Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little Blowpop N2….

It’s probably not much of a secret that Annyka Bekkers has been working hard to further develop her already well known and beloved skins. And many of us who belong to her group have also been checking out her pre-releases which have been lovely. Finally she has released her new line of, Elizabeth, Carmen, Ava and Maya skins, each with a whole range of make-ups and options. I was really hoping to have the opportunity to review these skins and I thank Annyka for allowing me to do so. When I looked at the range that is available for all the skins I realized that I couldn’t in all conscience jam all the information and pics into one post. I decided to dedicate this post to the body and overall quality of the skins and do further posts on the individual skins which in themselves each have a unique personality.

Tone 3 Bare2 – Elizabeth, Ava, Carmen, Maya, Hair Tiny Bird Willow/Buttermilk, Chestnut, Cafe au Lait, Expresso


I have been running around the Hair Fair wearing Elizabeth for the last day or two, bald (sometimes) half dressed, sitting on a red cube so I can move and I must say, you really have to like the skin you’re in, under those circumstances. It has given me the opportunity to really look at the skin. I first started by going through the skins themselves in my skybox, comparing them with my own shape and the shapes developed for the skins. One of the issues I have had in the past with blowpop skins have been the lips. The lips have never really worked on my Avie and when I compared them with the shapes for the skins, I realized that they were quite different. Like many others I am quite attached to my own shape but I found a nice compromise between the Shapes made for the skin and my own. I have found that small changes don’t really change me too much and I just save the new shape under Blowpop or whichever new skin I’m using so I can refer to it later. Generally I usually wear the lighter shade for most skins but I am really enjoying the darker shades as well, maybe because the shading is so nice and very natural. Or maybe it’s because of summer…

Tone 2 Bare2 – Elizabeth, Ava, Carmen, Maya, Hair Tiny Bird Willow/Buttermilk, Chestnut, Cafe au Lait, Expresso


One of the first things I noticed about these skins is that there are no glaring examples of photosourcing, ie. the ears, which so often look weird. Most skins nowadays use some photo sources but what is nice here is that most of the skin appears to be hand drawn. The nose-eyes-mouth area is particularly nice and since this area is so important to my liking a skin, I really have to be sold on it. As well the boob area, tummy knees, bum are all nicely shaded without being overdone. There are areas of shade on the body, under the arms, Bum, behind the head and chin which don’t usually get much attention and except for under the chin neck area (which bothers me a little) is really well done. Clavicle, ribs, shoulder blades, knees, back and tailbone are nicely rendered as well. I am also very impressed with the feet, given the limits one has to work with in this area, they are likeable. Each skin comes with 3 eyebrow shapes which makes it easy to match with your face. Between each of the different skins, there is also a slightly different shading at play which you can notice if you demo Carmen and Maya. (With more highlighting on Maya.) Each skin has unique features. The unmentionables are also well rendered (for those that like that sort of thing) and each skin comes with a …bush. (Not that kind of bush!!)

Tone 2 –Elizabeth Twilight2, Ava En Deshabille2, Carmen Candela2, Maya Queen of the Night2, Hair-Tiny Bird Emma/Cafe au Lait, Outfit Analise.


All in all, a lot of care, attention to detail, understanding of anatomy and artistry have gone into making these skins. There are so many nice details that I could keep talking…but I’ll save the talk for later. Blowpop N2 skins are available here. A single skin (with 2 lip make-ups) is 900L. A value pack of all skins in one tone are 3200L. Value packs include the shape for that skin, and the shape alone is 600L. Poses by Persona and Striking poses.

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