Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leafy Shapes and Pink Fuel..Review

When I first started looking at the shapes from the Skin and Shape Expo, I admit I had a lot of OMG moments. I am not sure that you can really review shapes in the same way you review clothing or skins. A shape either works for you or it doesn’t. It is also important to buy modifiable shapes and if possible different versions or sizes of that shape. Taking a look at Leafy shapes, I realized that they are probably the closest to my own shape and answered the question I always ask myself. Would I wear it?


I paired the Shapes from Leafy up with Pink Fuel’s new skin, Skye. In these pictures I am wearing Leafy Shape Mona with some of the make-ups available at the Expo. I had expected Sky to be a similar skin to Raine, a skin I reviewed back in August and at first glance it is. The face is similar with the lips being softer and more natural but the biggest change occurs in the body. Raine’s body was softly shaded with detail on the understated side. Skye has the full on body shading one has come to expect from the top skinners in SL. Lots of detail and great overall look paired with Mochi Milena’s excellent make-ups makes this skin outstanding. Skins are 900L for a single skin and 2800L for five. There are 20 make-ups to choose from with possibly more to come in Milk, Honey, Chai and Tea.


My Shape wearing Skye Honey Pure, Bree wearing Skye Milk Leafy, Calypso wearing Skye Honey Pure, Jerelyn wearing Skye Tea pure, Mona wearing Skye Honey Beestung, Parfait2 wearing Skye Tea Pure.

I compared my shape with the Leafy Shapes. The Leafy shapes are well proportioned and generally realistic if a little idealized. (As I would hope mine generally is also.) Shapes come with various brow shapers and body sizes.


My Shape wearing Raine Bare, Bree wearing Honey pure DKBr*, Calypso*, Jerelyn*, Mona*, Parfait*.

I compared my Face (wearing Raine) to the faces of the Leafy shapes. They are quite nice I think. The eyes are smaller, and more naturally shaped than mine. Its a pain to fit lashes to my eyes.. I made my eyes on the larger size because I photograph from a distance and I wanted the eyes to show better. My nose is bigger and my head is rounder. My shape has been developed over about a year and I am still modifying it to accommodate different skins. My Favourite Leafy face is Mona..nice proportions on that face.

Just a thought when buying shapes; If you are going for a particular look, ie. from the pictures in the shape store, make sure you get a styling card in with the shapes, be prepared to spend more money on the skin, hair and clothes. The shape is like the frame for all the additions you make to it, and will look radically different depending on what skin you put on it. I really enjoy experimenting with my look and look forward to seeing all the pieces come together. I generally follow my own style but I know a lot of people like to know what they are getting in terms of an overall package. Leafy Shapes come in two types the no modify shapes are 350L and the Modify shapes are 699L.

Credits: all Eyes Hoot Halftone (all pics from top left and across)

Pic1-Leafy Shape Mona (Body Type 9) Leafy Brow 9, Skin Pink Fuel Skye, Beestung Honey, Leafy Milk, Pure Honey, Pure Tea, Shirt group Gift League (in store) Hair Jolie Femme Stephanie.

Pic2-My shape-skin Skye Honey Beestung, Sugarcube retro bikini, Hair Truth Grazia, Bree-skin Skye Milk Leafy, Exodi Olivia unikini, Hair Truth Marianne, Calypso-skin Skye Honey Pure, Thimbles Toasted Fred Savage, Hair truth Babyhoney, Jerelyn-skin Skye Tea Pure, Sh*t Happens Bikini Black Striped, Hair Truth Collette, Mona-skin Skye Honey beestung, Tuli Pink Skully Bikini, Hait Truth Renee, Parfait2-Skin Skye Tea Pure, Aoharu Layer Gradation Bikini Black, Hair Truth Trisha.

Pic3-My Face wearing Raine Honey Bare, All the rest are wearing Skye Pure Honey, Bree, Calypso, Jerelyn, Mona and Parfait2.

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