Tuesday, October 13, 2009



I am not that one

walking alone

there near the garden

hedges watching

a bird turn back on the side of

this hill turning


always at this point on the hill

as if wary

of what is below


I am not

that one but someone else

who dances

over the sand toward


evening and floats in the water

peacefully as it darkens

this time


To the watchers along the steps she seems

to be singing but they cannot hear

what it is

nor to whom

Hilda Morley (1919-1998)


The Glamour Expo at Vanity Universe 131/122/601 has many beautiful clothes. Dresses and outfits of all descriptions. It probably says more about me and my taste that I came away with more casual attire. I will certainly be checking out some of these stores to see what other gems they are hiding amid the gowns and fancy wear… A word about the skins; Aimesi Skins are versatile because of the variety of make-ups and skin tones. I especially enjoyed working with the silver tones as they match well with October themes. Skins don’t always work well with photography, but I found the skins complimented what I was trying to achieve with the pictures. A single skin sells for 900L.

Credits: Skins Aimesi Drama Silver Face1, Amely Cashmere Face 4, Drama Silver Face 2, {R}, Eyes Curio Tragic Eyes {R}.

Pic1&2-Touche Dotty Boo Dress, Earth and Sky Design Overknee Leather Boots, *GF* Key Necklace (Jewellery Fair Freebie), Chai Eyes Death&Zombie (Zombiefest freebie), !RT Zombie Hair Dirty Grave, Deco Diamond and Pearl Collection ring. Shot at Downtown.

Pic3&4-::HH:: Hucci Aja Dress Rapt Rose, Tiny Bird Autumn Leaves Ginger (50L Fri special), Deco Diamond and Pearl Collection Ring, Collar, Bracelet, Shoes Pixel Mode Shandrea Wedges White (Sale). Shot at Avaria.

Pic5&6-Pants Kunglers Manuella Journal, Sweater LeeZu Woolstock Pullover Air, GField Short Belt Boots Emma Pumpkin (Sale 30L), Hair Lamb Stargaze Mango (50L Fri). Shot at 6pi.

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