Monday, October 5, 2009


Ok this is me completely out of my comfort zone. It occurred to me at some point while walking through the Skin and Shape Expo, that Someone really should blog the male shapes as well as the female ones. I am unused to the gender bending which is so common in SL. I am a happy girly girl…and though I do have a male alt he only is let out of his cage on rare occasions. That said, I could not resist taking a look at some of the shapes which came my way as previews and I found myself intrigued and a little challenged.


Of course I realized very quickly that I didn’t have much in the way of skins, clothing, hair or even an AO. I had to quickly run around to find these things and must say that the whole experience was a lot of fun when I finally got down to taking pictures. Please don’t laugh (oh hell laugh away!) I’m not sure if I’m a total fail as a guy or not but it did feel weird walking around with big muscles and trying to find unfeminine poses.


This shape is from Body Doubles, designed for Redgrave’s Brad I thought it worked very well with the Hunt Skin from Nikita Fride. There is also a girl skin in the pack. I found I liked the shapes which were of the tall, dark and handsome variety. Not sure if this fellow can be trusted..something a little unsavoury about him.


Meet Declan, he is something of a serious guy…all business. What that business is…is something of a mystery. Something to do with import-export I think. Declan is one of the shapes from MADesigns and I rather liked the mix of musculature with a lean physique.


There was no intent to use visual puns in any of these pics. If they’re there then..oh well I simply couldn’t resist..


This Guy is called Parole and he is from Maverick designs. I simply didn’t have the heart to tell him that his jacket was too short! His physique is overall quite nice and he does have something of the bad boy about him…He is a bit of a klutz though…touch those tires and they all fall down! Route 66 is a sim designed around choppers. You can buy them, ride them and maybe if you’re lucky (or really unlucky!) this fellow will fix ‘em for you!


Credits: Poses by VPoses, AO courtesy of TPZHAO for Boys (free) available at My! Main Store.

Pic1,2- Body Doubles Shape for Brad Redgrave skin (600L charity shape), !Skin Man Hunt Skin by Nikita Fride, Hair by MADesigns Slide SBII, OMFG Alchemist Clock (no longer available) Eyepiece, Hat free from Curio Obscura , Schadenfreude Ghostbat beater and Pitch Striped vest, Zenith M/F Tattoo, Demon Eye Red, Pimp Stick Purple diamond with chrome hardware (Where’s my money Ho Designs). Pic shot at Isla Mallorca.

Pic3,4-MADesigns shape Declan (1000L plus extras), Hair Chris Winter, Eyes Intense Joyous, Styles VIP Package Male Skin Bellatre Series Tan, Chic Sportiv Sweater, Pig Ordinary Boy Shirt (not Black), Pig Pleated Men’s Pants, Sneakers UBU Lowrise Pornstar. Shot at Downtown.

Pic5,6- Maverick Designs Parole Shape (900L plus extras), MADesigns Jeans Rough Love Black, A&E Eyes Cocoa, Coat Onenine Riders Black (free), Hair Calico Ingman creations Romeo DK Tanned, Flirt! skins and shapes Jacob Natural Skins for Lucky Chair, Pig Polo Red Tee, Kboots Brown Boxed, Tattoo EtchD Saga, Blitzed DB Belt, Leather Bracelet Mono, Shot at Route 66.

All of these shapes are available at the Skin & Shape Expo which is still running and each of the designers have shapes available which have a portion going to charity.


Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Great job, Shelby. I can see the incredible amount of effort you put into this!

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Thank you!