Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sand Shack Surf Co. Review…

(Look to the bottom for Style Notes.)


I took an Autumn walk one cool and brilliant day. All about me the trees were shining in a golden radiance with the last of the flowers starting to fade. Patches of frost still clung to lower areas and the rivers and streams, full from the last days rain showers, were overflowing and merry.I took a path along the river until my way was interrupted by a branching…two ways..one continuing along the river along well remembered paths, the other a new trail forging into the darker trees and forest such that it was difficult to see far in.


I took the latter path though I had heard tales about this forest and knew my risk in taking an unfamiliar way. The air was muffled as all sound was dampened by the closeness of the trees and the depth of the carpet of leaves. No sounds but the scurrying of small creatures and my own boots cracking a twig or the high windy tops of trees swaying above the canopy.


As afternoon deepened into evening, I heard a soft growl behind me, and I turned…only to observe what, at the time seemed a strange rock formation. A shifting, as if a great weight or a stone had rolled, a thrumming and shaking…like a wild crack was about to open in the earth…and a feral glint, glowing eyes. I would like to tell you that I was brave, that I faced that thing with my sword (uh I mean umbrella) held high and ready, but I would be lying. I will not bore you with the embarrassing details of how I ran head first into a prickly bush and ended up with itchy welts and dreadfully sore feet. I high-tailed it so fast out of there I almost didn’t hear the soft chuckling of whateverthatthingwas carried on the Autumn breeze, back along the path to the river, over the bridge and into my little house. And though I am now safely in my bed, with covers pulled up to my eyes….I can still hear it.


Sand Shack Surf Co. is a store I would shop at in RL. The clothing is very close to my own real world tastes, comfy casual clothing with a laid back style. So, when Emma Gilmour sent along some items for review I imagined myself doing something I love to do at this time of year, a walk amongst the georgous fall colours. In the northern climates fall is a riot of beauty leading to November which gives us trees stripped of their foliage and shivering in the wind. Surf Co. gives us some of what I love about hand drawn clothes, personal interpretation, interesting textures and in the case of the boots skulpted with shiny (did I mention that they squeek?) abandon and the umbrella which swings back and forth.

I think I should also mention the skin. This is a new offering from Tres Blah, and Girly Chic has been garnering a mix of buzz since it first was released. The first thing I will say if you intend to demo' this skin, it is designed differently to most skins and therefore you shape may need to be modded before taking a good look at it (or you may find yourself disappointed). The lips need to be redesigned as they won’t look right upon first glance. There is a note in the demo giving some guidance in this. I must say that I was on the fence on this one and usually I won’t buy a skin unless I’m sure I will wear it. This post made up my mind as I wanted a skin with individuality and this skin has plenty of character. Skins are like that guy you met in the bar last night….sometimes they just don’t look as good the next day….well I have to say that I am still liking this skin very much. So if you have a liking for hand-drawn skins and are willing to mod your shape then this skin might be what you are looking for.

I’m also going to mention that Festivale Sim is having a sale, hence the influx of Lap and Tiny Bird stuffs into my inventory.

Credits: Skin Tres Blah !tb Girly Chic Duo Shadow Light Brows (800L), Eyes Curio tragic (Hazel) Sm {R}.

Pic1&2-Surf Couture Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans (light Grey), Vintage Fall fest Hoodie (coral) {R}, Hair Tiny Bird Precious things (Wheat) (S).

Pic3&4-Surf Couture hot Cocoa Stain Jeans (Dark){R}, Kettle Corn Cardigan (Faded){R}, Rain Boots (Mustard){R}, Umbrella (colour change){R}, Jewellery Eolande’s (Basic Newbie), Hair Tiny Bird Buffy Chestnut(S).

All Poses LAP (on Sale). Shot at Alirium Gardens and Wasted Night.

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