Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Plastik…..and other sundries.

When Aikea Rieko of The Plastik sent me along some new Tanks for review, I thought it would be fun to take a look at different ways of styling them. They remind of those bags, or tops that we would make for ourselves out old jeans, when I was younger (it would take so long for jeans to get worked in that we were loath to just throw them away when we were done with them.) I first started shopping at (formerly Tokyo) The Plastik last winter when looking for those big baggy cargo pants which I still love. Since that time the store has expanded, and added skins, poses and a lot more clothing.
These are just 6 of the 30 colours of prototype tank available for purchase (210L for two, ripped up and ripped down). What with all the sales, Fridays, Group gifts, and new finds I didn’t have any problem coming up with numerous combinations.
One of my most favourite hairmakers in SL has to be Kin Keiko. I still have pictures of myself 2 years ago (horrible photography…) wearing a pink manga inspired Elf hair (think really big..) and a Japanese mini. Like most of us I get in a rut sometimes with my hair shopping and when I do I mosey over to The Body Politik just to see what new styles Kin has on sale. These are just a few of the new styles and because they only cost 100L per colour, you can buy a bunch. I think this is the only store I buy pink hair from..
Tanks – The Plastik - Prototype-Incense (tornlow), Jungle (tornlow), Retro (tornup). Hair – Kin – Eva (brown), Kasia (pink), River (white).
Tanks – The Plastik - Prototype – Toxic (tornlow), Woodcut (tornup), Starfield (tornlow). Hair – Kin – Ryou (cherry), Maeva (blonde), Astri (orange).

All Pictures taken using Glitterati Poses. Pose packs are currently on sale for 100L and I have to say that I like these poses very much. Well positioned, with no odd angles on the body yet still interesting. No twisty necks or bent out of shape shoulders, wrists or waist!

Credits: All Hair Kin, All Tops The Plastic {R} Prototype Tanks.
Pic1-fig1-Pants Fishy Strawberry Corduroy Treggings (Black), Kuntskammer Star Belt, Boots Maitreya Soho (group gift), Watch SiamInk Black Shiraz {R}, Jewellery LeeZu BohemeMia, Skin Tuli Hope Gothic. {R}.fig2-Pants Kalmia Labr.  Capri Pants (black), Sable Rose Jewellery DIY Safety Pin Piercings, Necklace/Bracelet +SS+ Alphabet (letter change), Shoes UN Death Dolly Mary Jane Pumps, Skin Rockberry Character Mia Tint. fig3- Pants Callie Cline (taken from winter outfit part of 50L Fri), Boots Zero Number [0N] Wo Gomi, Jewellery Miel Cue (50L Fri), Skin Pink Fuel Skye Grey (group gift).

Pic2-fig1-Skirt Oyakin, Tights Miel Lo Refurbished Socks (Group Gift), Jewellery Magpie Secret Garden (Jewellery fair), Skin Rockberry Character Skin MiaFrex, Boots InHerShoes Warm Winter Boots (free). fig2- Leggings Oyakin, Skirt NikuKyu Dot Chiffon Mini (pink), Jewellery Kunstkammer chunky beads (brown&Pink), SLink Jolie Pied Achillia (silver), Skin MyUglyDorothy Mama’s Lipstick. fig3-Pants Surf Couture Yoga Pants (Slate)(50L Fri), Jewellery Kunstkammer, Skin Cupcakes Daydream Night Elf (Princess), Boots J’s AnkleBoots Round.

Although I usually provide SLURLs for all my items, I won’t when I am dealing with large mashups. SLURLs for the main reviewed items are given and I would be happy to pass on any SLURLs you have difficulty finding, just send me an IM. The Plastik can be found here. Body Politik and Kin Hair can be found here. Glitterati poses can be found here.

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