Thursday, October 8, 2009


I thought it might be an interesting exercise to take some of the skins from the Skin/Shape Expo and compare the faces. This is by no means a complete or in any way indicative list of favourites. I know I missed some, like Imagen, Chai and League (which I bought but didn’t include) as well as others, and I hope that I can return to them later and take a closer look. As well there are some beautiful bodies on these skins with options such as cleavage, various brows and naughty bits! Eyes are by Curio and Adam & Eve.


(Top) 42 Skins Fugue Goth White, Curio-GP Bean Vixen Majesty, GP Petal Frx Breeze Pure, GP Sundusk Lovely Finch. (Middle) Idiosyncracy Lucy Ultra Pale, Rock Candy-RC Pale Aki Skin (Clean face), Iced Aki Skin (Magic Face), Snow Aki Skin (Magic Face). (Bottom) Belleza Jesse Sunkiss (group Gift), Exodi Lily Frosted Dove (free in Expo), Rockberry Farrah Natural A, Rockberry Farrah Light B.


(Top) Tuli Bella Fair Elysium, Natural, Raven, Spohia. (Middle) Milk Motion Collette Black Eyes2 (not sample), Pink Fuel Skye Honey Beestung, Skin Within Amelie SS09 Bare (Charity Skin), A&E Portia tone1 (Eyes fairy brown). (Bottom) A&E Amanda Foxy (Eyes Hunters Grip), A&E Mei Li Aki tone 3, GeEs Tara Reloaded Sand.

All skins are still available at the Skin/Shape Expo till October 10th.

Credits: All hair Decoy Nicole (free), Eyes (except where noted) Curio Tragic Eyes {R}. Except where noted most of the skins were Bloggers Preview Samples. From this point on, in an effort to be transparent about where items came from, review, sample or gift items will be marked with a {R}, other items ie. free, or group gifts and sales will be marked as appropriate. No mark means full price was paid.

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