Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall…Kalnins Review

I remember my early days in SL in regards to footwear. Bling on shoes and boots that had no resemblance to shoes and boots. Nowadays we are luckier and shoes and boots have come a long way. Textures are realistic, bling is no longer a staple, and colour is everywhere. I have a tendency to waffle however when buying. What colour?? Well I usually buy the black and balk at buying the blue or greens. A week passes and there I am with a green outfit mumbling…I should have bought the green boots!
Colour scripting in products solves this problem. Although the cost for scripted products usually are higher than a single colour, the convenience and versatility makes them very attractive. Kalnins is putting forth a whole bevvy of products which are scripted in one way or another. Fall, a new offering has 11 solid colours as well as the ability to colour 3 areas of the boot (heel, straps, body). You can also choose between gold and silver buckles.This means that there is a huge choice in your colour pallette. The boots also have a shine and glow option, which may be interesting when shooting pictures. In the above picture I tinted my bodies to match the shoes, which are the actual colour, with glow and shine turned on.
You can have a lot of fun with these boots. At the bottom left are the boot with shine and glow turned off. I found that the leather texture is more apparent with those settings. Kalnins, as a store has a lot of interesting products. The specialty is footwear and Glasses and if you think the boots are interesting you have to take a look at the options available for Eyewear! I will be talking soon about these and showing you some nifty glasses. Mens Footwear is also very attractive with the same types of options available.

Credits: Kalnins Footwear Fall v1.7 (comes with different options for accessing the menu but clicking on the boot is easiest) {R}  750L. Skin Rockberry Uma C Light FRX, Milk Motion My Crow Cardigan Blue, Miss 80’s Crow Queen Necklace,!BF! Crow footless Leggings, Hair Truth Isle Platinum, Curio Tragic Hazel {R}. All Crow items available at Designers United.

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