Sunday, October 25, 2009

SySy, Dark Mouse and Blowpop…Review

Some things just work, no fuss, no bother, they quietly do their job without making a huge production. This does not mean that there is not a great deal of skill and effort put into the creation or execution, it just means that the result appears to be effortless.

This post started out being about the pants. What’s so great about these pants? Well for one thing, they look great. They fit like RL pants and they’re the type of pant which will literally go with half of my wardrobe. I don’t own one pair of pants like these. I own jeans, lots of jeans, I own capri’s, tons of them. Skirts I have by the boatload… Nice pants are a rare thing in SL. Walk into any store in SL and you will find most stores have every type of top, sweater, cami, dress, legging but a nice pair of dress pants are an uncommon treat. SySy Chapman is a designer I know more for her lovely dresses, her kind soul, and now Pants!!! (And the sweater is very attractive also.)The sweaters sell for 75L and the pants sell for 125L. Both are available in a fatpack.


Mouse Mimistrobell, of Dark Mouse has released some new products. Hair, Jewellery and Belts. Again everything fits and works effortlessly. The hair is attractive, the right blond, and the Jewellery matches …well pretty much anything. Devine Deco, the bangles and earrings, sell for 100L. And the hair Cyntra sells for 100L per colour and 600L for a fatpack. Belts are 200L and come in a pack of 4 colours. The store is nicely laid out with an open concept feel and the products are well designed and very reasonably priced.


I think you must know that I love Blowpop skins, especially Elizabeth. It’s hard to be objective about what I feel is just about the best hand-drawn skin on the grid. It is a skin drawn with sensitivity and an eye to the little details. And yes I was dancing a jig when I realized that Annyka had released new makeups. This is my favourite, called Persia. I love the plum tones and was quite happy to see a shade in the cooler reds. A single skin sells for 900L and the whole series in one tone sells for 3200L. Pics shot at Namaste Isle.


Credits: Eyes Exodi Zbilja Spirit Moss (Group Gift), Blowpop ElizabethN2 Tone c Persia2 {R}, Dark Mouse Hair Cyntra (Dk Blonde) Jewellery Devine Deco Bangle & Earring {R}, SySy’s Iloa Pants (Black) Tweedy Tops (Red){R}, SLink Glamour Platforms with feet.

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