Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5th & Oxford, HoD, Exile and Kalnins…Review

After a season of fancy dresses, red and green, winter clothing, scarves and other sundries, I am happy to get back into street clothes. Given the hoopla of holidays and eating more food that I should, I was thinking that things would quieten down in SL.


Ha! What with Tableau opening a new build, Designers United3 and CSR (which I probably will never get to..) not to mention the consistency of designers in releasing new stuff and sales….
These were all released over the holidays and when I sat down to look at my out-of-control inventory, I loved how all of the pieces came together.

When Roslin Petion announced that she was designing some clothing around the Rocker/Punkette theme I was curious… And knowing that she’s a Jersey girl, I thought I’d get with the program and try to follow the theme (ok the 50’s but I think it still applies..).The Rebel/Rebel line from 5th & Oxford comes with Tshirts, a halter and denim skirts, available in a number of colours. The halter tops are particularly fine and the skirts come in a belt/beltless options. There is also a sofa and textures available for sale.


The Boots are a new offering from Kalnins and they were a perfect match to the outfits. As always the they come with a hud which allows you to customize the colours and metals. Kalnins footwear always fits me right out of the box and as always the detailing is suberb. The Jewellery is all from HoD (Haus of Darcy). The Nuclear Cupcake set has a little grenade squashed in the icing. Dutch Touch is having a sale right now on skins so I bought a few…Jolie is my favourite line and works nicely with my avie. Exile has some new hairs out this week (oh I love the pink eva..) and I added one of my Tableau deals to it from Lamb.


I took all of the pictures in Jet Lag Sim, a really cool retro themed area with a High School, Beauty Shop and Ice Cream Parlour amongst other things. Lots of interesting period details and furnishings as well.

Credits: All Eyes Den-Dou, Magika Real Prim Eyelashes, Kalnins Footwear Digna {R}.
Pic1-(All) 5th&Oxford Rebel,Rebel Mini, Rock Royalty Tee (purple) {R}, Hair Lamb BangBang Bob (butterfinger), Skin Dutch Touch Jolie Cream (dark), HoD Starlight chain necklace {R}.
Pic2-5th&Oxford Punk Princess T (grey) {R}, Hair Exile Molly (scarlett), Dutch Touch Jolie Cream (dark), Hod nuclear cupcake Ring and necklace (yellow) {R}.
Pic3-5th&Oxford Rebel,Rebel Halter Pink {R}, Hair Exile Eva (candy), Dutch Touch Jolie PiP7, HoD Starlight chain necklace {R}.

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