Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pretty ALaFolie…Review

It has been said that I have an overactive imagination. Maybe that’s why SL suits me so well. As soon as I tried this dress from ALaFolie I felt like Grace Kelly. And as soon as I teleported to Paris 1900 I went gaga over the locations. I imagined myself arriving to meet some mysterious stranger, who just happened to be an artiste with that new movement “impressionisme” (ignore the fact that both eras don’t mesh at all, it’s like an Old Hollywood movie ..where it’s 1880 but everyone is wearing clothes and hair from the fifties..).
I was thinking about Manet… Once he arrives I intend to join the other artists at the Moulin de La Galette, where we will drink Absinthe and have deep and intellectual conversations about art and life…  It is unfortunate therefore that I must tell them that I’m marrying the Prince of Monaco and this is my last night of freedom… We'll always have Paris.
I think this dress, Ballerine was my favourite from ALaFolie maybe because it so beautifully embodies that era in Hollywood Movies and makes one believe (at least for a moment) that Paris is just around the corner. The shoes were part of the ensemble. I chose Katherine, from Free Speerit because of the lovely polish and smooth finish which were a hallmark of that era. All the other pieces, hair from Tiny Bird and Necklace from SISSI just seemed to be made for it.
The outfit Bolero is a more casual offering from ALaFolie. I like it because, like all the clothes it is pretty, feminine and fits well. One of the things I’m noticing lately is how much more realistic skirts are in SL in comparison to when I first joined SL. And Believe it or not, I actually had this hair style once in RL, back in the days of perms. I remember, contrary to how it appears, it was really easy to care for. You just had to watch for humidity… The skin is Sienna from Exodi, which I received as a group gift.
Pic1&2-Outfit-ALaFolie Ballerine (Blanche) with shoes 1000L{R}, Eyes-Exodi Zbilja Spirit (Crystal Blue) group gift, Necklace SISSI Loose Pearls (short) {R}, Earrings Aurora Borealis World Peace (Gift from Jewellery Show), Hair Tiny Bird Chelsea (blond)(50L Fri). Pics shot @ Paris 1900.
Pic3-Outfit ALaFolie Bolero (Violet) with shoes (separates 200L ea sandals 400L) {R}, Eyes Curio Tragic (Hazel), Skin Exodi Sienna (Sugar Crystals), Hair Alli&Ali Maryanne (Dirtyblond). Pics shot @ Ode.

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