Monday, September 21, 2009

Odd Socks….part the first.

This is a probably ill-fated attempt to put together a plethora of the ever growing # items from my inventory which I have had problems matching…like odd socks.


I really didn’t mean to call you at 2am after a night of double 2 flavoured Marguerita’s. '”I know you just had a baby but it was so amazing I just had to call. Look at this thing…no wires!!!” (Call made to my Sister from a Mexican Bar, circa 1988, a friend had just gotten this contraption, because he was in the news business….) Technology is pretty amazing isn’t it? I paid for it later…


Some people were raised on Rock n’ Roll, some on religion, I was raised on Monty Python. That pretty well explains everything….


On a Monday with PMS, I’m coming down with a cold, and everything is just Meh…! Good thing I have this enormous bag to carry everything I own, including Pain meds, and a book which I hope will get me out of this funk.

No one in their right mind would try to put this stuff together. I am not in my right mind. I will not take responsibility for any ailment caused by eyestrain or brain fatigue. I have to say that I love all this stuff and thank the designers for making them. They are old, new and sometimes for review. For sale, on sale and maybe free, group gifts and lauds, maybe even no longer available… definitely not available in Blue Mars…Favourite things I haven’t worn in a blog or tried to put together. The wild, wacky and perfectly ordinary, just some of the ephemera which makes SL the interesting place that it is. I will stop now before I get all philosophical about my stuff and kill my post with run on sentences, if I could stop I would…ah kill me now, will you!!!

And judging by the fact that many odd socks remain…to be continued….

Credits: Skin Fashionably Dead Morning Sun-Sun Drops, Eyes IC (Ina Centaur Skin Store) Ranika Eyes.

Pic1-Skirt Storin berry High-waist Sculptie skirt, Socks Mia Snow Rainbow, Sh*t Happens Kellie Navy Blazer, Hair Boon ZG0223 Blonde, Wigglesworth Elderly Avatars-free Junk Cell phone Horn Rimmed Glasses, Creamshop Linen Stole Muffler red, Shoes Pretties Boho Chic Mules Red, Bracelet Puddles Tricky Bangle Charcoal.

Pic2-Outfit Slanted Fox (sale) Draag Purse blue, J Rock Haiku Love Boy Shorts, Thrill me Zipup blue, Puddles Tricky Bangle Blue, Delia Boots Squeeky Clean Bubbles (on sale cheap!), Gabby’s Glasses Signerd, Hair [OH] Oh my happiness G, Dead Parrot (no Idea where that guy came from..).

Pic3- Shirt Beetlebones Jailbird sweater in maroon saloon, Fri*day Halter vest Blk, Slanted Fox School Etiquette cross, Artilleri Greta Glasses blk, Hair Tiny Bird The Art Teacher Spun Sugar, Earring Deco POOP Hunt smoky Earring, Shoes Pretties Fusion Creole, Tres Blah Chic Satchel Black, EmJay ripped Super dark Capri’s, (NS) Naith Smit Design white Cigarette Animated.

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