Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sn@tch Review….


I must admit to something silly. Whenever I am blogging, (which is always) I tend to wear whatever I am working on until the blog is done. That way I remind myself to finish and I have on the clothes, if I need to check back on them. I made a funny comment on Plurk about running around in my undies and Ivey Deschanel kindly passed me some clothing from Sn@tch to save me from my unclothed state….


Sn@tch was one of the first stores that I ever blogged (week 6 Kitteh parts) and though I had no idea what I was doing at the time it did reflect my taste, which was streetwear and urban grunge. I was a loyal member of the update group and with my old and fairly challenged computer I would gamely arrive every week to try to find the hidden hunt items. Cursing and grumbling and nursing a headache by the time I found the hidden gems, I would also look to see (and buy) what new items were instore. Ivey has continued to grow and develop her talents, the store has moved and is larger and well laid out..(No more headaches..) If I am looking for something in the urban, streetwear mode I know I can always find what I am looking for at Sn@tch. (I am a little late in blogging these, most were released in December.)


Credits: All Poses Glitterati
Pic1Sn@tch  SkinDeep Sweaters (BlackDahlia), Gooshers Combat Boots (blk laces tex ch), Scotty Bra (from Scotty doesn’t know set), Bardot Pencil Jeans (med), Skin Ugly Duck Snow Queen (xmas group gift), Eyes Den-Dou (black), Hair Lamb BangBang Bob (black).
Pic2 - Sn@tch Velveteen Party Dress (red), Stems Latex Boots (black), Eyes Exodi Tropico (ocean blue), Hair OH Oh My Happiness, Skin Ugly Duck Gacha Skin8, Tattoos Otaku Design, Cross&Rose Facial, Direction upper&lower.
Pic3Sn@tch Off Duty Model Sweaters, Engineer Jeans, Muff Stompers (all black), SiamInk Tattoos #24 Front, #47 Belly, Skin Fashionably Dead Bird Skin (pollution), Hair OH Oh my Ramen, Jewellery Rising Star Voshie Earring, Eyes Den-Dou (Emerald green), Lashes Magika.

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