Monday, November 16, 2009

Ice Ice Baby…Bella Di Notte, SySY and Eolande Review.

When January hits my part of the world, and Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Festivus (which falls on my Birthday by the way..) and New Year are but a distant dream, the true cold heart of winter will be snapping at my frozen soul. I expect at that time to be hanging around beach themed sims, planning my spring decor, which always comes thankfully early in SL, and cursing, grr’ing and avoiding the outside world. I may actually venture outside to pretend that I can ski and try to avoid killing myself but hot chocolate, big coats, boots, mitts will be the order of the day. And so I have SySy Chapman to thank for this early foray into winter which I may say was fun and quite painless.
When Jade Glazner send me some copies of her new line of skins for review, Mecca I will admit I was not familiar with them. These skins have a delicate quality to them and I was at a loss at how best to show them off until I paired them with SySy’s new Gown, Christmas Ice, Noele (400L)(also available in Fire), and then the rest just fell together. This Christmas/Winter themed sim, Spellbound Woods was perfect for the pictures. Eolande’s Jewellery set Butterfly Charmer is a beautiful addition.(Full set 700L, pieces also at 50% off, gems are texture change, 4 different metals.)
The make-ups are quite delicate, especially the lips which I liked for the understated elegance and venerablity. Overall the skin is quite nice, shading well executed and good consistency throughout. Make-ups are pretty with light shading on the lips and attractive colours on the eyes. Individual Make-ups are 900L, with a fatpack being 3000L. The available tones are Light, Tan, Dark Tan and Dark. All my pics were shot in the Tan tone. There are 6 Makeups with Bare/liner in one separate pack (each with 2 brow options). There is a shape available (800L)and this shape is included in the fatpack. Skins are available in store (were released November 14th) here.
About a week ago I was contemplating ways of showing a nude Avie without any naughty bits. I do have poses but they can miss areas I want to show. Turnips Bubbles (Which was a 50L Friday item) and Sunflower poses are perfect for this.
Credits: All Skin Bella Di Notte/Black No.1 (Tan) {R}, Eyes Exodi Zbilja Spirit (Crystal Blue) (Group Gift), Hair Exile Fiona (Champagne), Eolande’s Butterfly Set {R}, SySy Noele Gown (Ice) {R}, Hair Piece from Hairoin (Icarus) (Group Gift), (Turnip’s Homes and Stuff) Turnips Bubbily Bits (50L Friday).

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