Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ingenue, IC Skins and Kalnins Review

(And don’t just look at the pictures there’s info you may want further down!!)

The stranger sang a theme
From someone else’s dream
The leaves began to fall
And no one spoke at all
But I can’t seem to recall
When you came along

I just don’t know what to do
The tree-lined avenue
Begins to fade from view
Drowning past regrets
In tea and cigarettes
But I can’t seem to forget
When you came along
Ingenue (Life in Mono)

Ina Centaur sent along some skins which are new and a little different than the Theater themed skins from the past. One skin 999L, Row 2727L, Column 2424L. Ina is one of those Renaissance types who is involved in many aspects of artistic life in SL. Her skins and costumes have been featured in the Shakespearean productions over at the Globe Theater. Her work is also featured in Primtings Museum. She designs skins, clothes, (based on Historical Drawings) and is heavily involved in the workings of the Globe Theater, Blackfriars Playhouse, sLiterary and Skin City. (and she even has an Bella and Edward skin for those Twihards out there!) And who could forget the infamous Wall of Male genitalia..?
IC – Skins introduces a new *Mainstream* Photorealistic skin line, IC Ari… [IC] Ari – Smoothly defined facial shading topped by warm eyes with that essential character you’ve come to know from skins by Ina Centaur and finished with sharply – painted lips. Available initially in three tones Light, Medium and Dark, each with 16 make-up options with bonus smoky makeup and Lip Gloss editions. Freckles editions also available, sold separately.”
Black Friday 2009 Special – BOGO: Buy one get one – share the love of Ari with a friend – IC Skins Ari Black Friday Sale 2009, get a copy/xfer skin to give to a friend with every canon Ari Purchase!”
Those of you have made it over to the shoe fair will likely have seen this new offering from Maris Kanto of Kalnins, Dragoness (800L) the shoes come with a detachable HUD which allows you to change Texture colours, metals, resize and skin tone. These are really attractive shoes and with the prim feet are very realistic. Mr. Kanto also wanted all Subscribers to know that he has a special deal – on the 25th of November for all current Infochannel members there will be a Thanksgiving Discount card for 45% off which will run from 25th –28th of November. (which will bring Infochannel Subscribers up to 50%.)  The Dress and Hat are new clothes from Betty Doyle of Ingenue. Dress – Ella- (250L) and Hat –Loretta- (85L) come in a number of colours and I really love the texture and craftmanship of this duo. The scarf was a special sunday sale item from Kesseret Steeplechase of  KessKreations and Hilarious, the scarf and pin are attached and the Dragonfly pin is texture change. I also want to mention that the poses are all from Flutter Memel of Flowey.
(This place is on my Bucket list….)
Credits: Skins IC – Ari –Med Copper/Ruby , Shoes Kalnins Dragoness, Scarf Hilarious Frances wth Dragonfly Pin, Outfit Ingenue Dress Ella Midnight, Ingenue Millinery Loretta Midnight, Hair Maitreya Reign Autumn . Pics shot @ Mad Pea Circus, Sistine Chapel Re-creation, and Ten Thousand Shadows. All Poses by Flowey. 2009 SL Footwear Expo.

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