Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zombies, Sales and Night Elves…


Ok, maybe I should explain…. Some days in Second Life just defy explanation…but I’ll try I’ll really try. Friday was just one of those days…I woke up to find myself walking around the Glamour Expo and I bought a few things…not really glamorous but interesting. Then well, it was 50L Fridays so…I popped about grabbing more stuff and that’s how I ended up with the fireflies. I scouted out a few locations for blogging and found one that just blew me away, so much so that it might take me a while to figure out what to do with it….Then I remembered Zombiefest and put on my best Zombie while gawking at the Zombies, Dancing to the Rob Zombie Experience and other oddities. Found some great clothes too..


Of Course then I took a trip over to Cupcakes to check out the secret sale..and found this georgous Night Elf skin. I had to show it to you at night where it really shines. I have to admit at this point things get a little fuzzy…I don’t recall even getting bit. I started getting ravenously hungry…and I wanted a burger…hell raw meat…brains….? Good thing I’m a paranoid sort and packed anti Zombie Serum into my inventory…


Credits: Skin Cupcakes Daydream Night Elf Princess Fr, Eyes Curio Tragic Gren {R}, 5th&Oxford Little Miss Lingerie Olive (50L Fridays), Decoy Freya Flats Moss (S), Evica Linked Chain Necklace Yin/Yang, Sable Rose DIY SafetyPin Ear/Nose piercing, Haven Co, Zombie Stuffs (MissingMile freebie), Hair Calico Ingmann Creations Zoe Bronzed, RC Cluster Mainstore iexcesios Steel Flesh Tunnels(freebie), Reek Fireflies in Jar.

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