pixel Mode Rea Suede Boots Black(Sale), Tank (Group gift from Mischief).

Skin and Eyes are available at the Skin & Shape Expo until October 10th, then in the stores.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Ok this is me completely out of my comfort zone. It occurred to me at some point while walking through the Skin and Shape Expo, that Someone really should blog the male shapes as well as the female ones. I am unused to the gender bending which is so common in SL. I am a happy girly girl…and though I do have a male alt he only is let out of his cage on rare occasions. That said, I could not resist taking a look at some of the shapes which came my way as previews and I found myself intrigued and a little challenged.


Of course I realized very quickly that I didn’t have much in the way of skins, clothing, hair or even an AO. I had to quickly run around to find these things and must say that the whole experience was a lot of fun when I finally got down to taking pictures. Please don’t laugh (oh hell laugh away!) I’m not sure if I’m a total fail as a guy or not but it did feel weird walking around with big muscles and trying to find unfeminine poses.


This shape is from Body Doubles, designed for Redgrave’s Brad I thought it worked very well with the Hunt Skin from Nikita Fride. There is also a girl skin in the pack. I found I liked the shapes which were of the tall, dark and handsome variety. Not sure if this fellow can be trusted..something a little unsavoury about him.


Meet Declan, he is something of a serious guy…all business. What that business is…is something of a mystery. Something to do with import-export I think. Declan is one of the shapes from MADesigns and I rather liked the mix of musculature with a lean physique.


There was no intent to use visual puns in any of these pics. If they’re there then..oh well I simply couldn’t resist..


This Guy is called Parole and he is from Maverick designs. I simply didn’t have the heart to tell him that his jacket was too short! His physique is overall quite nice and he does have something of the bad boy about him…He is a bit of a klutz though…touch those tires and they all fall down! Route 66 is a sim designed around choppers. You can buy them, ride them and maybe if you’re lucky (or really unlucky!) this fellow will fix ‘em for you!


Credits: Poses by VPoses, AO courtesy of TPZHAO for Boys (free) available at My! Main Store.

Pic1,2- Body Doubles Shape for Brad Redgrave skin (600L charity shape), !Skin Man Hunt Skin by Nikita Fride, Hair by MADesigns Slide SBII, OMFG Alchemist Clock (no longer available) Eyepiece, Hat free from Curio Obscura , Schadenfreude Ghostbat beater and Pitch Striped vest, Zenith M/F Tattoo, Demon Eye Red, Pimp Stick Purple diamond with chrome hardware (Where’s my money Ho Designs). Pic shot at Isla Mallorca.

Pic3,4-MADesigns shape Declan (1000L plus extras), Hair Chris Winter, Eyes Intense Joyous, Styles VIP Package Male Skin Bellatre Series Tan, Chic Sportiv Sweater, Pig Ordinary Boy Shirt (not Black), Pig Pleated Men’s Pants, Sneakers UBU Lowrise Pornstar. Shot at Downtown.

Pic5,6- Maverick Designs Parole Shape (900L plus extras), MADesigns Jeans Rough Love Black, A&E Eyes Cocoa, Coat Onenine Riders Black (free), Hair Calico Ingman creations Romeo DK Tanned, Flirt! skins and shapes Jacob Natural Skins for Lucky Chair, Pig Polo Red Tee, Kboots Brown Boxed, Tattoo EtchD Saga, Blitzed DB Belt, Leather Bracelet Mono, Shot at Route 66.

All of these shapes are available at the Skin & Shape Expo which is still running and each of the designers have shapes available which have a portion going to charity.