Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RFyre meets The Stringer Mausoleum…..


"When heading out into parts unknown, the wise traveller takes a few well chosen necessities; a good map, compass, travelling shoes, food and water as well as a few extras such as a guide book or camera will go a long way towards easing any stress encountered by the intrepid explorer. A weapon such as a knife can be useful also but may be misconstrued and cause more problems than it prevents. I have always found the best approach is to "do as the Romans do, when in Rome...". (And considering the reputations of ancient Romans that could prove interesting.) When entering areas of some disrepute one must be respectful of all the inhabitants unless that is likely to get you killed... Play close attention to the flora and fauna of the region you are entering. Innocuous plants and insects may be harbouring poisonous tendencies!"
Excerpt from Shelby Rasmuson's, A Gentlewomans Guide to Travelling alone in Second Life.

Credits:Outfit-RFyre Bytterwynds II Black Leather, Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum Kyphotic Dirty, Boots-Hexed Demonia, Eyes DenDou Light Grey, Skin Tuli-Hope(group Gift), Earrings and Bangles-chuchulet (gift for bloggers).

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