Thursday, October 22, 2009

5th&Oxford and Eolande, Review


Little Miss is a new offering by the duo, Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot of 5th & Oxford. There are skins, lingerie, slips, shoes, stockings, accessories and even furniture and textures. Prices range from 50L for the headbands up to 600L for a single skin. As always, everything is elegant, beautifully designed and pretty. The skins are skilfully rendered with graceful shading throughout and the lingerie is chic and sexy.


I am continuing my look at the jewellery of Eolande Elvehjem. This Pearl group is colour change in the gems and the loveliest piece is the back drape necklace which would be stunning paired with a backless dress. Prices range from 200L to 1050L with different colours available in the pearls and all having colour change gems.


The free photography studio at MC Bosch has a huge prop room, with every kind of chair, box, wall and frame. There are numerous backgrounds, lighting options and poses available. Even if you are not accustomed to taking pictures, it is a fun way to take advantage of the many options out there for photography. And remember to leave a tip!

Little Missblog

Another splendid piece from Eolande’s is the Fairy Glass Necklace (with earrings and ring). The glass is colour change and light appears to be moving within the glass. Prices range from 250L-350L. Demo’s are also available.



Pic1,2&3-5th&Oxford-Audrey Little Miss 6 Tan, Little Miss Lingerie Bra, Garters, Stockings Black, Little Miss Mules Black {R}, Eolande’s Pearls Back Drape Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Ring (all color change){R}, Exodi Zbjila Spirit Specular (group Gift), Hair Tiny Bird The Killing Moon Pepper (with Feather) (sale item).

Pic4&5-5th&Oxford-Skin Audrey Little Miss 5 medium, Little Miss Slip Blue, Little Miss Veil Blue, Knickers Blush {R}, Eolande’s Fairy Glass Jewellery (color change) silver {R}, Exodi Zbjila Spirit Crystal Blue (group Gift), Hair Tiny Bird She sells Sea Shells (Buttermilk) (sale item).

Pics Shot at MC St. Bosch, Free photo studio prop room.

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